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Until now elusive, the attacker of Elsa and Judith, who now holds Timothée prisoner, should not take long to be unmasked in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And his identity might surprise you.

Who is the mysterious individual who assaulted several young women and who is holding Timothée prisoner in tomorrow belongs to us ? This is the question that has been tormenting all fans of the soap opera since the beginning of the month and the start of the “Pièges” plot, which obviously still has a lot of surprises in store for us.

After going after Elsa (Bertille Boros-Turquin) and Judith (Alice Varela), of which he posted naked videos on social networks, the attacker who has been terrorizing Sète for more than a week ended up moving up a gear by kidnapping Timothée (Gregoire Champion) and sequestering it. Claiming in passing a ransom of one million euros from the father of the young man, Victor Brunet (Farouk Bermouga).

The big villain of the new intrigue of Tomorrow belongs to us, however, may not really be after the money of the ex-businessman. Indeed, in the episode of this Friday, September 9, which is already available on Salto, Timothée will be forced by his captor to launch a computer attack against the police station, in order to hack the police server.

But why ? For now, the mystery remains. But this unexpected attack will force Martin (Frank Monsigny) and his men to push their research even further. And, according to Newsactualthe discovery of the kidnapper’s cell phone in Monday’s episode will lead investigators to the Spa where Elsa and Judith went shortly before their respective assaults.

Could the key to this whole affair be found in this new place introduced this summer in Tomorrow belongs to us? It seems very likely. After all, nothing is ever left to chance in TF1‘s daily soap opera.

Tomorrow belongs to us the identity of the attacker of

Arriving there, Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) and Lisa (Naima Rodric) will first question Valentin (Thibaut Cattelin), the former beach attendant at the hut and Gabriel’s new roommate (Martin Mille), who has been working at the Spa reception as a temporary worker for a few weeks. The young man will then explain to them that he was certainly playing video games with his roommate at the time of the attacks on Elsa and Judith.

The two police officers will then meet Darius, the masseur who had caught Marianne’s eye, and they will quickly realize that he perfectly matches the profile of the aggressor since he wears rangers and also works as a volunteer firefighter. . A function that sometimes leads him to intervene in the city’s sewers – the aggressor’s favorite hiding place since the start of the attacks.

However, the police do not yet suspect that she may be on the wrong track once again. In the last minutes of Monday’s episode, TF1 viewers will discover that Valentin is hiding in his bag some rangers and a USB key on which we will see him copying several photos. Including one on which Judith is lying unconscious on the ground, before being undressed.

Is Valentin the aggressor and the kidnapper who terrorizes the heroes of Tomorrow belongs to us? In any case, this is what this new revelation suggests. A not so unexpected twist when you know that the young man, who has been single since his arrival in the series, tried in vain to seduce Elsa and quickly ran into Timothée, whom he does not have the seem to carry in his heart.

It remains to be discovered what his motivations are and what he seeks to accomplish with the help of Timothée.

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