Tomorrow belongs to us: the five most hateful characters!

If they weren’t there, the life of the characters in the soap opera “Tomorrow belongs to us” would be peaceful. They manipulate, conspire, kill, but what would the show be without them? Back to the five most detestable characters of the last seasons.

Broadcast since 2017 on TF1, the soap opera tomorrow belongs to us takes place in the town of Sète, where the Delcourt, Vallorta, Perraud, Moreno and Brunet families live. Their daily life is often marked by major upheavals.

Indeed, since the first episode, dramas have not ceased to occur, from hostage-taking to kidnappings, including assassinations. Dramatic plots that most often revolve around the actions of one or more villains. Often, these characters arrive in the space of a few episodes to turn everything upside down. Fortunately they are not present all the time, otherwise living in Sète would be a real hell. Discover the five most hateful protagonists, without whom the series would not be the same…

Sacha Girard

Tomorrow belongs to us the five most hateful characters
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Last summer, Sacha (Renaud Roussel) shocked viewers during the “Gear” and “The Fall” storylines. While at first sight he had everything to please, he turned out to be a formidable manipulator and liar, ready to do anything to achieve his ends. The sports coach was hiding a heavy secret: a double life. When Clementine (Linda Hardy) discovered the truth, it cost him his life!

Feeling the noose tightening, Sacha stopped at nothing. Assassination of Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton), concealment of Clémentine’s body, poisoning of her children, a long list of barbaric acts which show the dangerousness of the character. Capable of the worst, he did not bat an eyelid when he proclaimed his innocence after being arrested by the police and caused everyone’s disgust by trying to position himself as a victim. The sports coach strongly marked the minds of viewers. Currently in prison, we hope he will never get out!

Arnaud Molina

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Arnaud Molina (Robert Plagno) had it all. Director of the port of Sète, he was very charismatic, attractive and seemed honest. So many qualities that seduced Flore (Anne Caillon) with which he began a passionate love affair. But the perfect gentleman was not really one.

Indeed, he did not hesitate to pay a woman to accuse Bart (Hector Langevin) of rape when he discovered the dog traffic on the port. Ready for anything, Arnaud made Bart’s life hell and pushed him to the limit until their last altercation which cost him his life. He fully deserved what happened to him!

Sophie Messy

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Last summer, the Messys rocked the city of Sète in terror. By taking the Spoon’s patrons hostage, Anthony (Benjamin Gaitet) and Ophelia (Solange Frejean) have traumatized some characters. But Ophelia is much more dangerous and unpredictable than her brother. Indeed, it is she who is responsible for the death of Odysseus.

More recently, when the brother and sister had planned their escape before their trial, Ophelia took Chloe hostage (Ingrid Chauvin) which was not in the original plan. When Anthony died, ironically succumbing to an injury similar to Odysseus, Ophelia became even more aggressive and out of control. And did not hesitate to blow up the Mas, an act that almost killed Anna. Blinded by hatred, she failed to make the fresh start she so longed for. Despite her difficult childhood, we cannot forgive her actions which could have been even more devastating!

Vanessa Lehman

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His strong and unpleasant character should have worried viewers. Vanessa (Victory Dauxerre) turned out to be a psychopath obsessed with marriage and the crimes of Loïc Mercier, whom she had taken as a model. Louise’s weddingAlexandra Naoum) and Bart (Hector Langevin) was a trigger for the head of the Spoon who then went into a killing spree.

The copycat of the tiger rose killer stopped at nothing to make the couple suffer – who according to her did not deserve this happiness – and murdered Louise on her wedding day. This turnaround is probably one of the most shocking in the series. Unscrupulously, Vanessa double-crossed and was extremely there for Bart during his grief and even hosted a vigil for Louise at the Spoon. We will never forgive him!

Stanislas Baumont

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Recently arrived in the series, Stanislas (Yannick Laurent) is an intriguing character who already reminds us a lot of Sacha. If at first glance, he seemed like the perfect man for Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), his behavior with Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) began to arouse suspicion. But what does Stanislas really want?

The skipper seems to want to monopolize the lawyer, even if it means breaking the bond between the mother and the daughter. Raphaëlle’s entourage is very worried about her, they have understood that Stanislas is not an altar boy and they are probably right. Besides, who is he really and what is his story? Liar, manipulator, violent, so many points that worry us for the future. For the moment, Stanislas’ motivations are not known, but what is certain is that he will not stop there. Answer in the sequel to the “Emprise” storyline.

find tomorrow belongs to us Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1 and on Salto.

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