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Before saying goodbye to 2021, look back at the intrigues and sequences of the past year that fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will not soon forget, from the end of the Georges / Victoire couple to the unexpected deaths of Clémentine and Ulysses.

While 2022 promises to open in an eventful way in Tomorrow belongs to us with the continuation of the new narrative arch dedicated to Aurore (Julie Debazac) and to the secrets of the Jacob family, the year which has just passed in the series TF1’s daily life has been marked by many unforgettable events, which have often turned the lives of heroes upside down.

From the shocking death of Clémentine Doucet, and the unusually long plot about Sacha that followed, to the forced coming-out of Jack Roussel, through the double suicide of Lucie and Marc Véry, or the kiss of Chloe and Alex on the occasion of the 1000th episode, a look back at the most significant moments of 2021 in Tomorrow belongs to us …

The tragic end of Lucie and Marc Véry

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After two years of absence, Lorie Pester made her comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us the time of an arch event entitled “Love to death” which dramatically concluded the unexpected love story between Lieutenant Salducci and Marc Véry (Guillaume Faure), the famous ringleader. Following several days of flight and a wedding in the privacy of the church in which they had taken refuge, the two fugitives were finally caught by the police. Trapped and wishing to remain free, they decided to take a fatal path by throwing themselves from a top of a cliff hand in hand. An irreversible choice which turned the page on one of the most astonishing love stories of the TF1 soap opera and which had fascinated viewers even if it was sometimes criticized. We were already wondering which fly could have stung Lucie Salducci to fall in love with a serial killer, but then when she tried to sell us Marc as a nice repentant candy thief, it was the pompom. Despite everything, we have a heart and this tragic end will have offered us beautiful sequences of emotion.

The death of Clementine

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Secrets, lies, betrayals, trials of all kinds, nothing will have been spared the character of Clémentine Doucet (Linda Hardy) in Tomorrow belongs to us. After finding herself in a wheelchair following a bus accident, surviving kidnapping and then being trapped for several days in a cave, the writers hit hard by imagining a three-act plot to end her story in series. However, everything was finally going well for Clémentine until she discovered the double life of Sacha (Renaud Roussel). Desperate to save his secret, Sacha did not hesitate to get rid of the one who shared his life, even if it meant turning into a killer worthy of one of the most macabre numbers of Bring in the accused. An unexpected death which will have offered at the same time its share of twists while keeping the faithful of the program breathless. If we obviously regret that Clémentine was the victim of a feminicide after having recovered from so many ordeals, this ark will nevertheless remain in the annals of Tomorrow belongs to us in many respects. As such, we will notably remember the performance of Renaud Roussel who knew how to showcase his entire range of actor by transforming a widowed father into a cold and calculating killer.

The intrigue of the White Lady

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Like any self-respecting daily soap opera, Tomorrow belongs to us is not afraid to offer “slightly” far-fetched plots from time to time. Even to fall squarely into the big nonsense. And that’s exactly what happened this summer with the narrative arch dedicated to the White Lady and the secret of the Dauniers.

Revisits a legend in soap sauce, family curse, White Lady who attacks the heroes with a tear gas canister and flees on a motorcycle, William (Kamel Belghazi) seized by sleepwalking, disfigured hidden twin brother who hides his face under a white mask inspired by The Phantom of the Opera … nothing will have been spared us. And if the White Lady easily wins the prize for the worst plot of the year, we had a good laugh. It’s already that.

The death of Odysseus

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To accompany the 1000th episode of the series and the reboot operated behind the scenes, with new characters and new credits, the authors of Tomorrow belongs to us struck a big blow and imagined a whole intrigue around a hostage-taking. drop down at Spoon. Thus endangering several emblematic characters, such as Chloe, Alex, Charlie, or even Tristan.

But it was Ulysses (Sébastien Capgras), also trapped in the iconic bar of the series during this arch event, who paid the price by losing his life after being shot. An unexpected death which will have offered us very beautiful sequences of emotion, like this heartbreaking scene in the morgue, during which Amanda (Marion Christmann) places a last kiss on the lips of her great love before collapsing in tears in Marianne’s arms.

The kiss between Chloe and Alex at the end of the 1000th episode

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Love can sometimes be reborn in the worst situations and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) and Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) are the perfect illustration. On the occasion of the 1000th episode, the authors of Tomorrow belongs to us have thus decided to rekindle the flame for the emblematic couple of the series. Separated since the infidelity of the oyster farmer, Chloe and Alex had indeed exchanged a kiss following the hostage-taking of the Spoon during which they had come close to death before giving in to temptation and then starting an extra relationship. conjugal. Like Ross and Rachel in Friends, it seems that fate constantly leads Chloe and Alex to reunite sooner or later no matter what. But to see the couple reform definitively, Alex still has to find the courage to talk to Flore (Anne Caillon). What animates 2022 on the heart side in Tomorrow belongs to us.

The departure of Sandrine, Morgane, and Arthur

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This year, Tomorrow belongs to us passed an important milestone by celebrating its 1000th episode. The opportunity for the writers to integrate many changes with the departure of several characters from the little Venice of Languedoc. After Linda hardy, Marion christmann, Rani Bheemuck, Xavier Widhoff, Dembo Camilo, the faithful of the series had to say goodbye to Marie Catrix, Juliette Tresanini and Theo Cosset since Sandrine, Morgane, and Arthur decided to fly to Guadeloupe in order to write a new chapter in their life. A page has therefore turned for the Lazzari family but also for the program which has separated from historical figures. If we can understand the will of the authors to make changes to breathe new life into the series, we regret to see Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix leave and with them a homosexual couple who certainly still had a lot to say. .

The split between Victoire and Georges

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Separations are commonplace in Tomorrow belongs to us and 2021 will not have deviated from this rule. Suffice to say that with his arch “Broken Heart”, the writers did not spare that of the fans by putting an end to the emblematic idyll of Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) and Victoire (Solène Hébert). Irreparably attracted, Doctor Lazzari had initially wanted to keep their relationship secret because she could not assume it for rather superficial reasons. Luckily, love ultimately outweighed anything and gave birth to a couple loved by all viewers. If Georges and Victoire had already known tumults in the past, the heart transplant of the young woman however changed everything by taking away their history. Even if we already regret to see them take separate paths, their break will however have allowed to breathe new life into their characters by allowing them to evolve in different registers. Today, Georges lives with Vanessa a story that does not please everyone while Victoire comes out of a brief adventure with Benjamin who has taken to a humanitarian mission. But let’s not forget that we are in a soap and that nothing prevents us from seeing Georges and Victoire fall back into each other’s arms in the future. This is a case to follow for 2022.

Sara and Roxane’s marriage proposal

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While their story seemed at first impossible, because of the desire for revenge of “Aurélie Doumergue”, the love was finally stronger than anything for Sara (Camille Genau) and Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) who are small. gradually imposed as one of the most beautiful couples of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Faced with a new ordeal this fall – the sequestration of Roxane by Yvan Josse – the two women decided to take a step forward in their relationship by getting married. Thus offering us a moving double marriage proposal, magnified by the performances of the actresses and by a very beautiful song signed by the trio of composers of the series.

And there is no doubt that Sara and Roxane’s wedding, celebrated on December 31, will be just as unforgettable. Especially since it will be the first gay marriage in four and a half years of DNA.

Victoria Abril as an exceptional guest

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After Nicole Calfan and Catherine Jacob, whose characters have somewhat disappointed, Tomorrow Belongs to Us called on an exceptional guest last November in the person of Victoria Abril, who made her comeback on TF1, three years after her complicated departure of Clem.

Present for a few weeks in the role of Rebecca Flores, returned to France to be closer to her daughter, Victoria Abril breathed fresh air into the series for a very soap plot, crammed with references and winks. eye. And in particular in Almodovar and in High Heels. An arch which allowed Raphaëlle to be deepened, played by Jennifer Lauret, but which above all highlighted a free and whimsical character that we hope to see again one day. Even if, given the resolution of the plot, it got off to a bad start …

Jack’s coming out

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By dealing for their last arch of the year with an extremely important and unfortunately all too often topical subject – cyberstalking and bullying in schools – the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us succeeded in particular in bringing out once again Jack Roussel, victim of homophobia, who completely upset us during his forced coming-out to his loved ones. But also to all his comrades via an extremely moving video posted on the networks.

Embodied to perfection by a naturally crazy Dimitri Fouque, Jack stands out, like the rest of the Roussel family, as one of the best new characters introduced this year. But he’s also the long-awaited gay teenager on the show. Who, we hope, will soon be entitled to a beautiful and great love story. After his touching crush on Hadrien (Anthony Colette), during which he had already melted our little hearts.

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