Tomorrow belongs to us: “The crash will weld Manon and Nordine even more together” reveal Louvia Bachelier and Youcef Agal – News Séries


While the plane crash in Sète will continue to be at the center of the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Louvia Bachelier and Youcef Agal, whose characters are among the victims, confide in the future of Manon and Nordine.

Manon (Louvia Bachelier) and Nordine (Youcef Agal) will they emerge unscathed from the drama that has just struck Tomorrow belongs to us?

The new ark of the TF1 soap opera, entitled “Crash”, plunged Sète into total chaos at the start of the week. The passenger plane in which Sara (Camille Genau) was as part of her pilot initiation course crashed on the beach, where several emblematic characters of Tomorrow belongs to us such as Victoire, Chloé , Alex, Sylvain and Lisa. But also Manon and Nordine, who are thus among the victims of this unprecedented crash.

Nordine escaped with a dislocated shoulder, but Manon’s condition is a little more worrying since she has an open fracture in her tibia. An injury that could come to thwart his competition and his chances of entering the police if we are to believe the confidences of the actors about this intrigue disaster event.

“Manon is injured in the leg but there are no dramatic consequences for them and for their couple”Youcef Agal explained to us during our visit to the set of Tomorrow belongs to us a few weeks ago. “In fact, this ordeal will especially weld them even more. Of course, in terms of the rest of the plot, Manon’s injury will not necessarily help her in relation to her inner conflict and the competition, it’s certain. She will continue to ask herself questions and to doubt. But all that will mainly have the effect of consolidating the couple”.

No worries, therefore, to see this couple adored by fans separating or facing hardships in the next episodes.

However, Youcef Agal and Louvia Bachelier had a lot of fun shooting this shocking plot on the beach at Sète: “Nordine and Manon are on the beach, by chance, Manon confides in her boyfriend about her chances of having the competition, and suddenly this is what happens. We find ourselves a bit in mode Lost on the beach (laughs)”continues Youcef Agal at our microphone. “It’s really cool to shoot. It’s our first disaster arch for both of us, it’s quite impressive”.

And when asked what they hope for the future of the Manon-Nordine couple, the two actors admit that they simply want the love story between their characters to last as long as possible. Because the chemistry that we feel between them on the screen is not fabricated.

“We immediately got along very well. It matched well from the start between us”admits Louvia Bachelier, before her playing partner agrees. “We have a real bond, we are very comfortable. We talked a lot at the beginning, because we knew that our characters were going to get together. We work a lot upstream, we see each other outside, we prepare our sequences so that this evening is as natural as possible. And I think it shows in the image”.

It remains to be discovered what the screenwriters of Tomorrow belongs to us have in store for them next. And whether or not Manon will succeed in her police entrance examination.

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