Tomorrow belongs to us: the arrival of Victoria Abril, the secret of Rebecca … The …

This is the event in “Tomorrow belongs to us”: the arrival of Victoria Abril for a plot called “The secret of Rebecca”. The artistic producer of the series tells us more about this ark rich in emotion, humor, and danger.

After extremely eventful intrigues devoted to Victoire (Solène Hébert) and Anna (Maud Baecker), which put an end to two emblematic couples of the series, Tomorrow belongs to us will create the event throughout the weeks to come with an exceptional arch imagined around the guest presence of Victoria Abril, who made her first appearance on the air Monday as the exuberant Rebecca Flores.

The opportunity for the writers of the daily TF1 soap opera to take an interest in the past of Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret) and Sébastien Perraud (Xavier Deluc), Rebecca’s daughter and ex-husband, who had been introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us in September and wisely awaited their great family intrigue, rich in secrets and revelations, to which each character of the soap opera is entitled sooner or later.

Because if Rebecca, ex-glory of Latin music, is back in France after thirty years of absence, it is to get closer to her daughter, whom she supposedly abandoned at the age of nine, without giving any explanation. And her unexpected return, in addition to having the effect of a bomb on Raphaëlle, will bring back old buried secrets. And bring out a threat that could well endanger all members of the Perraud-Meffre clan.

At the helm of Tomorrow belongs to us since the start of the school year, Marc Kressmann, the new collection director and artistic producer of the successful TF1 series, spoke for us about the arrival of Victoria Abril in the great DNA family on the occasion of this plot and teased us what awaits us in the next episodes.

AlloCiné: The character of Rebecca Flores, which we discovered on the air at the beginning of the week, was it written especially for Victoria Abril?

Marc Kressmann : Yes, completely. We had thought of Victoria Abril for another story, another character. But she was not available at the time of filming, as she was participating during the summer at MasterChef Celebrity in Spain. And then I had the idea of ​​a story around it. Everyone really wanted her to come. So I wrote her a few pages, around Rebecca’s story. And she asked me to send her more elements, dialogue episodes, which we never do in this way on Tomorrow belongs to us.

So I started to write her story and she loved it. Because I imagined it all for her. I imagined a story around a character who returns to France, with nods to Pedro Almodovar’s film Stiletto Heels, which are totally assumed. And other cinematographic winks, to Hitchcock in particular. And Victoria loved it.

From there I wrote a good part of the ark and I made him read, week after week, the episodes, with its dialogue sequences. And we worked like that for a month, before she finally said “yes”. We fine-tuned things together, of course, but from the start we were on the same page when it came to what we wanted to tell. It was a great collaboration.

When the character of Raphaëlle Perraud, played by Jennifer Lauret, was imagined, did you already have in mind the main axes of her family history and her past?

It all happened at about the same time. When we introduced Raphaëlle, we had that in mind, yes. The story of his mother’s return, the secrets of this family. We watched the essays for the character of Raphaëlle and for some actresses we said to ourselves “Oh yes, she could really be Victoria Abril’s daughter”. But we hadn’t spoken with Victoria yet, we just wanted to bring her over.

And the father, Sébastien Perraud, played by Xavier Deluc, was also installed around that. It all happened a bit at the same time, quite organically. And the return of Rebecca allowed the return of Xavier Deluc, whom we had made appear in two episodes, a little bit before, with the idea of ​​making him come back then at that time, for this arch event that you are going to discover on TF1. Everything was done a little in advance, intuitively.

And we created this family of lawyers, with the lawyer daughter and the lawyer father. While the mother, Rebecca, is a successful former Latin singer. That makes us a rather explosive family, quite different from the Roussels for example, but which works really well. With Victoria Abril, it inevitably throws (laughs).

Tomorrow belongs to us: the arrival of victoria abril, the secret of rebecca... The...
Screenshot / TF1

Rebecca returns to Sète to get closer to her daughter. But as always in Tomorrow belongs to us, she seems to be hiding quite a few secrets. What can you say about this new arch?

There is a family secret around the departure, 30 years earlier, of Rebecca Flores, who left France and moved to Argentina. We will discover a lot of things. And there is a secret that will re-emerge today, which will have consequences on the fate of several characters who are already in the series. There will be mystery, danger.

And with this character of Rebecca Flores there is, in turn, a lot of emotion, a lot of comedy, a little music. There is a melodramatic side, a little Almodovar way, while remaining in the canons of the genre Tomorrow belongs to us, with mystery, investigation, secrets. But what’s great about this character is that Victoria Abril goes from drama to comedy in the same sequence. A scene does not end as it started. And we were able to do it thanks to this character who is really very strong, who has several facets. When she appears there is always something going on.

I am very happy. This is a great gift for fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Victoria Abril, and Stiletto Heels. There was the bus crash, the fire, and now there’s Victoria Abril. Which is not a disaster, quite the contrary (laughs). But it’s a real event for the series. So I hope this arch will please. We, in any case, are very proud of these episodes. This whimsical character arrives with his clothes, his wigs, she wakes up everyone in Sète (laughs).

At the end of the summer, in a previous interview, you told us about your desire to tell each ark of Tomorrow belongs to us strong stories centered on female characters. And here we are right in there because it is as much an intrigue on Rebecca as on Raphaëlle in fact, since the mother as the daughter will find themselves in danger …

Yes, it’s around Raphaëlle, indeed. This is the story of Raphaëlle with her mother, with her father. It really is a beautiful duo. Victoria Abril and Jennifer Lauret discovered each other two days before filming. We did a reading and it immediately matched them. Rebecca returns to find her daughter after 30 years. She will also find her granddaughters, whom she does not know, and her ex-husband. And she’s going to do it all fast.

She will catch up with 30 years of her life as a mother and grandmother during the month of episodes in which she is present. So a lot of things are happening (laughs). It is an ark rich in humor, emotions, dramas, secrets. It could almost have been a summer saga. And there is going to be mystery, crime, and quite a bit of danger.

Tomorrow belongs to us: the arrival of victoria abril, the secret of rebecca... The...
Thomas Braut / Telsete / TF1

Rebecca wears different wigs each episode. Is this hiding something?

Yeah, we’re gonna find out there’s something around the wigs, that she’s been sick.

We also know that Carole Bianic will play a new lawyer next week. So is it a character who will be linked to this plot?

Absoutely. But I can’t say anything more without spoiler (laughs).

In any case, is there a desire to make Raphaëlle’s new law firm a central setting for the series?

Yes, it is a setting that will be run by three women lawyers, three women of power. It is a very beautiful place. And we will be able to tell the story of the police investigations, the more judicial side. It’s been the case with other characters before, but we wanted to put it more prominently. And then it will also be a place of life, a place where the characters will meet. It’s a new arena.

Beyond this arch which will extend over twenty episodes, what can we agree to by the end of the year in the series?

We will tackle new themes, such as grossophobia and homophobia. And there will also be a slightly more feel good plot for the holiday season. It will not be a Christmas ark, but there will be the culmination of a story that will be done little by little during December. And viewers will be treated to a nice Christmas present in the December 24 episode.

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