Tomorrow belongs to us: Soraya and Rémy will they really leave Sète? [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow belongs to us: soraya and rémy will they really leave sète? [spoilers]

For a few days now, Soraya and Rémy have been planning to leave Sète to settle in Martinique. But will they follow their dream to the end? Not sure because the new plot of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will concern Rémy and will turn everything upside down.

Will Liam Baty and Kenza Saïb-Couton leave Tomorrow belongs to us? Shaken by the death of Leïla (Samira Lachhab) and by Charlie’s shenanigans who again briefly sent Bilel (Atmen Kelif) behind bars, Soraya recently told Remy of her desire to make a new start. The latter then offered to leave to live far from Sète, in Martinique, in order to forget all their problems. But after the storm that the couple went through this summer, following the liaison between Soraya and Thomas, a new twist of fate could well come to upset everything in the continuation of the daily soap opera of TF1.

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast this evening at 7:10 p.m. on the front page, Rémy will indeed be accused by Timothée (Grégoire Champion) of being the home-jacker who has been terrorizing Sète for a few days by burglary of homes even though the inhabitants are present inside. But although Rémy Valski has shown a darker side of his personality this year, was the young nurse from Saint-Clair hospital really able to attack Lou and Tristan, whom he knows well? ? This question will obviously be the whole issue of this new narrative arch which should punctuate the episodes until the end of the year.

What is certain is that, following the accusations of his son, who is convinced that Rémy’s blue eyes are the same as those of the home-jacker, Victor Brunet (Farouk Bermouga) will attack Rémy, while that those close to the latter will begin to doubt him. Starting with Nour (Sahelle de Figueiredo), Soraya’s little sister, who finds it strange that Rémy chose Martinique to make a new start, when he has no money. Could these serial heists be a way for the nurse to get rich quick in order to make Soraya’s dreams come true?

Anyway, these new trials will certainly weaken the Soraya-Rémy couple again. And push them to postpone their departure plans in Martinique. Especially since, except big surprise on the part of the writers, no departure of the series seems to be on the agenda for the interpreters of the two characters.

Information that was confirmed to us by Liam Baty, as part of an interview devoted to this new great intrigue, which you will be able to find very soon online on AlloCiné. “Leaving Martinique can always remain an option”, confides the one who has played Rémy since 2017, before ensuring that it is not however planned that he leaves Tomorrow belongs to us for the moment. “But it is not planned that Kenza or I leave the series. What I can say is that even after the first adventures they are going to undergo, Soraya and Rémy will always think about going to Martinique. But then, because that the twists and turns are going to be so complicated, is Soraya really going to want to leave, with everything she’s already been through in relation to her mother’s death? That’s another question. We’ll find out at the end of the ark “.

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