Tomorrow belongs to us: Sébastien Capgras reacts to the death of Ulysses [EXCLU] – News Series

A few days before the broadcast of the 1000th episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, scheduled for tonight on TF1, viewers witnessed the death of Ulysses. Sébastien Capgras, his interpreter, looks back on this drama and on his departure from the series.

Tomorrow belongs to us: sébastien capgras reacts to the death of ulysses [exclu] - news series
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AlloCiné: When did you learn that Odysseus was going to die just before the 1000th episode of Tomorrow belongs to us?

Sebastien Capgras : I found out in June. When I received the ark on the hostage-taking, I understood that I was going to leave the series. But I had felt it coming a little. There have been a lot of departures in recent months. There were changes to the art direction and they wanted to renew the narrative of Tomorrow is ours. Bringing in new characters, bringing freshness, it’s important.

This news must not have been easy to take, after two years spent in the skin of Ulysses …

No, it’s not easy to take it. We were a pretty close-knit team. Even if it’s a shoot with three sets and a lot of actors. But everyone is really close. And it’s true that I, at the Spoon, I toured a bit with everyone.

The story of Ulysses ends with a very strong intrigue, the taking of hostages. How did you experience this closed-door shoot in the Spoon?

This plot gave me the opportunity to shoot with actors with whom I had not worked much before, such as Ingrid Chauvin or Benjamin Gaitet, this new actor who shoots me in the series and with whom I get along very well. good. It was pretty weird (laughs). When we read the script, we were going to drink shots at Sète and Benjamin said to himself “In two weeks, I’m going to shoot you and I’m the one who will put an end to your story in Tomorrow belongs to us“. It was a bit special.

But it was especially with Mathieu Alexandre, the interpreter of Tristan, the boss of Ulysses, that it was very moving. I worked with him for two years and he was there with me on the hostage taking. We ended up in the setting on which we had met two years ago. It was strong enough to play.

Tomorrow belongs to us: sébastien capgras reacts to the death of ulysses [exclu] - news series

Screenshot / TF1

We suspect that you had also forged very strong links with Marion Christmann, who plays Amanda. How did you experience the end of this great collaboration?

It was rich in emotion, of course. In addition Marion had not filmed for several months, during this complicated period of Covid. And that was my case too. So we really met on the occasion of this final intrigue for Ulysses. Just before, last fall, we shot this incredible arch in the Grotte des Demoiselles. We had lived an extraordinary moment. Usually we shoot a lot in the studio, and there we went to shoot for three weeks there. It had allowed us to discover each other more.

Marion was not present in the hostage-taking scenes, it was mostly after. We had very harsh scenes in the hospital. With Marion, we revisited all the scenes of Amanda and Ulysses in the decor of the apartment, the whole story of this couple. And watching it all again, we were so nostalgic, we took a whiff of emotion, it was hard. It was a really difficult moment, we weren’t very good on set when we were shooting the hospital scenes.

The sequence of Amanda’s farewell to Ulysses in hospital after her death is heartbreaking. Is this the very last scene you shot?

This is the last scene we shot, yes. We turned in the timeline. I had all the hostage-taking scenes, then the hospital footage. After my last scene, the production offered me a bottle of champagne. Marion started to cry, Solène Hébert too. We all love each other in life, we spent a lot of time together, so it wasn’t easy to say goodbye, even though we obviously keep in touch.

Is there a particular memory or plot that you will keep in mind?

This is really the intrigue of the cave. It is my most beautiful arch. It was amazing to get up in the morning, go into the cave, and come out in the evening. It was really impressive. It was the scenery that caught me and helped me in the game. On daily shows, we play everyday things very often. And there, with this Urbex plot, we left the studios and that allowed us to explore some pretty impressive places. And in the game, we really felt like we were really stuck in this cave. It was very addicting.

And apart from that, I also have very good memories of the hut, where I was filming at the beginning, when I arrived in the series. It is, there too, a very beautiful setting. It is a straw hut created especially for filming. We had freedom in the game, everything was done to make us feel good. And I didn’t know Sète at all, I discovered the city thanks to this outdoor shoot.

Basically, moreover, I was to shoot only two months, the time of the summer intrigue in the straw hut. After the summer, the hut closed, because that’s how it is in the South. And finally I stayed, they took me to Spoon, and I stayed in Tomorrow is ours for two years. That’s a beautiful story. Obviously, for me, it’s hard to leave because I am attached to people. But I know we’re going to see each other again.

Tomorrow belongs to us: sébastien capgras reacts to the death of ulysses [exclu] - news series

Screenshot / TF1

How did you experience the broadcast of your last episode?

It was heartbreaking for everyone I think. All my playing partners wrote to me, they were moved by this end, by this hostage-taking. It was very touching, it made me feel good.

You must have also received a lot of messages from viewers on social media, right?

Of course, it just doesn’t stop (laughs). I am extremely touched. Besides, it’s a bit special, because I’m on vacation at the moment, it’s one of the first summers I can go. But I cannot be totally detached from this story. I feel like I’m still there. I receive lots of messages that touch me a lot. This experience will truly remain as something unique.

What will you miss most now that the Tomorrow is ours page turns?

My playing partners, of course. And then Sète too, because I really like this city. I live in Paris and I went up to Sète every week. It’s going to be weird not to be in that rhythm anymore.

Do you have any upcoming projects you can talk about?

There are things coming up, but I can’t talk about them just yet.

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