Tomorrow belongs to us: “Sandrine will come back soon for a last intrigue” confides Juliette Tresanini

Tonight in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sandrine is going to bid farewell to Sète and fly to Guadeloupe. Before returning for a new plot centered on Victory. Juliette Tresanini tells us more about this “departure” and her projects.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "sandrine will come back soon for a last intrigue" confides juliette tresanini

After the farewells of Lou (Rani Bheemuck) or Amanda (Marion Christmann), viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us will witness the departure of part of the Lazzari-Guého family this evening since Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini), Morgane (Marie Catrix) ), and Arthur (Théo Cosset) will leave Sète and fly to Guadeloupe to start a new life.

Present at Séries Mania a few days ago, Juliette Tresanini came back for us on this departure after four years spent in the skin of Sandrine Lazzari, while confirming to us that she will return very quickly in Tomorrow belongs to us for a last dramatic arch and that the door remains open to a possible return one day, according to the inspiration of the writers.

After four years spent in Sète for the needs of Tomorrow belongs to us, it is a big change which begins for you, whereas Sandrine leaves Sète this evening on the screen and that you leave, momentarily at least, the series. ..

Juliette Tresanini : Yes, it’s a big life change, it’s true. A new start, we can say. But that comes at the right time because my companion has just landed the leading role in Alexis Michalik’s play, A love story. He’s at La Scala every night, so I don’t know how we would have done it otherwise. We had to go back to Paris, especially since since we came back a lot has been happening for us.

Even if you have not decided to leave Tomorrow belongs to us, do you therefore rather experience this departure as something positive?

In fact, even if it is not a decision on my part, I have the impression that it is what had to happen, it is neat. It will allow me to take the time to do something else, which has not been the case for the past four years. I don’t know how the others were doing. Me, I barely managed to make my videos in parallel with the series, but it is because I managed my schedule and my program.

And I did a few guests in Nina or Chérif, but it was three days of shooting each time, because I couldn’t free myself any more because of Tomorrow belongs to us. And sometimes I had to let go of big projects because the dates did not coincide with Tomorrow belongs to us, which is inevitably a little frustrating, even if this adventure has been incredible for four years.

On the one hand, it’s fantastic to be able to develop a character over the long term, and at the same time we tell ourselves that we are doing this job to surprise and to change roles. It’s good to put yourself back in danger and get out of your comfort zone of the character you know so much. And to prove other things.

We still have the feeling that the viewers will miss Sandrine a lot …

Yes, I feel like it too. In Lille, the public rather wanted me not to leave the series, which touched me enormously. A gentleman took the floor to express his displeasure, people asked me if it was not my dad (laughs). That doesn’t surprise me because since the announcement of the departure of the Lazzari family, I receive more than 50 private messages a day from people who tell me “It’s not possible, it’s my favorite family”. So that doesn’t surprise me that much, that’s what I’ve been told day after day since the announcement of the departure of Sandrine and Morgane.

We can understand them because we have the impression that there was still plenty to tell with the Sandrine-Morgane couple …

It’s true. We did not have so much the opportunity to have happy moments, moments of construction, a marriage. I had also proposed the subject of assisted reproduction, which is a real topical issue, with a potential donor. Because when we arrive with a sperm donor, the file is at the top of the pile. So they could have asked, I don’t know, Xavier to do it, which could have created comedy and made Chloe jealous.

We wanted positive things with the character of Sandrine. In high school too, where I would have seen Sandrine initiate passions in the students, eloquence competitions or theater, a bit like Robin Williams in The Circle of Missing Poets, which is one of my favorite films.

And then I would have liked to keep these duets with Solène Hébert and Ingrid Chauvin, with whom I toured a lot. They are sad, of course. Solène told me “I feel a little cut off from my double”. It’s obviously a shame, this pair will be missed by viewers I think. But, that being said, that does not mean that all these desires will never come true for Sandrine.

Because you are already coming back in a few weeks to Tomorrow belongs to us, is that right?

Yes, Sandrine will come back very quickly for one last plot, which will be broadcast soon. This arch has already been shot, I have three days of shooting left in September, and then I don’t come back to Sète. Not for the moment anyway. It’s a magnificent arch around Victoire, so I was really happy to be there for her and to return with Solène and Mayel Elhajaoui. I also toured with Catherine Benguigui, whom I did not know, and with the doctors, Axel Kiener, and especially Kamel Belghazi, who is very present in the ark.

And then, for all our wishes, and the public’s wishes to see me evolve in a more positive circle, the door is not closed. As long as a character does not die, anything is possible. Maybe in a year they will call me back and tell me that my duet with Ingrid was working well and that it would be good to reform this duo, with Chloe as principal and Sandrine at the head of BTS.

Or an intrigue around the Lazzari sisters and their mother, played by Véronique Jannot, whom we adore. Enthusiasm I have. But it’s a production decision, I can’t go against it. It is better to accept it and rejoice. To think that I will be able to do a lot of things and that I will perhaps come back when the time is right.

But what is certain is that I don’t blame anyone. I am on very good terms with the production and with the channel which gives me things back. Since just after learning of Sandrine’s departure, TF1 offered me Le Furet, with Mathieu Madenian. And in 10 days I’ll be shooting another project for the channel. I feel a lot of gratitude for these four years that I have just spent on Tomorrow belongs to us. If people are sad that I’m leaving, it’s because I had an interesting role to defend. So I thank them.

I think that this departure will also allow the authors to ventilate the character of Sandrine and perhaps bring him back one day with a new mystery. It is necessary for the authors to create a little freshness.

This last arch to come seems to be very dramatic …

Of course, to get me back from Guadeloupe 10 days later, we’re not going to be on a very comedy arch (laughs). But I can’t say more. All I can say is that I had some pretty difficult scenes. In particular scenes where we had to be very focused with Mayel.

We will see you soon in Le Furet on TF1, which will be presented at the La Rochelle Festival. What can you tell us about this TV movie?

It’s not a first role, I had four days of filming, but it’s a trigger. I play a woman who can’t have children with her husband and asks her best friend to be a potential donor. As I said, it’s a bit like the scenario that I had proposed on Tomorrow belongs to us, and ultimately it happens in fiction through a different door than the one I had initially envisaged, but in any case I do. played. The coincidence is very funny.

I have several group scenes, because I am one of the friends of Mathieu Madenian’s character, with Nadia Roz in particular. And I loved touring with Mathieu, whom I already knew, and with the whole team, including Claire Keim and producer Kader Aoun, who were great encounters. And, ironically, I found a former member of Tomorrow belongs to us, Rodolphe Couthouis, who played Grégory Vallorta in season 1 and who plays here my husband. Like what the world is very small (laughs).

This TV movie is a big bet for TF1 because it is real big comedy, as the Americans know how to do, for example. And at the same time it’s very fine, extremely well written. Hope this will appeal to viewers because it will open the door for other comedies on the channel then I think.

You are currently writing your first feature film. What can you tell us about this necessarily very important project for you?

We are at the synopsis stage with my co-writer and co-director Laurent Firode, who did Le Battement d’ailes du papillon with Audrey Fleurot and who participates in almost all my projects on the Youtube channel. And since we made four short films a year and they won festival prizes, we said to ourselves, instead of making four short films that take us a long time, we might as well make a feature film.

There is one that particularly worked, La Cicatrice, with Julie Debazac, which was presented at the La Baule Festival. People came to see us telling us “This parallel reality story is incredible, make it a long one. It would work in France, especially since there aren’t many science fiction films in France”. So we started to write and now we are all ready to canvass producers.

I can tell you that this feature film will tell the story of Justine, who is 40 years old, three very present children, a very absent husband, a busy job, and a dream never realized: that of becoming an actress. Time has passed and the regret of not having followed her passion still torments her. But one day, she discovers in the house of her deceased father a secret room dug in the basement which gives access to a parallel world where our regrets no longer exist. Justine will then discover what her life would have been if she had followed his passion.

We hope that this feature film will exist, but we have to find funding now. It is the sinews of war. Fingers crossed.

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