Tomorrow belongs to us: Samira Lachhab (Leïla) tells about her last day of shooting rich in emotions on TV

Interviewed by TF1 on the occasion of Leïla’s death and her departure from “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Samira Lachhab returned to her last day of filming in Sète and her last sequences full of emotion with her playing partners.

Tomorrow belongs to us: samira lachhab (leïla) tells about her last day of shooting rich in emotions on tv
Jean-Philippe Baltel / LGM / TF1

A page has definitely turned for the Beddiar family last night in Tomorrow belongs to us. Severely burned and brain dead following a terrible car accident last week, Leïla (Samira Lachhab) died in hospital, surrounded by her family. A shock death imagined by the production and the writers of the daily TF1 soap opera in order to respect the choice of the interpreter of Leïla, who has decided to leave Tomorrow belongs to us after three years of good and loyal service in order to devote himself to other projects.

In an interview posted online today by TF1, Samira Lachhab looks back on the end of this great adventure and explains in particular that this latest plot, which saw Leïla return to Sète a few days before being the victim of a road accident on the way back to Brussels, does not was not easy to play. “I had read, I knew [que Leïla allait mourir]”, explains the actress whom the French also know for her roles in Candice Renoir or Léo Matteï. “It was when I played it that it was the most complicated. This is where I really realized that the character of Leïla Beddiar was definitely leaving”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: samira lachhab (leïla) tells about her last day of shooting rich in emotions on tv

Screenshot / TF1

Obviously, Samira Lachhab did not shoot the hospital scenes during which Leïla is covered in bandages after her car accident, and therefore did not have to “play” the last moments of her character, but her last day of However, filming on Tomorrow belongs to us was rich in emotions and will inevitably remain as a special moment, etched in his memory. Since this last day spent in Sète, on the set of the series, allowed him to share scenes with his privileged playing partners for the very last time. Namely Axel Kiener (Samuel), Sahelle De Figueiredo (Noor), Kenza Saïb-Couton (Soraya), and Atmen Kelif (Bilel). “This day was quite incredible because I saw all my family again. The Beddiars, whom I adore so much”, confides Samira Lachhab not without emotion in the interview visible below. “There was the streak with Axel which was very touching. And very hard to play, surprisingly, because I feel like we were really saying goodbye that day, as playing partners. So, come on, there were real tears I’d say. Because we were saying goodbye. And then it ended in the parking lot, when my daughters and my ex-husband walked me to the car to that I go back to Belgium. As a character, [en tant que] Leïla, I really say goodbye to them. But Samira feels that these are little farewells on a film set. So it was quite rich in emotions “.

Today moved on, Samira Lachhab is currently shooting a new series for TF1. And if she seems delighted with this new adventure, she nevertheless admits that she will obviously miss many things. After three years spent in the skin of Leïla Beddiar, within the large family Tomorrow belongs to us. “What will I miss? My roommate with my love Anne Caillon. Two and a half years with her was incredible. We were a happy band, we met all the time. I will miss that. The studios . My coaches (laughs). Habits, the HMC, the studio. The train. All those moments when we got together, quite regularly I think “. With the key to forged friendships, as with Anne Caillon in particular, which will undoubtedly last well beyond Tomorrow belongs to us.

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