Tomorrow belongs to us: Sacha finally arrested by the police [SPOILERS]

After a frantic manhunt, Sacha will finally be arrested by the police in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. It remains to be seen whether Sète’s most wanted murderer will end up confessing to all his crimes.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

For more than two months, the faithful of Tomorrow belongs to us have been held in suspense by a plot rich in twists and turns centered around the death of Clémentine (Linda Hardy). If until now Sacha (Renaud Roussel) had managed to slip through the fingers of the police, his murderous madness will ultimately lead to his downfall.

While the noose tightens around him more than ever, Sacha is ready to do anything to escape the police, even if it means getting rid of Juliette (Mathilde Lebrequier) and their three of her children.

In the episode which will be broadcast tonight on TF1, the sports coach will carry out his diabolical plan by poisoning Océane (Elisa Nître), Gaspard (Mogamed Bechiev), Ben (Antoine Cohaut) and Juliette which he still holds captive. However, without suspecting that a few kilometers away, Labadie (Mathieu Stortoz) confirms to the police that he is the one who sold him the jewelry of Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton).

Thanks to these confessions, the investigators finally have the elements necessary to arrest the serial killer. While on their arrival Sacha has already fled, Martin and his team discover the unconscious children. As for Juliette, whose time is running out, they have not yet managed to locate her.

Following a mad manhunt, Sacha’s run will quickly come to an end. Indeed, in a new extract unveiled in preview on MYTF1, the most wanted individual of Sète was arrested and finally placed in jail. However, despite all the evidence against him, he locks himself in denial.

I will not plead guilty. I am not going to accuse myself of crimes that I did not commit. You are my lawyer so do your job and defend me. “, he says to Virginie (Audrey Looten). The latter may explain to him that she will not be able to defend him properly if he persists in denying the facts, Sacha continues shamelessly to proclaim his innocence.

Hearing that he faces life imprisonment by pleading not guilty, he immediately changes his tone and asks “I must see my wife. I need to talk to him. I’m sure I can get her to reverse her testimony. We love each other, you know.“.

Bluntly, Virginie then points out to him, “you have attempted his life. For her, you are the man who tried to murder her and her children. If you seriously think that she will testify in your favor, I suggest that we plead dementia, it will be easier. “. As he insists, the lawyer is firm and then specifies that if he does not want to end his days in prison, he must absolutely admit the facts. In a black anger, Sacha screams that he refuses while hitting against it. the windows of his cell.

Entitled “The Fall”, this breathless arch is coming to an end and with it, fans will soon discover the fate of the worst assassin in the history of Tomorrow belongs to us.

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