Tomorrow belongs to us: “Rayane will find herself in a complicated story and Jack will help her” reveals Dimitri Fouque

Will Jack and Rayane finally confess their feelings in “Tomorrow belongs to us”? Dimitri Fouque tells us more about the rest of the plot and what awaits “Jayane” in the next episodes of the TF1 soap opera.

After Audrey and Damien, Charlie and François, or even Jordan and Judith, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us have been passionate for a few weeks for a new “couple”: Jack and Rayane, played respectively by Dimitri Fouque and Sasha Birdy.

But while misunderstandings and tensions continue to disrupt their (slow) rapprochement, a question is now on everyone’s lips of viewers of the TF1 soap opera: will the friendship that unites the two high school students soon change? in love ? Will Jack and Rayane finally admit their feelings to each other?

Dimitri Fouque, who came back for us on the extraordinary enthusiasm that “Jayane” arouses on social networks, also confided in our microphone on the evolution of this touching relationship. And on the future of Jack and Rayane, who obviously have not finished living strong moments.

AlloCiné: At the start of the year, Jack is going through a big ordeal in Tomorrow belongs to us: seriously injured in the face during the plane crash on the beach of Sète, he lost his sight. How did you react when you learned what the authors had in store for your character?

Dimitri Fouque: Already, I was happy to have hyper ambitious scenes on the crash. I was happy to see, when reading the script, that it was going to be a big shoot on the beach, with a plane on fire that was going to explode. I thought it was great, because that’s also what you want to do when you do this job, to play somewhat stylish, ambitious scenes.

And on top of all that came this blindness thing, and I thought that was good, because Jack hadn’t been doing much for a while. And so there, suddenly, I had plenty of scenes, with strong things to play. It was really challenging, because it’s something new for me to play while blind. So I was pretty excited about it all.

For a few episodes, Jack has gotten a lot closer to Rayane. And their relationship arouses a real craze on social networks, which is moreover across the world, which is quite rare for a French series, and is unheard of for Tomorrow belongs to us. How do you experience this phenomenon?

It’s impressive. There are Chinese who send me messages, who make drawings of Sasha and me, it’s pretty crazy. Spaniards, Argentinians who tell me that they are touched by the story of Jack and Rayane, people from all over the world, really. I find that quite funny. I knew that this series was watched by a lot of people, but here it goes even further. And I think that’s great, because it means that this relationship works on screen and it touches people.

Tomorrow belongs to us shows a lot of stories simultaneously, so that’s probably why people are picking up the series and are interested, for some, only in the scenes between Jack and Rayane. And at the moment, moreover, the secondary plots, which we call B or C and which sometimes are simpler or lighter things, I find them really successful.

Of course, we know that the detective is very popular, and the arch on Emmanuel Moire is great, but there are also these simpler stories on the side, and I understand that they affect people. The story of Nathan and Julie with their father, I find it cute. Or the very pretty story of Bart, with the letters. There are some very beautiful, very strong things in DNA right now. I understand that these arches may be taken separately by the public.

Now that the couple “Jayane” is passionate about the public, the authors certainly have a little pressure, we must not disappoint the fans with the continuation of this budding relationship. As an actor, does this enthusiasm put a little pressure on you too?

I wait to see what is written. I don’t know if I have the pressure, I try to do my job well. But more than pressure, it’s really fun, I’m waiting to see what we have in store for my character. The stress I have is to find out what will happen and how the plot will evolve when I receive the texts. But, yes, the pressure is more on the authors and on those who decide the plots I imagine (laughs).


The rapprochement between Jack and Rayane is quite slow. They take two steps forward and then one step back almost every episode. Lately, Rayane got angry when Jack asked him if he had a date with a guy, while Jack struggles to hide that he’s a little jealous. Will they manage to overcome these tensions in the next episodes?

It’s true that it’s a bit like that, two steps forward, one step back. Their relationship is like that, it’s going to last a bit, but that’s what makes it interesting too. It’s complicated for Jack, because Lizzie tells him to forget Rayane, she tries to make her brother understand that he is not behaving well with him.

What I can say is that it will take time. There will be beautiful moments, tensions too. It may feel like it’s a bit repetitive, but it’s actually interesting in terms of evolution. At the level of Rayane, and her way of assuming her sexuality. And at the level of Jack too, who attaches himself to this guy despite all that, because he sees that Rayane is not just a little jerk (laughs). So, yes, Jack is going to get attached to Rayane, that’s for sure.

Rayane has come out to her family, but it’s true that it’s another story to do so with her classmates, in high school…

Yes that’s it. It’s interesting to see how Rayane experiences it. And then I like the fact that Jack, who struggled a lot at the beginning with his coming out, is there for Rayane, that he accompanies her in there by saying to her “Don’t worry, I’m not going don’t judge you, I’m gay too”. In this relationship where he gets help, Jack has more experience on certain points too and he will be able to help Rayane in return.

In summary, we will therefore have to wait a while before having a real declaration of love or a first kiss, right?

If it happens, it’s not right away, that’s for sure (laughs).

The Next Main Plot of Tomorrow Belongs to Us will notably involve Dorian. Will Jack and Rayane be part of this story?

I don’t know much about that storyline, but Jack is going to have something to live with Rayane about at some point, yeah. Rayane will find himself in a complicated story, he will have problems and Jack will help him. But otherwise I’m not that much in this ark.


Can we expect Jack to regain his sight soon?

We can hope so (laughs). We can all hope so. But it takes time. There are appointments with the ophthalmologist, sometimes we say to him “Ah, maybe it’s better”, and then “No, it’s not progressing too much”. The progress and fallout from all of this is slow. That is going to take time. But we hope he will regain his sight. I want to watch the people I play with (laughs).

Do you have any desires as to the future evolution of Jack in the series?

By talking about it with friends, I realize that what I really like in Tomorrow belongs to us, it’s the intrigues of young people, friendship, love, everything that happens in high school. This is what I prefer to see on screen. When you manage to put some life into it, it’s great.

So I would like to shoot more scenes in high school, especially since we’re all friends. There is Alain le Bars who arrived last year to play Adam, and with Maxime Lélue we say to ourselves “We really have to tour with him”. So I hope there will be some nice things that will happen in high school for Jack, or in the family, because I love my Roussel family. Or at the beach (laughs). Why not, it’s always nice too.

Speaking of teenagers, Jack had forged a good friendship with Maud, but the latter has not appeared in the series for a while. will we see again Sixtine Dutheil shortly ?

I do not know at all. But I hope so, because I really liked this friendship. I really love buddy plots. There, recently, I shot quite a bit with Juliette Mabilat, who plays Lizzie. Sometimes I would like to shoot more fraternity scenes with Maxime, who plays Jordan. But in the end, Jack doesn’t really have any friends, it’s true, it’s sad (laughs). Besides, I loved shooting with Sixtine, our scenes were really cool. So I hope the authors will hear me.

Do you have any side projects to the series that you can talk about?

I’m still doing a lot of stuff on the side, but it’s mostly pending stuff, or personal stuff, so I can’t really talk about that. At the moment I’m shooting quite a bit for Tomorrow belongs to us, but I still have lots of ideas and lots of projects in parallel.

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