Tomorrow belongs to us: “Raphaëlle will experience a real upheaval at the end of the intrigue” …

Confronted with the return of her mother, Rebecca, and with dangerous family secrets, Raphaëlle gradually loses her footing in “Tomorrow belongs to us“. Jennifer Lauret, who joined the series at the start of the school year, confides in this intrigue rich in twists and turns.

Arrival in Tomorrow belongs to us at the start of the school year, on the occasion of season 5, at the same time as Emmanuel Moire, Xavier Deluc, or even Thaïs Kirby, Jennifer Lauret has therefore been playing Raphaëlle Perraud, the ex-wife for several weeks now. by Xavier Meffre (Charles Lelaure), who left Paris to settle in Sète and be closer to his daughters, Camille and Maud.

Currently at the heart of a big intrigue, marked by the exceptional guest presence of Victoria Abril, Raphaëlle had to face the return of her mother, Rebecca Flores, after thirty years of absence. An event that brought back the past in an unexpected way, with the revelation of buried secrets and the endangering of several members of the Perraud-Meffre family.

While her character continues to exhibit strange behavior, accumulating increasingly worrying absences, Jennifer Lauret, whom fans of Une Famille formidable, de Camping paradis, and Julie Lescaut know well, confided in to our microphone on this new adventure within the big family Tomorrow belongs to us and on the continuation of this arch event that could turn Raphaëlle’s life upside down forever.

AlloCiné: What did you like in the role of Raphaëlle Perraud when joining Tomorrow belongs to us this summer?

Jennifer lauret : The solar side that the character of Raphaëlle has. She is very sure of herself, well in her sneakers, she assumes herself perfectly as a strong and independent woman. And she made choices in her life as a single mom. I found it interesting to play, especially since I knew that we would then explore its flaws and also show its fragility.

Didn’t the rhythm of a daily soap scare you?

If, of course, I was nervous, I was impressed. Because it is a real war machine. Tomorrow belongs to us. The technicality put in place, to be able to release one episode a day, to be a month and a half ahead of the broadcast, to work with three teams, it’s very impressive. We go from one team to another, we don’t necessarily know the people, we are first on plot A, then plot B, and then C, we’re a little lost. It’s a working method that I didn’t know at all, so I was obviously impressed at the start, but you get used to it quickly.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "raphaëlle will experience a real upheaval at the end of the intrigue"...
Telsete / TF1

Did it immediately match between Charles Lelaure, your fictional daughters, Xavier Deluc, and you?

Yes, immediately. But with everyone. There is a great atmosphere on the set. We are all happy to be there.

Did you know from the start that a big family intrigue centered on Raphaëlle was going to happen quickly?

No, I discovered it as I went along. And I didn’t know the arch system. So I learned little by little that a plot was going to be centered on Raphaëlle, but I didn’t think it was going to happen that quickly actually. It was a very good surprise.

How did you react when you found out what the authors had in store for you?

I was as excited as a flea (laughs). And delighted to know that I was going to play with Victoria Abril and Xavier Deluc, who are nevertheless monuments in the profession. I was really like a kid.

How does it feel to have Victoria Abril as a fictional mom? Did you meet before playing together in Tomorrow belongs to us?

No, it was the first time. And it went very well. The chemistry was there right away, we hit it off very well. I was a little scared, because I had no idea what to expect at all. But in the end it was only happiness.

Raphaëlle has been increasing absences for several episodes. Will we end up understanding to what they are due?

Of course, we will soon discover the reasons for these absences. Raphaëlle is completely destabilized, she loses all her bearings, she no longer knows where she is, what she wants, what she no longer wants. Suddenly, she almost falls back into childhood. She begins to feel things that she had buried deep inside her and which completely destabilize her. Hence the fact that she starts to drink a little. She’s losing her footing, she doesn’t know how to get out of it.

This plot should not have been easy to play. How did you prepare?

Ultimately, when I read the texts sent to me, I work a lot upstream. And we have a lot of support on Tomorrow belongs to us. We have coaches who allow us not to miss out on certain things, in the sense that there are so many intrigues and things that are intertwined.

We sometimes shoot end-of-plot scenes in advance, before the rest, so we can quickly miss important things. The work with the coaches is a big help. When we learn our texts, we can thus target the feelings and the way in which we must approach this or that sequence.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "raphaëlle will experience a real upheaval at the end of the intrigue"...
Telsete / TF1

What can you say about what awaits us in the next episodes? Anna is going to help Raphaëlle bring up a painful childhood memory, right?

Yes, Raphaëlle needs help and she is therefore going to go see Anna (Maud Baecker), whom she herself had helped on a previous plot and who becomes her shrink. There is a very strong bond that has been created between them, and Raphaëlle can more easily let go because she trusts him. And Anna is going to help him to be in the acceptance of many things. This will allow Raphaëlle to move forward and understand a lot of things.

Can we hope to see a friendship born between Anna and Raphaëlle?

I can’t tell you, I don’t know yet. In any case, there is this strong link between them, which will perhaps be exploited later by the authors. But at the moment, no, they really have a patient-doctor relationship. Anna probably invests herself a little more because she loves Raphaëlle a lot, but for the moment that will not turn into friendship.

What can you teaser about the conclusion of this great intrigue about Raphaëlle and Rebecca? What will be the consequences for the Perraud-Meffre family?

Raphaëlle and her family will experience a real upheaval and a great questioning at the end of the plot. That’s all I can say (laughs).

Do you hope that Victoria Abril will be brought back to the series later?

I really hope so, yes. I would love for her to come back. But the end of the plot will leave it up to you to see if a return of Rebecca is possible or not. I can’t say too much about it.

The next step for Raphaëlle is the development of the law firm?

Yes, Raphaëlle is installed, she will take full place in these premises and try to establish herself as well as possible in Sète, while enjoying her daughters and life. And the firm will grow, Raphaëlle will have collaborators by her side.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "raphaëlle will experience a real upheaval at the end of the intrigue"...
Telsete / TF1

Do you have any wishes in terms of evolution for the character?

I would like her to have a sentimental life that develops a little more. And that she finds herself in somewhat incredible situations. Everything is possible in Tomorrow belongs to us, so it would be nice to get out of the box a bit. And that funny things happen to Raphaëlle or that she meets someone a little improbable.

And maybe finally share scenes with Kamel Belghazi?

Why not, but it’s always a bit problematic this mixture of genres. Because we were husband and wife in A wonderful family. So getting together on screen in another series, it doesn’t seem easy to me. Unfortunately, not everyone sums things up. So I’m not sure that’s a good idea, although I know the Great Family fans are asking for it.

When the show ended, rumors hinted that a Great Family About Kids spin-off could see the light of day. Do you think it can still be done?

It would have been good, because Joël Santoni at the time would have really liked it to be done. And unfortunately it didn’t see the light of day, I don’t know exactly why. So, is it not too late now? I do not know. What is certain is that we remain hungry with my former partners. And a spin-off on young people would have been not bad because Anny Duperey and Bernard Le Coq had expressed the wish to stop.

But would TF1 still be up for it? I do not know at all. It is really the channel that has the fate of the family in its hands. But I know that many of us would be ready to don again the costume of this Beaumont family that we adore. Even for a concluding episode or a TV movie. It would be an opportunity to offer a real end to the series and to the fans.

Do you have other projects in parallel with Tomorrow belongs to us?

No, right now I’m really focusing on Tomorrow is Ours, which takes a lot of my time. But I am delighted. I want to be fully in it and be really available for this project which is close to my heart.

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