Tomorrow belongs to us: “Raphaëlle and Martin will get closer” according to the producer of the…

How will Raphaëlle rebuild herself after what Stanislas did to her? The producer of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Aude Thévenin, teases what awaits the character of Jennifer Lauret on a professional and romantic level.

How Raphaëlle Perraud (Jennifer Lauret) will it succeed in rebuilding itself in tomorrow belongs to us after what she just went through because of Stanislas (Yannick Laurent)? That’s the question fans are asking now that the “Emprise” arc is complete. And the answer should please some of the viewers!

For several months, the lawyer lived a relationship made up of lies and manipulation with Stanislas who, under his air of caring companion, was in reality a formidable narcissistic pervert. And a violent man, suspected of having murdered his former partner.

And if Raphaëlle, alerted by her daughter Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), by his father Sébastien (Xavier Deluc), and by Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin), took a long time to realize who the man she was living with really was, her temper tantrums and the blows he ended up giving her repeatedly finally made her open her eyes. And to act to get out of it.

Mad with rage, Stanislas tried to attack his companion one last time and began to strangle her. Fortunately, Camille intervened and stabbed her stepfather to protect her mother. A gesture which obviously saved Raphaëlle from certain death but also caused the death of Stanislas.

Freed from the grip and the threat hanging over her, Raphaëlle was able to refocus on the essentials: her daughters, Camille and Maud (Sixtine Dutheil). And it is also with the help of the latter, who returned to Sète after a few months of absence, that she threw away Stanislas’ belongings, with a view to a new start. But the path to rediscovered happiness will obviously not be made in a few days for the lawyer embodied by Jennifer Lauret.

“It will take a little time to rebuild itself”entrusted to us Aude Theveninthe producer of Tomorrow belongs to us, during the Monte-Carlo television festival. “She was still weakened by her separation from her husband. She would have liked to get back together with him but it was not his plans. And there, for the moment, Raphaëlle is a wounded woman”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "raphaëlle and martin will get closer" according to the producer of the...

But the good news is that the authors of the TF1 soap opera are already planning a beautiful love story for Raphaëlle in the more or less near future.

“We have heroines who are inspirational and resilient in Tomorrow belongs to uscontinues the producer. “She is a strong woman. So what I can say is that she will already rebuild herself through her work because she is very brilliant. Then we will let some time pass. But we will offer a real love story anyway. Poor thing (laughs)”.

So, with whom will Raphaëlle end up living a real story in the series? Can we expect her to start a relationship with Martin Constant (Frank Monsigny), who separated several months ago from Virginie Corkas?

“We do not know yet”replies Aude Thévenin, before indulging all the same in a major confidence. “We know that the public is waiting for that. Raphaëlle and Martin will get closer. Afterwards, we’ll see”.

Passionate love story or not, the public of Tomorrow belongs to us will therefore soon witness a rapprochement between Commander Constant and Raphaëlle Perraud. And if, soap requires, obstacles should not fail to stand in their way, we can’t wait to discover this new “duo” in action.

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