Tomorrow belongs to us: Nordine finally confesses her feelings to Manon!

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Nordine will confess his feelings to Manon. Is this finally the beginning of their love story?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

If there is indeed a love story that currently fascinates the faithful of tomorrow belongs to usit is indeed that of Manon (Louvia Bachelor) and Nordine (Youcef Agal)!

It must be said that since they met at the police station, they have become much closer. And from friendship to love, there is often only one step.

While the Daunier girl was the first to open her eyes to her feelings for the policeman, to the point of kissing her while jogging on the beachthe latter, who is in a relationship with Sophie Novack, took longer to relax.

Despite Nordine’s refusals and the many obstacles facing her, Manon couldn’t bring herself to move on. But thanks to Charlie (Clemence Lassalas), she has found an unstoppable way to achieve her ends: using Valentin, the beach attendant at the beach hut, to attract her attention.

A more than successful bet since Nordine has been jealous ever since. A feeling that will of course push him to declare his love for the young woman during the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

In a new excerpt available on MYTF1, Manon and Nordine stroll along the canal. The opportunity for Martin’s son to take his courage in both hands and say what is on his heart.

When Manon sent him a message to tell him that she wanted to return his books for the competition, Nordine understood that she no longer wanted to see him again and that made him sad. As she makes him understand that she would have liked to keep them, he then tries to find out if she is dating the boy from the beach.

In vain does she assure us that she doesn’t care at all about Valentin, Nordine insists and asks if something happened between them. “Just enough to make you visibly jealous“, she replies with a small smile.

In turn, Manon questions him about Sophie. After saying he was going to talk to her, Nordine takes Manon’s hand and declares her feelings.

To be completely honest, I’m often pretty dumb. And with you, I was totally stupid because I seriously played the guy instead of just telling you from the start that I liked you“.

Tomorrow belongs to us: nordine finally confesses her feelings to manon!

As they look at each other, Nordine receives a message that forces her to return to work. When Manon asks him about what he is doing tonight, he replies “I see you“.

Can we finally see the beginning of a love story between Manon and Nordine?

Things will probably not be so simple! During our visit to the Monte-Carlo festival, Aude Theveninthe producer of Tomorrow belongs to us, had indeed warned us, “It’s romantic comedy so there’s going to be a lot of obstacles between them.“.

Even if the two lovebirds finally seem on the same wavelength, the writers intend to torment them a little more.

And to do this, what could be better, for example, than an adventure between Manon and Valentin just before Nordine declares her love…

Convinced that her plan hadn’t worked, Manon had actually allowed herself to be convinced by Charlie to take advantage of the pleasures of life to forget the chosen one of her heart. If she now hopes to leave this behind her, the young woman will obviously not be able to keep the secret for long if we are to believe the official synopses revealed by TF1.

How will Nordine react when he discovers the truth? Will they still give their love story a chance? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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