Tomorrow belongs to us: Nicolas soon arrested by the police?

While Victoire will do everything to save Samuel in time in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, what end have the screenwriters reserved for Nicolas Barraud, the nurse responsible for all the dramas that have shaken Sète recently?

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Characterized by the tragic death of Cédric Diallo and the kidnapping of Samuel Chardeau, how will the plot “Les Blessures du passé” end in tomorrow belongs to us ?

After weeks of investigation and false leads, Victoire (Solene Hebert) and George (Mayel Elhajaoui) will finally understand in the episode broadcast this Friday on TF1 that the mysterious shooter who has been spreading terror since the beginning of the summer is none other than Nicolas Barraud (Carl Vervier), the young nurse who works alongside Noor (Figueiredo Sahel) to the hospital.

If Nicolas is trying to make Dr. Lazzari’s life hell, it’s because he was the victim of a horrible hazing in 2011, when they were both medical school students in Montpellier. Nicolas, whom Victoire did not recognize because he was overweight at the time, was hazed with other first-year students at a student party and nearly drowned. After coming close to the worst, he then experienced serious complications that put an end to his dream of becoming a doctor.

Now a nurse, Nicolas has decided to make his executioners pay. And after targeting several former students with the same modus operandi, Victoire is his latest target. Even if the young doctor, who was part of the promo of hazing, swears that she tried to dissuade her comrades and that she did not take part in this horrible act.

According NewsactualNicolas will understand on Monday that Victoire and the police are on his heels and will decide to move up a gear by getting rid of Samuel (Axel Kiener) to reach his companion a little more. On the tug boat he is occupying, the nurse will thus throw overboard Samuel, who has his hands and feet tied up.

Fortunately, Martin, Aurore, and Victoire, who have finally located Barraud’s tug, will arrive in time to rescue Samuel. Victoire does not hesitate to jump into the water to save the man she loves, to whom she will then give word-of-mouth.

Will Nicolas die?

But what will become of Nicolas Barraud in this whole story? Will he finally end up in prison after escaping, once again, the police? Or will he, too, meet a tragic end?

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us which will be broadcast on Tuesday on TF1, the police will eventually find the trace of Nicolas, who rents an apartment from a small trader in the city center of Sète. After a long hideout in front of his building, Martin (Frank Monsigny) and Sarah (Camille Genau) will see Barraud disembark and will try to challenge him. But Nicolas will take refuge in one of the apartments and will step over a balcony. Threatening to jump into the void.

Tomorrow belongs to us: nicolas soon arrested by the police?

As revealed an extract of this key sequence posted online in advance by TF1Martin and Sara will try to dissuade Nicolas from jumping. “You will not spend your life in prison, basically you are the victim”launches Martin to the young nurse. “You have to tell a jury what you went through during the hazing. Believe me, it’s not too late to make your voice heard”. “If you do this, you will be remembered as the executioner, not the victim”adds Sara.

But nothing helps, Nicolas, who is certain that justice does not care about his story, ends up jumping and falling 10 meters. Victim of multiple fractures, particularly in the pelvis and legs, Nicolas will be taken care of urgently at the hospital by Renaud (Pierre Deny) and Victoire who will succeed in saving his life.

And after a final confrontation with Victoire, which will make him understand that a monster like him could never have become a doctor anyway, Nicolas will be arrested and charged with the murder of Cédric, the kidnapping of Samuel, and all the crimes he has committed since 2019.

A plot conclusion that sounds the end of the nightmare for Victoire and Samuel. But that does not mean that the inhabitants of Sète will now be able to enjoy peaceful days since the heroes of Tomorrow belongs to us will be confronted, from next week, with a mysterious robber in a clown mask determined to sow terror in the city too.

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