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In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Nathan and Camille will be the victims of a mysterious attacker who promises to terrorize the city of Sète.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

The days follow each other and are not alike in Tomorrow belongs to us. While the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Alain Lehaut has finally been lifted, it is a whole new intrigue that awaits viewers from Monday evening on TF1. Entitled “Tied feet and fists”, this new narrative ark promises to sow concern in the not so peaceful small town of Sète.

In the trailer available on the MYTF1 platform, the high school students spend a quiet evening at the Spoon. At this moment, Dorian (Rayane Huber), Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), Adam (Alain Le Bars), Amel (Maëlis Adalle), Nathan (Adher) and Julie (Lou Noérie) are then far from suspecting that this moment of conviviality will turn into a nightmare.

Starting with Nathan who leaves the bar in very bad shape. Head spinning and ears ringing, the teenager staggers through the streets of the city before collapsing unconscious. But this is only the beginning of trouble for the Paoletti son and his friends.

A few days later, Julie arrives at the police station to report the disappearance of her half-brother who has not given any sign of life for two days. And when Audrey (Charlotte Gaccio) and Mona (Catherine Benguigui) find their colleague’s cell phone in the Spoon’s dumpster, the situation becomes all the more worrying.

While the police launch a wanted notice for a disturbing disappearance, the investigation will take an unexpected turn.

His sister didn’t say he just drank a cocktail? Does that mean he was drugged?“, declares Damien (Adrien Rob) discovering the images of Nathan fainting in the street.

Obviously, the policeman aimed right since in the following images we can see Nathan buried alive in the sand up to his head with a sign next to him on which we can read “Funny?”.

Fortunately, investigators appear to have found the teenager before it was too late. Despite everything, one can legitimately wonder who can blame him?

Heard by the police, Étienne (Patrick Guérineau) tells his side “I overheard a phone conversation. His father was arguing with someone. Apparently he knows who did this to his son.“.

As often in the bad shots that take place in Sète, Victor Brunet (Farouk Bermouga) could well have a link with all this. Indeed, Bruno (Kevin Levy) will not be long in meeting the businessman to have some explanations.

Do you think you’ll get away with it? We’re talking about my son“, he said to him then before coming to blows. An altercation which takes place under the eyes of the police who apparently took them in spinning.

In parallel with these events, Dorian and Camille go through a crisis in their relationship. It must be said that during this famous evening at the Spoon, the Perraud girl, who was drunk, kissed Adam after having argued with her boyfriend. A moment of bewilderment that was photographed and published on social networks. Inevitably, when she tries to explain to Dorian what really happened, the latter, who is fed up with her making fun of him, refuses to listen to her.

In tears, the young woman leaves a message on Dorian’s answering machine a few hours later in which she apologizes to him. While she was walking in the streets of Sète, a person dressed in black burst in and then injected a product into her neck. Camille then loses consciousness and collapses to the ground.

What is this mysterious attacker looking for? And why did he pick on her? Is he the one who drugged Nathan?

If the next episodes of the daily soap opera of TF1 will not fail to answer these questions, everything could actually be linked to Dorian and the Curtis family.

A few days ago, Patrick Guérineau told our microphone that “Stephen [allait] having to forcefully protect his family.“And the comedian to continue,”Etienne’s past will resurface because he had a somewhat complicated youth. Maybe that’s probably why he decided to go to sea and escape the world he lived in. This past will burst in his face and he will have to sort himself out, explain himself and atone for it.

Ultimately, Étienne will above all have to “save his son who will be in a complicated situation. […] He’s going to show he’s capable of a lot of things to keep his son’s head above water.“.

The pace of recent weeks is therefore not about to slow down in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us and new mysteries will have to be unraveled.

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