Tomorrow belongs to us: Mathilde Lebrequier (Léo Matteï) joins the series in a role linked to Sacha and Clémentine - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: Mathilde Lebrequier (Léo Matteï) joins the series in a role linked to Sacha and Clémentine – News Series on TV

Present in the credits of “Léo Matteï” since season 5, Mathilde Lebrequier will join the cast of “Tomorrow belongs to us” at the end of April in the role of Juliette Couturier. A character who will be important in the new plot dedicated to Sacha.

Christophe Maroye / DEMD / TF1

In a week on TF1, the intrigue devoted to Quentin’s incrust at the Dauniers’ and the Beaulieu’s vengeance towards Xavier Meffre (Charles Lelaure) will end in Tomorrow belongs to us and will give way to a whole new arch centered on Clémentine ( Linda Hardy) and Sacha (Renaud Roussel), whose beginnings we have already seen during the last episodes.

Who says new plot, says new characters. And after Anne Bouvier, Nicky Marbot, and Charles Crehange, who lent their features to Hélène Beaulieu, Pascal Beaulieu, and Quentin / Romain, the daily TF1 soap opera will welcome an actress well known to viewers of the channel in a recurring role.

Mathilde Lebrequier, who has been playing Olivia Lambert for four seasons now in Léo Matteï opposite Jean-Luc Reichmann and recently participated in the series Un homme d’honneur, joined in fact Tomorrow belongs to us in the role of Juliette Couturier. A character for the moment surrounded by mystery, which will make its first appearance on the air on Friday, April 30.

According to our information, Juliette will however have an important role to play in the ark dedicated to Sacha and Clementine. This new plot, which will follow the recent doubts of Clémentine, who suspected his companion to cheat on her, should finally reveal what Sacha is really hiding from his relatives. Because obviously, the surprise birthday that he organized for the PE teacher of the high school Paul Valéry is not enough to explain his elusive attitude and his repeated lies.

Screenshot / TF1

According to the synopses of the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us unveiled by TF1, while Clémentine, still in the grip of doubt, will have no other choice but to seek answers on her own, “The noose will tighten around Sacha who is drowning in debt” at the approach of the Solenne operation (Artemisia Toussaint).

While the tensions will be palpable within his couple, Sacha will do everything to hide his financial problems from his family and his partner, but will end up “make a mistake” which will encourage Clémentine to push her research even further. What will she eventually find out? And what role will Juliette Couturier play in this whole story?

Are the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us going to give us the double life? Is Juliette Sacha’s “other woman”?

After all, Mathilde Lebrequier will be accompanied in this new plot by two young actors, Elisa Nître and Mogamed Bechiev, who will lend their features to Océane and Gaspard Couturier. And who could well be, in all logic, the children of Juliet. What would she have had with Sacha? Answer soon in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1.

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