Tomorrow belongs to us: Marion Christmann (Amanda) leaves the series

New twist in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. After more than two years spent in the skin of Amanda Faro, Marion Christmann announced that she was leaving the daily soap opera of TF1.

Tomorrow belongs to us: marion christmann (amanda) leaves the series
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While viewers are still in shock at the tragic death of Ulysses (Sébastien Capgras) during the Spoon hostage-taking, another character well known to viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us is about to leave in turn. series. Indeed, Marion Christmann, the interpreter of Amanda Faro, announced her departure from the daily.

In a long message posted on her Instagram account in support of numerous souvenir photos and videos on August 30, the actress shared the bad news, “ End clap…! For more than two years, I took great pleasure in playing and developing this character. And, things have happened in two years … “.

And to continue by paying tribute to his character. ” Amanda, a bubbly, funny, mischievous and emotional but endearing nurse, in search of love … After having suffered a few heartaches, overcoming a rape and surviving a cave collapse, she will have finally found her big love …. But a year later, he dies in a hostage-taking … It is true that she did not have a pot! But it was for my greatest pleasure because as an actress, all these stories and emotions to play it was a real gift. “.

After thanking the team members and comedians with whom she has bonded over the years, the actress also had a thought for her fans. ” And finally YOU, who follow us every evening, THANK YOU for your fidelity and for all your words, you put a lot of joy in my heart. I must say that, leaving the series with all this wave of love and compliments of the last few days, for the death of Ulysses, touches me enormously. I sincerely thank you and tenderly embrace all the people I have had the chance to work with. I can’t wait to share my new adventures with you. “.

Marc Kressmann, the new collection director of the series, recently confided to Allociné’s microphone, “ Amanda had this tragic side, we had the feeling of having come to the end of her story. Everything remains possible, we could see her again one day. But for now, Amanda is leaving the show.

Marion Christmann is not the first to leave Tomorrow belongs to us at the end of summer. While the last few weeks have already been marked by the departures of Dembo Camilo (Souleymane) and Sebastien Capgras (Ulysse), Juliette Tresanini (Sandrine), Marie Catrix (Morgane) and Théo Cosset (Arthur) will also be leaving very soon.

Definitely, the start of season 5 of Tomorrow belongs to us continues to surprise us a little more every day.

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