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The mysterious past of Louise (Alexandra Naoum) resurfaces in a brand new plot that promises to punctuate the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Please note that this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Tomorrow is Ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

From tonight on TF1, it’s a whole new plot around the Kersal family that awaits the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us. While a threat hangs over Louise (Alexandra Naoum) and her family, the young woman’s past is about to resurface, bringing with it its share of twists and turns.

For several days now, Mickaël (Renaud Leymans) has been tracking Louise. If everything suggested that the customer of Little Spoon simply had a crush on the waitress, in reality, Mickaël is not in Sète by chance and has compromising information on his past. Indeed, the latter works on behalf of a mysterious stranger who orders him to take care of Mathilde (Maria Bernal) and Aurélien (Christophe Bedes) at first, then Louise. After getting closer to the teenagers by orchestrating a flight of scooters to obtain more details on the life of the Kersals, Mickaël calls out to Louise in the street by showing her an old photo of her in a wedding dress with a man. A photo that will deeply upset the mother of the family, even to the point of fleeing in the next episodes of the series.

But what is Louise hiding? While this intriguing photo probably points to the father of her children, the young woman seems to have the firm intention of protecting her secret at all costs. A track that takes a little more depth when Frederik Hamel is preparing to join the cast of the daily on Thursday, June 3, in the role of Gary Lanon, a man who shares an identical last name with Aurélien and Mathilde. .

In the trailer for the episodes which will be broadcast this week (visible in the player above), we discover a frightened Louise rushing into her car with her children. For his part, Bart (Hector Langevin), who noticed that his wife and children are gone, will do everything to find them with the help of Anna (Maud Baecker) to conduct the investigation. When Anna asks her son “Do you think it’s because of him that she fled?“, he retorts”she must have a secret “. In the next scene, Vallorta’s son runs desperately after Mickaël’s car screaming “where is Louise?“. In vain.

To believe the synopsis unveiled by TF1, Louise will “play a dangerous game in the face of the urgency of the situation“. And the mother of a family could well be in bad shape “when his past resurfaces with evidence that could harm him“. Aurélien and Mathilde will learn for their part”secrets about their past that decide them to get answers“. Revelations that could change everything for them since they will try to resume”a life with the possibility of creating new bonds that they have never known before “.

The next few weeks promise to be breathtaking and many revelations about Louise are about to come to light.

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