Tomorrow belongs to us: “Léo could be in danger” reveals Charlotte Gaccio

Tomorrow belongs to us Leo could be in danger reveals

Met on the occasion of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, Charlotte Gaccio, the interpreter of the sparkling Audrey, confided in our microphone on what awaits the Roussel family during the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us” .

Allociné: The Roussel family quickly established itself as a leading family in tomorrow belongs to us. How does it feel to have met your audience almost immediately? I imagine that this is necessarily a great satisfaction for you.

Charlotte Gaccio : It’s a great chance to have been adopted by the public like that. When we met with the children, there was something very obvious between us. An immediate complicity. To create a family, it is very important. It has not left us in fact. We are still as accomplices. We all love each other. We spend our lives together when we’re in Sète or else we write to each other all day on Whatsapp. We are very close and very happy to have been adopted by the public indeed.

In the last episodes, Leo (Paco Blanco) made a new friend in the person of Mathis (Léandre Castellano-Lemoine), a self-contained little boy whose divorced parents are torn over his custody. What can you tell us about the upcoming plot?

Léo meets little Mathis who is at the heart of his parents’ separation. The mother wants custody and it’s not going very well with her dad. He loves his son very much but he doesn’t know how to do it very well.

For her part, Audrey takes this little Mathis under her wing. Leo’s brothers and sister also take care of this little boy, as does Damien, of course. In no time, it will switch to the dark side (laughs). And we are going to experience something very intense with Léo, Mathis and his dad.

What role will Audrey play with Mathis and her parents?

Audrey continues to play her protective role. She obviously loves her children but I think she loves children in general. She falls in love with this little Mathis and she wants to protect him. She is also in empathy with this dad who struggles because she herself is a mom who struggles.

So there is this bond between them that is tied and when it goes wrong, she will necessarily be very hurt. But whatever happens, Audrey will remain a mother wolf, a mother bear, a mother who defends her children and the children. She will really step up to the front for Léo and Mathis.

More and more, Dan’s behavior will begin to raise questions…

He behaves a bit strangely and will turn out to be more “dangerous” than he looks.

Could Leo be in danger?

Leo could actually be in danger.

Damian (Adrian Rob) is very close to Leo, of whom he has become the godfather and we recently saw him as a stepdad hen. How will he get involved in this story?

Above all, he is very supportive of Audrey. He is with her all the time. It’s a beautiful love story for both of them. Family too.

Damien has finally found his bearings with the Roussels. With Audrey, could they take a new step in their relationship? A wedding or why not a baby?

They are settled and living together now. A baby, I hope not. Audrey already has four children, maybe we’ll leave her alone (laughs). A wedding, I would like. I would even love it. I am married in my life and suddenly I would very much like to put on a beautiful dress, redo a wedding. If the authors want that, we would be in.

Alma (Camilla de Pazzis) returned to Sète after a few months of absence and her friendship with Audrey was particularly appreciated. Can we hope to see them interact even more together soon?

Alma is going to be a bit in the middle of Mathis’ story because Benjamin (Alexander Varga) is going to do the little boy’s medical check-up. Between his friendship for Audrey and his love for Benjamin, it will not be easy to position oneself. And then, something will happen to Alma. Audrey will be there for her, so we will soon see them together again.

This year, the screenwriters have decided to tackle the writing of the past of the Roussel family. The opportunity for viewers to learn more about this tribe and more particularly about the fathers of the children. After Stanislas, could the fathers of Jordan and the twins land in Sète?

For the moment, it is not written in any case but I suspect that when we bring in a character of a single mother with different dads it is also to have this type of intrigue distilled over time. I imagine it will happen one day but it’s not for now.

Beautician then waitress, we know that Audrey knows how to adapt to all situations. Will she stay permanently at the Spoon or could she have desires elsewhere?

Charlotte has desires elsewhere but I don’t know if this is the case for Audrey (laughs). It’s true that I liked this idea of ​​the Swiss army knife which is no longer widely used. It is true that if it could come back I would find it funny. When there was the decor of the spa, I wondered if she was not going to become a beautician again there. In any case, everything is possible with it. That’s not bad.

Finally, if one day the authors need, they can put it anywhere but for the moment it is not planned. At the Spoon, we have just welcomed Mona (Catherine Benguigui) who is quite a character. It gives us a new atmosphere in this setting that I’m starting to know well. With Hector Langevinit gives us a little juice to have something new in this kitchen.

What can you tell us about what awaits Jordan (Maxime Lelue), Jack (Dimitri Fouque) and Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) in future episodes?

I know it but I have no right to say it (laughs). Jack got a nice makeover and that’s kinda on it for now. Jordan, Jack and Lizzie are not necessarily going to get involved in the story of Leo and Mathis. They will have things that will happen to them a little later in the year.

Is there an actor from the series that you would like to work with?

Alexander Brewer. I still haven’t played with him and would love to.

What do you hope for Audrey’s future. Is there a social subject that you would like to defend through your character?

The subject that I would like to defend, I already defend it by being a single mother who manages with her children. And I like being that image. This woman who does everything to get by and who does everything for her children. I believe it is the daily life of many. In any case, that’s what I observe and what I see when I meet the public. So I’m already happy with that. He’s already the character I love.

Do you have any other projects outside of the series that you can tell us about?

What I can tell you is that season 7 of Sat should turn normally this winter. There’s been a lot of writing changes, which is why we won’t air in January this year. It will be a little later but it’s in the pipeline.

There, we are in La Rochelle, I see the producers, I see the people from TF1, I see people and it will happen. We will see a season 7 of Sam very soon. I can’t wait to find the character of Aurélie again. And to tell you the truth, I have met some very nice people here so I hope that next year we will have other great projects to present.

Interview at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival on September 16, 2022.

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