Tomorrow belongs to us: Judith’s heartbreaking speech at Noa’s funeral -…

While “Tomorrow belongs to us” has just been shaken by the death of Noa (Tristan Jerram), TF1 has already revealed in advance the young man’s funeral sequence during which Judith (Alice Varela) makes a touching tribute to his ex.

Already punctuated by many shock twists in recent months, from the death of Louise during the “Red Wedding” plot to the explosion of the farmhouse which very nearly cost Karim his life, via the ark ” Emprise” and the horrible manipulation exercised by Stanislas on Raphaëlle and her relatives, tomorrow belongs to us has once again decided to surprise us this week.

Victim of the latest sabotage targeting the Delcourt farmhouse, Noa Josse (Tristan Jerram), the ex-boyfriend of Judith (Alice Varela), is electrocuted death in the episode of Tuesday July 12.

And if this drama, which is not accidental, will put the police on the trail of a new potential suspect, it will also have the consequence of completely turning the life of the Delcourts upside down. Starting with Alex, who will feel responsible for Noa’s death, and with Judith, who will have a hard time accepting the death of the one she loved so much.

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in preview by TF1Judith, Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin), Alex (Alexander Brewer), Anna (Maud Baecker), Noor (Sahelle De Figueiredo), Jordan (Maxime Lelue), and Robin (Dominique Guillo) are gathered at the cemetery to attend Noa’s funeral.

Judith’s pain is obviously palpable, and Chloe tries to make sure her daughter, who is about to give a speech, holds up. “Honey, if you feel like it’s too hard for you, don’t do it”. But Judith cannot bring herself not to pay a last tribute to Noa.

“If I don’t, I will regret”she admits to her mother before advancing towards the coffin of her boyfriend, on which sits a photo of the deceased.

Tomorrow belongs to us: judith's heartbreaking speech at noa's funeral -...

“I’m sad to be here. Sad and angry”declares Judith to her family and her friends, as well as to the relatives of Noa present today for this ceremony. “Noa should never have died. Life was never easy for him, he overcame a lot of hardships. And he was a very brave boy. Deep down, he deserved to be happy. That’s all he asked for was for things to get better”.

“I miss him so much. I feel like my heart was ripped out”, concludes the young woman, in tears, before going to console herself in the arms of Chloe. Very moving, this sequence, to be found in full in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us which will be broadcast on Friday on TF1, comes to put an end to the love story of Judith and Noa, whom we have been following for a little more than a year on screen.

Tristan Jerram reacts to Noa’s shock death

Judith’s moving speech also makes it possible to underline Alice Varela’s very fair and very touching performance in the episodes offered this week on the air, which proved to be excellent in several difficult sequences intervening after the tragic death of Noa.

It remains to be seen whether the very end of this extract, which sees Robin slipping away discreetly from the cemetery, is an indication as to the possible responsibility of Alex’s brother in the tragedies that have befallen the Delcourts for a few weeks.

Is Robin seeking revenge on Alex? Or is he rather trying to ruin the reputation of the farmhouse to facilitate its takeover by Victor Brunet and solve his own money problems? Answer in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto.

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