Tomorrow belongs to us: Judith and Jordan finally kiss!

While they have been turning around for months, Jordan (Maxime Lélue) and Judith (Alice Varela) will finally move up a gear and give in to temptation in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Discover the extract of their first kiss.

Tomorrow belongs to us Judith and Jordan finally kiss

Like Manon and Nordine earlier this year, Judith (Alice Varela) and Jordan (Maxime Lelue) will they finally move up a gear after hovering around each other for months in tomorrow belongs to us ?

Initiated this summer, the rapprochement between the daughter of the Delcourts and the son of Audrey Roussel had been stopped dead by the death of Noa (Tristan Jerram), the ex of Judith, who had deeply shaken the young woman.

However, about ten days ago, Jordan had done everything to give his story with Judith a chance, going so far as to organize the perfect first date for her. The two friends, who work together at the oyster farmhouse, had even ended up taking hands in a nice emotional moment.

Unfortunately, overtaken by Noa’s death and the sadness that has been eating away at her for months, Judith couldn’t bring herself to embark on a new story and had announced to Jordan that she preferred that they remain friends. Pushing the teenager to question his work at the farmhouse alongside Alex and the one he is in love with.

“They turn around but it’s complicated for Judith”told us recently Nicolas Brossettethe collection director of Tomorrow belongs to us, about this thwarted love story. “We also try to be psychologically coherent in the way we treat our characters. Judith has experienced very, very strong things this summer, quite dramatic with the loss of Noa. She cannot find herself going out overnight with someone else”.

“We have to be careful because the viewers could blame us for it. In life, when you experience such a tragedy, you don’t necessarily get back with someone immediately afterwards. Or if you do, that means something This is not the choice we are making with Judith for the moment. It all has to be coherent”.

Finally the first kiss for Jordan and Judith!

If the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us have made the rather wise choice not to rush things after the death of Noa, which occurred in July, it seems however that the waltz of hesitation of Judith concerning Jordan is finally about to end.

In a new extract from the daily soap opera unveiled by TF1, things are finally accelerating between the two characters. While Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) and Alex (Alexander Brewer) went away for the weekend, Judith, who fears being left alone since her attack, asked Jordan to spend the night at her house. And the latter accepted, despite the somewhat tense situation between them.

And in this extract, which is part of the episode which will be broadcast on Thursday on TF1, the storm rumbling in the distance seems to be preventing Jordan from sleeping. Unless the teenager is disturbed by the presence of Judith a few meters away?

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Looking at the time on his phone, Jordan accidentally knocks off the bedside lamp that sits right next to him. And the noise pushes Judith to leave her room and join Jordan in the living room.

Reassured about the noise she heard, Judith makes sure that Jordan is not too cold. Then decides to return to his room after this embarrassed exchange of banalities. But as she turns her back on Jordan, the young woman stops short and asks him: “I wanted to ask you if you were sure about the mas. About wanting to stop working”.

And Jordan barely has time to answer her when he is sure of his decision so she throws herself into his arms and kisses him passionately.

Have we just witnessed the birth of a new emblematic couple from Tomorrow belongs to us? Or will the situation once again get complicated later for the two lovebirds? Answer soon on TF1 and on Salto.

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