Tomorrow belongs to us: Judith and Georges soon saved by Alex?

How will the plot of the cave end in “Tomorrow belongs to us”? While the situation becomes critical for the missing, TF1 has unveiled an unprecedented excerpt which reveals that Alex will try everything to save his daughter.

Tomorrow belongs to us: judith and georges soon saved by alex?
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The cave prisoners’ nightmare is about to come to an end in Tomorrow is Ours. For several weeks now, Judith, Georges, Victoire, Clémentine, Sacha, Ben, and Ulysses have been stuck in the cave they had left to explore during an Urbex expedition, following a terrible landslide. An ordeal that divided the small band into two groups and obviously aroused the concern of their relatives, as well as the police and rescuers, who quickly mobilized to get them out of there. In vain. At least so far. Because in the next episodes of TF1’s successful daily soap opera, Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), who is going through a very difficult period because of his alcoholism and his separation with Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin), will go against Martin’s advice ( Franck Monsigny) and firefighters, and will do everything to save his daughter.

While the situation becomes critical underground, Alex will indeed enter the cave by slipping into the fault that had allowed Amanda (Marion Christmann) to escape safe and sound from this nightmare a few episodes earlier. A last-ditch rescue mission which will prove to be a success since Judith and Maxime’s father will quickly manage to join the first group, most of whose members fell ill after drinking the water in the cave and are severely in bad shape. Without wasting time, Alex will lend a hand to Ben (Antoine Cohaut) who, on the advice of the rescuers, was digging tirelessly to reach the second group, located on the other side of the wall formed by the landslide of the rocks. . And as the excerpt below reveals, unveiled in preview by TF1, Ben and Alex’s efforts will pay off since Alex will finally manage to join the other group and find Judith (Alice Varela), whose state of health remained worrying because of her diabetes. Delighted to see Alex disembark, Victoire (Solène Hébert) will hasten to announce to Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) that they are finally saved. But are the missing really out of the woods?

After all, this excerpt does not say if Alex, Victoire, Georges, Judith, and the others will really manage to rise to the surface easily. Will the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us find a way to complicate matters by confronting them with a new landslide? What is certain is that the return of the group of explorers to normal life should not be smooth, since despite the operation carried out by Victoire in the cave, Georges’ state of health will continue to worry them. doctors. Will he end up losing his leg? Answer in the next episodes on TF1.

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