Tomorrow belongs to us: “Jack feels betrayed by Maud”… The revelations of Dimitri Fouque…

After weeks of doubts, Jack will finally discover the identity of Simon this evening in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. How will he react when he learns that it is Maud? Dimitri Fouque confides and returns to the strong intrigues of Jack.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "jack feels betrayed by maud"... The revelations of dimitri fouque...

AlloCiné: The Roussel family arrived in the series five months ago. What is your assessment of these first months spent in Tomorrow belongs to us?

Dimitri Fouque : I am extremely lucky to have come across Charlotte Gaccio, Maxime Lélue, Juliette Mabilat, and Paco Blanco to play my family. It is a pleasure to play with them. And we thought several times that if we had to choose people with whom to play these stories, and play on a recurring basis, there couldn’t have been a better choice.

And otherwise, it was very cool to have an important arc around Jack, my character, at the end of the year with subjects to defend, which are rather close to reality. Important topics like fatphobia and homophobia.

Jack was forced to come out, he couldn’t do it the way he wanted, at the time he chose, which must speak to many viewers who may have experienced something similar, or who have not yet managed to come out. Have you received a lot of messages and testimonials following this “Snowball” plot?

Yes, I received a lot of messages from people who recognized themselves in this story, in the character of Jack. You can see that it affects a lot of people, and that it echoed the personal story of some. Coming out is never easy, and Jack is kind of robbed of that moment.

But, anyway, there is a thing with the daily series, people feel very close to the characters that they follow every day. And it’s pretty good that they can identify with and feel represented by what the heroes go through.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "jack feels betrayed by maud"... The revelations of dimitri fouque...

Jack is the first gay recurring male character in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. Are you proud to participate, thanks to this character, in more representation of sexual minorities on television?

I didn’t really ask myself these questions when I passed the casting. I assumed that it didn’t change much in the way I was going to play Jack. I just thought I was going to play a young man who was going to be in love with boys, not girls. But I didn’t really conceptualize all that.

Rather, it came later. Over the weeks I realized that it was rather cool, and perhaps a source of pride, indeed, to have this role because it participates in a greater representation of other forms of sexuality. Because we are still in a very heteronormative society. So it’s super important to have representation in works of fiction for people of color or from the LGBTQ+ community.

Your first arc, during which Jack had a crush on Hadrian, was both very funny, very touching, and very accurate in what it said. What memories do you keep of this intrigue with Anthony Colette?

Already I was happy because it was the very beginning. I knew I was going to have a lot of scenes with Anthony. I didn’t know him, I didn’t know how it was going to happen, and I discovered the whole universe of the series, as well as my family.

And in the end it went very well. We enjoyed playing together, we had a lot of fun. And we had a lot of funny scenes to do, like when Hadrian falls asleep when Jack tells him he loves him, or when Jack falls into the swimming pool. I have really good memories of it. And then, I also had softer, more sensitive scenes, of rather shy declarations of love. It was interesting to play.

Beyond the feelings Jack had for Hadrian, it was a beautiful friendship. Do you know if a return of Anthony Colette in the series is planned?

I have no idea if he’ll come back, but I’d love to see this friendship developed further. I found the way the story ended quite nice. Hadrien told him “I don’t blame you, I hope you find a guy”. It was quite touching. So it would be great if this friendship could continue. But I really don’t know if Anthony will come back (laughs).

Tomorrow belongs to us: "jack feels betrayed by maud"... The revelations of dimitri fouque...

After the harassment he suffered, the year ended happily in a more feel good way for Jack, with the arrival in his life of Simon, his secret admirer. Did you know from the start how it was going to end, or did you, like viewers and characters, have any theories about Simon’s true identity?

At first, I had no idea who Simon was. I believe that there were several possible ideas in addition, the authors studied a little what was feasible, with which character it could work. I think this love potential really could have been anyone. There were many possibilities.

But ultimately, as you know, it’s Maud, played by Sixtine Dutheil. And I still knew it quite early, because we had a lot of scenes to shoot close together, quite quickly, with Sixtine.

How will Jack react when he discovers that Maud has been hiding behind Simon’s pseudonym all along?

Inevitably, Jack feels really betrayed by Maud. They had already fallen out during the previous ark, but they eventually reconciled. And so there he will feel betrayed and he will be very sad. Very disappointed too. Jack is someone who idealizes things a lot, he is very romantic, and this is one more disappointment for him.

It seemed like Maud and Jack had reconciled, that everything was fine. Why did Maud pose as Jack’s secret admirer? Does she still have feelings for him?

Do I myself understand why Maud does this (laughs)? I was quite surprised, to tell you the truth, when I learned that it was her. It’s not really explained in the script. But we can assume that she wanted to comfort Jack, that she wanted him to have a friend. And then she is surely still a little in love with Jack so she got caught up in the game. And seeing that this story of Simon did her good, she found herself trapped.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "jack feels betrayed by maud"... The revelations of dimitri fouque...

Will Jack finally have the right to love soon?

We can hope so, because it’s a lot of disappointments, it’s true. I don’t know what will happen yet, we’ll see.

Speaking of romance, how will Jack, Jordan, Lizzie, and Leo react to Audrey and Damien’s relationship?

Audrey is going to live a love story with Damien, it’s true. But Jack isn’t going to be the first to find out about this relationship, it’s not going to be related to Jack right away. It mainly concerns Jordan at first.

Do you have desires, wishes for the evolution of Jack?

I really liked the end of the “Snowball” ark because Jack was much more assertive, had a more assertive character in the way he defended his family by slapping this guy, which he confessed to his family that he was gay. And the fact of having a slightly more defined character is necessarily interesting to play, so going more towards that again would please me.

And I hope to still have beautiful things to play in his relationships with his brothers and sister, his mother, with other people. Relationships of friendship, relationships of love. With beautiful things to defend. I love touring with Audrey, Juliette, Maxime, and Paco. We laugh a lot, and at the same time I think of the scene at the hospital, where Jack and Jordan reconcile. It was a super strong scene that we loved to shoot. And when you spend “Roussel day”, all five, it’s pretty awesome. It feels like we’re creating something cool with these characters.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "jack feels betrayed by maud"... The revelations of dimitri fouque...

You were in the credits of the Mixed series last year. on Prime Video. How did you experience the rather unexpected end of the series after just one season?

We are all so disappointed. People talk to me about it a lot, because the series was a hit. It was an undeniable critical success, in addition to a public success, because there was a CNC chart which showed that it was the third most viewed French series on the platforms, behind Lupine in particular which is a huge success.

Obviously, it was difficult to take it, but we talked a lot with Marie Roussin, the creator and author, and with the whole team and all the actors. We are all such friends that it is necessarily a disappointment. We wanted this story to continue and it had been incredible to shoot together for four months in a small town in Charente. We had all become very close.

So we were sad not to repeat the experience, but we have to mourn that. And I continue to do things with some, like Lula Cotton-Frapier and Gaspard Meier. The whole team of actors remains very united. We get great things out of this experience, and that can’t be undone.

Do you think a season 2 is still possible elsewhere, on another platform or channel? Does the production evoke it with the actors?

I don’t know if it’s possible at all, I haven’t talked to the producers about it recently. I don’t know if they are still trying to sell the series to another broadcaster.

Do you have other projects to come in parallel with Tomorrow belongs to us?

Not for the moment. But I think it’s important to multiply experiences and open up to other things. So I continue to work, to do more personal things on the side. And I hope to have the opportunity to shoot other projects soon in parallel with the series, because it’s cool to explore other characters, other universes, and to diversify what we do.

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