Tomorrow belongs to us: is Vanessa really the serial killer who murdered Louise…

Assaulted by Mercier in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre) would she have pretended to be a victim to hide the fact that she is in fact the copycat who killed Louise? Did George get it right? Spoiler alert.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

While everything seemed until then to accuse Tristan (Matthew Alexander) in tomorrow belongs to usVanessa (Victory Dauxerre) is she actually the copycat who has been terrorizing Sète for weeks and killed Louise (Alexandra Naoum), Gaëlle Richet, or the florist Violette Lenoir?

In any case, this is the conclusion reached by Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) in the episode broadcast tonight on TF1, after discovering a letter sent several years ago to Mercier, the tiger rose killer, by a certain Alice Reynie. A name that had the effect of a bomb in Georges, and this for a very simple reason: it is the ex-mother-in-law of Vanessa, who died when she was 18 years old.

Supported in his approach by Victoire (Solene Hebert) – the only one he can trust – Georges will take it into his head to find evidence that can demonstrate his companion’s guilt. Because even if he really loves her, there are too many connections between Mercier and Vanessa for it to be a coincidence.

Indeed, as he will explain to Victoire in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us from Monday, May 23, the fact that Vanessa is the copycat would explain her aggression by Loïc Mercier, who had returned to Sète to kill a woman and expose the killer who was inspired by his modus operandi. He would therefore have tried to assassinate Vanessa and the latter would have voluntarily turned against him and would have killed him to get rid of his “master” and go through with his diabolical plan.

As for the death of Alice Reynie, it is the consequence of a heart attack. Which is reminiscent of what happened to all the victims of Mercier and the copycat after their poisoning with digitalis.

Tomorrow belongs to us: is vanessa really the serial killer who murdered louise...

According to NewsactualGeorges’ doubts will grow even more in Tuesday’s episode, when the PTS cop, accompanied by Victoire, goes to visit Vanessa’s father, Paul Lehman, who will explain to him that his daughter has never succeeded in to mourn his mother and that she could never accept that he finds love again with Alice Reynie.

Vanessa did everything to make her father leave Alice, and the latter ended up dying of a heart attack a few days before their wedding. And according to Paul, his daughter was barely hiding how thrilled she was about her stepmother’s death. Georges, who will come to the conclusion that Alice was perhaps Vanessa’s first victim, will then directly confront his companion and ask her if she is, yes or no, the copycat that the police have been looking for for weeks now.

The Spoon’s chef will obviously deny it, but viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us will then discover her in her secret lair, taking a bottle of digitalis out of a refrigerated cabinet. Vanessa is therefore the copycat who killed Louise!

But why has she started killing again recently? And why pick on Louise, whom she really seemed to like? To find out the reasons that led Vanessa to sow death in her path throughout the “Red Wedding” plot, you will have to watch the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto.

It’s a safe bet that this suspense ark has not yet revealed all its secrets. Or all of its crazy twists.

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