Tomorrow belongs to us: is Tristan the victim of a plot?

Accused of being the copycat of the tiger rose killer in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, is Tristan really capable of having murdered Louise and several other people? Or is someone trying to trick him?

Arrested yesterday by the police, Tristan (Matthew Alexander) is it really the copycat of tomorrow belongs to usresponsible for several murders including that of Louise (Alexandra Naoum)?

In the episode broadcast Friday on TF1, and already available on Salto, Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), appointed ex-officio lawyer for Tristan, will announce to her client that there is a lot of evidence to overwhelm her: in addition to the tiger rose petals discovered in her jacket, digitalis was found in her car. Not to mention the research he did on the internet about two weeks ago on digitalis poisoning techniques.

In short, everything seems to go in the direction of his guilt. Even though Bart (Hector Langevin), Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin), or even Martin (Frank Monsigny) and George (Mayel Elhajaoui) struggle to see in Tristan a serial killer who would have suddenly twisted because of the recent tragedies that shook him.

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in preview by TF1Tristan speaks with Raphaëlle and assures his lawyer that he is innocent and that someone is trying to trap him by making him take the blame and making him responsible for the murders of Gaëlle Richet, with whom he had a brief liaison, florist Violette Lenoir, Louise, and Arnaud Lesieur.

Tomorrow belongs to us: is tristan the victim of a plot?

“Another innocent who will die in prison”deplores Tristan, who seems very defeatist in relation to his chances of getting out of it. “No one realizes it’s a conspiracy”. Raphaëlle tries to reassure him and explains to him that his DNA was not found at any crime scene.

“The police are not ruling out this hypothesis. They are bound to find who fabricated this evidence against you. (…) You are the only suspect, but they have not found your DNA, at any crime scene and on no material element. Nothing is decided. We must not give up!”.

But Tristan, who assaulted prosecutor Perraud (Xavier Deluc) shortly before his placement in preventive, has the impression that his fate is already sealed. “I lost Gaëlle. Louise is dead. Everyone thinks I’m guilty. The prosecutor wants my head. I haven’t done anything and I’m going to die in prison. If I don’t do anything, that’s exactly how it will end”.

The ex-Spoon boss then makes a big decision, which could however have serious consequences. “I’m going on a hunger strike”he announces to his lawyer in this extract from Tomorrow belongs to us. “They will never believe me. It’s the only way I have left to denounce the miscarriage of justice of which I am the victim. (…) You warn the press and you tell them that as long as I am not released I ‘stop feeding me’.

Will this last resort bear fruit? And is Tristan really being wrongly accused? Everything seems to indicate yes. After all, it’s hard to imagine that the scriptwriters of the soap opera decided to turn him into a serial killer, while his brother, Sacha, is already languishing in prison for the murders of several women.

Moreover, in the next episodes, Georges will discover an element that will greatly disturb him and make him lose all his certainties. What if another character well known to fans was actually the true copycat of the Tiger Rose Killer and had sought to frame Tristan? The “Red Wedding” plot has certainly not yet delivered all its answers.

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