Tomorrow belongs to us: is Nordine the hidden son of Martin?

Why is Nordine investigating Martin in “Tomorrow belongs to us”? This is the question that all fans are asking themselves and the next episodes should offer us a big revelation: the young cop would be the hidden son of Constant.

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While the year will end on a high note with the wedding of Sara and Roxane, does Tomorrow Belong to Us also have a nice surprise in store for the holidays in the form of an unexpected reunion between a father and his son?

Arrived discreetly in the series this fall, Nordine (Youcef Agal), the new collection of the police station of Sète, recently attracted all eyes on him when he proposed to Sara and Roxane to organize their wedding in the luxurious property of his uncle. Revealing in passing that he came from a rich family.

But the young cop is probably hiding yet another secret, linked to Martin Constant (Franck Monsigny), and his quest for truth will very soon be at the center of the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. With a big revelation at the end of the day.

According to Newsactual, in the episode which will be broadcast this Thursday, December 16 on TF1 and will be available this evening on Salto, Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) will hypothesize that Nordine, who was caught digging into Commander Constant’s computer by Sara, be sent by IGPN to make sure Martin isn’t a dirty cop.

But Sara (Camille Genau) will refuse to believe in such a possibility and will confront her colleague so that he can tell her the truth.

Cornered by threats from Sara who demands to know why he is investigating Martin on pain of telling their superior everything, Nordine will then explain to the young woman that her mother had an affair with a man 25 years ago and fell. pregnant with him. And even if her mother’s husband has always considered him as her son, Nordine today feels the need to find her biological father. Who, of course, could well be Martin.

His mother simply gave him the name “Constant”, but this is the only clue Nordine has at the moment, having no proof of his relationship to the commander. So that’s why he was rummaging through Martin’s computer, hoping to find evidence that Martin had knowledge of his existence.

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Touched by her story, Sara and Roxane decide to help their colleague discover the truth about her possible family link with Martin. Roxane then goes to retrieve a hair belonging to the commander in his chair and gives it to Nordine, before explaining to him that he only has to send it to a foreign laboratory with a sample belonging to him in order to know if Martin is his father.

Unfortunately, a new altercation will arise between Martin and Nordine, and the latter will throw the hair that Roxane gave him. Visibly renouncing to discover the truth and wanting to create any link with the one who is so hard on him at work.

However, this new plot of Tomorrow belongs to us will not be abandoned since, according to the synopses of the next episodes unveiled by TF1, Nordine will make a “shocking discovery” next week and then won’t know how to behave with Martin. Before Sara and Roxane end up “set up a ploy” for help.

So, will Nordine find out that Martin is really her father? Everything suggests that it is, since at the beginning of October, the producer of Tomorrow belongs to us, Aude Thévenin, revealed to Télé 2 Weeks that there was going to be a question of a child hidden in the series during the holidays.

“In the episodes aired during the Christmas holidays, there will be two nice surprises for the public. It will be about a hidden child … and a wedding!”.

If the identity of the brides is no longer a secret today, it would seem that Martin is concerned by the discovery of his hidden child. A somewhat special gift under the tree for Commander Constant who is sure to turn his life and his relationship with Virginie (Audrey Looten) upside down.

The trailer for the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us:

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