Tomorrow belongs to us: is Nathan Jack’s secret admirer?

Is Nathan (Adher) “Simon”, Jack’s secret admirer in “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”? Frequently mentioned by fans, this theory could well fall apart because of an extract unveiled by TF1 in which Nathan gets closer to Angie.

For a few weeks now, a question has been tormenting viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us: who can be Simon, the secret admirer of Jack Roussel (Dimitri Fouque), who gave him his support following the online broadcast of a homophobic video who was targeting him directly?

And if the December 31 episode seems to have struck Lilian (Sylvain Le Gall) from the list of suspects, much to Jack’s chagrin, it also brought out François Lehaut (Emmanuel Moire) as a potential secret admirer. Even if we doubt that Tomorrow belongs to us launches again in a teacher-student relationship after the complicated love story between Maxime and Clémentine.

There remains Nathan (Adher), regularly suspected by fans on social networks of hiding behind the pseudonym of Simon. A revelation that could have been totally plausible since, since his arrival in the TF1 soap opera this summer, the former pickpocket has not had a romantic relationship, apart from his crush on Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) who quickly fell apart. transformed into a beautiful friendship.

It wouldn’t have been surprising then to learn that Nathan was actually gay, bisexual, or pansexual. But the authors of Tomorrow belongs to us have obviously decided otherwise. Indeed, in an unpublished extract unveiled in preview by TF1, we discover that the character played by Adher will very soon approach … Angie Lopez-Diallo (Louise Marion).

In this video, entitled “Love at first sight in Sète”, Angie overhears a telephone conversation between Nathan and his father, and understands that the latter is an alcoholic. Nathan then confides in his high school friend about his family problems and the concerns he is currently having with the law.

“I will surely spend the beginning of my adult life in jail. (…) Trafficking in stolen computers, I risk up to five years in prison for that. Suddenly my lawyer tries to play the extenuating circumstances. Kind of difficult childhood, violent father, alcoholic, all that. After that, I don’t know if that will be enough “.

Screenshot / TF1

Confidences that do not leave Angie unmoved, always ready to revolt against the injustices of the world around her. “It’s your father who doesn’t take care of you, it’s normal that you do bullshit, right? And then it’s you who is judged? I find that shocking”.

Touched to find an attentive ear in the person of Angie, Nathan does not hesitate to make a joke on the alleged romantic relationship between his comrade and François Lehaut, in reference to the rumor launched by the raven in December. And the current obviously seems to be going very well between the two teenagers who could well end up as a couple in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

As for the identity of Jack’s secret admirer, it will be the subject of a new intrigue in the coming weeks, since Alma (Camille de Pazzis), who will come to live with the Roussels after her breakup with Samuel (Axel Kiener), will help Jack, Jordan, and Lizzie to unmask the famous Simon.

Will they discover that it is François Lehaut? From Dorian (Rayane Huber)? De Maël (even if we really hope to avoid the twist seen and seen again of the stalker who in reality represses his own homosexuality)? Or will the authors soon introduce a new actor to play Simon? Answer in the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto.

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