Tomorrow belongs to us: “I knew that Cédric was going to die”… Julien Cheminade reacts to…

Tomorrow belongs to us: "i knew that cédric was going to die"... Julien cheminade reacts to...

While Cédric Diallo gave his last breath yesterday in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Julien Cheminade, his interpreter, reacted to the tragic death of his character and his departure from the series.

The days follow each other but are not alike in tomorrow belongs to us. It must be said that the city of Sète has been the scene of a succession of dramas for several weeks. These events unfortunately made a collateral victim who died there.

Found unconscious in the middle of nowhere, Cédric Diallo (Julien Cheminade) had been rushed to St. Clair Hospital in critical condition. The nurse, who had then been plunged into a coma, had very little chance of waking up. Although a slim hope remained, Angie’s father (Louise Marion), Jahia (Nastasia Caruge) and Lilian (Sylvain Le Gall) however ended up breathing its last on Wednesday, August 10.

A year after joining the TF1 soap opera in the skin of the nurse Cédric Diallo, Julien Cheminade, his interpreter, therefore leaves Tomorrow belongs to us. In an interview with the magazine Tele-Leisurethe actor spoke about the death of his character and his departure from the series.

I was not excpecting that at all“, he explains before continuing, “The production called us towards the end of March, and told us that Cédric was going to die. They brought in too many new characters last year and they had to find a way out. I knew Cédric was going to die, but not exactly how it was going to happen.”.

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If the actor finds that the death of his character was the best way to make him leave the program, he regrets on the other hand that Cédric could not have addressed his relatives before giving up the ghost especially that he leaves when even behind him three children as well as Noor (Sahelle De Figueiredo) with whom he had had a brief love affair.

In the rest of his interview, Julien Cheminade talks about the filming of his final scene and this particularly emotional day. By his own admission, “There was a lot of emotion, especially the very last scene with Cédric, his heart not reacting to the defibrillator. It was very strange because it was obviously not myself in a coma, I felt everything and I had to control myself especially not to react when I felt the emotion rising. It’s a funny experience to live.”.

And the actor concludes, “When I saw that I was going to have a day and a half of filming in a coma, I told myself that it was going to be long. And in fact, it requires a lot of concentration, because you don’t realize how active you can be in life. We move all the time. So it was actually very intense.”.

From this experience, the actor will finally keep “very good memories” and would be delighted to find the whole team, why not in the shoes of Cédric’s twin brother.

Before definitively closing this chapter of his career, Julien Cheminade also spoke on Wednesday August 10, 2022 on social networks and in particular in an Instagram post accompanied by numerous photos of filming.

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After thanking TF1, the producers, the technical teams and his game partners, he sent a short message to his fans, “And of course to all those who follow the daily. Thank you for your many messages that have accompanied me throughout. I was very lucky to go through all that, it was a very good year!! Other adventures await me…“.

A message to which Sahelle de Figueiredo, the interpreter of Noor, did not fail to respond. “My Julien Boute-en-train… I’m really lucky to have had you as a lover!!! I really hope Juju and Sasah have the pleasure of getting back together !!”.

Of course, that’s all we want.

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