Tomorrow belongs to us: “I hope the public will succeed in understanding Amanda”… Marion…

Hidden under the wig of the killer, Amanda, who wanted to avenge the death of Ulysses, was arrested this evening in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Marion Christmann reacts for us at the end of this plot and discusses the possible future of her character.

In progress for several weeks, since it all started with the shot fired at Benjamin Ventura (Alexander Varga), the “Justices” plot of tomorrow belongs to us ends tonight on TF1 with the end of Amanda Faro’s quest for revenge (Marion Christian).

Returning to the series after more than a year of absence, the young nurse had never managed to mourn Ulysses (Sebastien Capgras), her fiancé who died during the hostage situation at the Spoon. And that’s why she took it into her head to kill all those she held responsible, directly or indirectly, for this tragedy.

After attacking Sophie Novak (Carole Bianic), the hostage takers’ longtime lawyer and friend, Amanda had chosen to make Martin (Frank Monsigny) its new target. But Commander Constant managed to disarm the killer and arrest her. Putting an end to his murderous vendetta.

After coming back to our microphone about her return to the series, Marion Christmann reacts for us to the conclusion of this suspenseful plot and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the confrontation scene between Amanda and Martin. Before mentioning the possibility of a possible reappearance of his character one day in the series.

Allociné: While she was ready to kill Martin, Amanda is finally arrested by the police in the episode of tomorrow belongs to us from this evening. And she shows little to no remorse when questioned at the police station. Do you think it’s a logical end or would you rather have liked her to become aware of her actions?

Marion Christian : I like that she stays on her line of conduct. She had told herself that she would return to avenge Odysseus. I think she’s in so much pain that her need for revenge has become visceral. It’s so unfair what happened that it makes sense for her to get revenge. There is less of the emotional side.

We can almost understand why it comes to this…

In the interrogation scenes, that’s really what I wanted to show. I wanted us to be able to understand her and not tell ourselves that she had become a psychopath. Amanda is someone who is in great pain and who has not been able to overcome her grief and this injustice. So I hope the audience can come to terms with Amanda and her turnaround.

It’s true that the scriptwriters don’t make her a real villain devoid of feelings…

We didn’t want her to become a villain because it’s still Amanda, a nurse. But for her to have that composure, there had to be something twisting in her brain. If she had remained as she was before, she would not have been able to take action.

It was a little frustrating for you not to have more scenes with Solene Hebert and Mayel Elhajaoui ?

With Mayel we still got what we wanted in the last episode so it was great. We have scenes that are really very pretty. I was delighted to shoot with him since Mayel is a friend of mine in life. So finding him on set with emotional scenes, it was very nice. For the character of Georges, there is a beautiful score to play.

But it’s true that it was a bit frustrating not to be able to play with Solène anymore. I would have loved that we had a scene together at the end. And I also would have loved to be able to play with it Kenza Saib Couton and have Soraya be my lawyer. It’s our biggest regret because she’s a friend in life.

Maybe later for another arch…

Indeed, since in Tomorrow belongs to us nothing is ever definitive (laughs).

If the production of Tomorrow belongs to us comes back to you with another proposal, would you be up for it?

With pleasure if behind there is either a story in prison or that the character takes another turn. It’s always very pleasant to find friends, to find the teams that we have known for a long time and to be able to experiment with other palettes. It’s always a pleasure to come back and say hello.

Tomorrow belongs to us I hope the public will succeed

Is there a scene that was more striking than the others during this intrigue?

The scene with Frank Monsigny (Martin) when we are both guns in hand. There is a waterfall and it was quite hard to shoot because it was very technical. So we struggled a bit, especially since I was sick that day. The stuntman wanted me to put on a knee brace because I was going to put the knee on the ground a lot. I said “No, no problem, no need” but I got bruises like I’ve never had in my life (laughs). But it was fun to shoot. In addition, I know that Franck also loves the waterfall so we had a lot of fun.

For the little anecdote, I really fell. I slipped but we didn’t cut the scene. We kept shooting and it turned into something really great. We left completely in improv. Franck wanted to grab me by the hair but I was wearing a wig so he took the wig off. I’m not sure they kept that scene in the final cut, but for us it was quite enjoyable.

And on the whole Tomorrow belongs to us adventure, do you have a favorite plot?

I really got lucky. I believe I’m one of the luckiest characters because I really got all the palettes. Of course, there’s the rape arch which was amazing and which I won’t forget. As an actress, for me, it was a great chance to be able to carry a subject like that.

In the end, it’s the whole Tomorrow belongs to us adventure that remains in my memory because I had the chance to play with lots of different actors each time. And then, Amanda is a great character that I will remember. I was really lucky to play that girl.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?

I will soon start filmingAstrid and Raphaelle. I also have a theater project that is underway and we can see me at the cinema on January 25 in the film entertainment of Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar. And you can also hear my voice on TV since I regularly lend my voice for commercials.

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