Tomorrow belongs to us: how were imagined the farewells of Maxime (Clément Rémiens) -…

Clément Rémiens said goodbye to “Tomorrow belongs to us” this evening on TF1. Marc Kressmann, the producer of the series, comes back for us behind the scenes of the last scene of Maxime, the appearance of Salomé, and the intrigue on the Delcourts.

After leaving Here it all begins on January 27, Clément Rémiens made his big comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us for the time of a final intrigue which ended this evening on TF1 with the farewell of Maxime, his character, to his family. and the city of Sète.

A last sequence full of emotion, in which Salomé (Aurélie Pons) was also present in the form of a wink, of which the producer and director of collection Marc Kressmann told us behind the scenes. While also explaining to us how the authors imagined the ark “Fear on the Delcourts” and what would mark Clément Rémiens’ (definitive?) farewell to the series which revealed him almost five years ago.

A final plot “right in the DNA of the series”

When the producers of Here it all begins and Tomorrow belongs to us learned several months ago of Clément Rémiens’ wish to leave the adventure, the plot “Fear on the Delcourts”, which has been broadcast in recent weeks on TF1 , was already in preparation. Everything therefore started first from the desire to take an interest again in this emblematic family of the soap opera. And it is only in a second time that Maxime’s return to Sète came to be added to this arch event full of suspense.

“It’s not really a plot centered on Maxime”says Marc Kressmann, who joined Tomorrow belongs to us as the new showrunner in the spring of 2021. “It’s a real intrigue on the Delcourts above all. On the whole family, and on the triangle Flore, Chloé, and Alex”.

“This “Fear of the Delcourts” plot was already in the making when we learned that Clément was leaving Here everything begins”continues the producer of Tomorrow belongs to us, who admits that several tracks were mentioned before finally incorporating Maxime’s farewell to this ark.

“Initially, I wanted him to come back for the wedding of Roxane and Sara, but it couldn’t be done for a question of schedules. Especially since at the time of the broadcast at the end of December, Maxime was still in the intrigues of Here it all begins. It was not easy, we looked for a while for the best timing to bring him back to Sète, so that it would be in line with his departure from Here it all begins, as everything was writing at the same time”.

And it is ultimately the desire of the main interested party to find his heart partners, namely Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Brasseur, and Alice Varela, who guided the authors towards the right solution.

Tomorrow belongs to us: how were imagined the farewells of maxime (clément rémiens) -...

“Clément told us ‘I really want to come back for a plot with the whole family’. So in the end it happened organically and the ‘Peur sur les Delcourt’ plot was enriched with the return of Maxime. And all the twists and turns that we know (laughs). It was quite rich. Monday car accident, Wednesday shot at Alex, it was a hell of a week for the Delcourts “confides not without humor Marc Kressmann about the very “soap” twists of this completely crazy arch.

And not to spoil anything, this reunion of the Delcourt clan also allowed Clément Rémiens to find, for his farewell, everything that had made the salt of Tomorrow belongs to us from its launch, namely suspense and action, with life or death stakes.

“It allowed us to come full circle with the very first plot of Tomorrow belongs to us. Clément was very happy to come back for an arc full of action, suspense, with the whole family reunited, in danger. We were right in the middle of the DNA of the series, and it was a perfect way for him to close his presence on Tomorrow belongs to us. Momentarily in any case, we hope “.

But one thing is certain: despite all the dramas experienced by the Delcourts during this great plot – Alex in a coma, Flore who takes Maxime hostage – a possible tragic end for Maxime has never been a subject for the authors, as confirmed by Marc Kressmann: “It was never a question of killing Maxime. Even if Clément told me something quite amusing: on Here everything begins, his character was always afraid of being fired, and on Tomorrow belongs to us he was always two fingers to die”.

Salomé in the last scene of Maxime to “close the loop”

As announced in Here it all begins a few weeks ago, Maxime therefore left Sète this evening to fly to the United States, where a chef position awaits him in Michel Sarran’s new restaurant in San Francisco.

For the last sequence in which he appears, Clément Rémiens therefore asked Marc Kressmann and the authors to bring back Aurélie Pons. Which was not an easy task to imagine. “Clément said to me ‘I would like to have a sequence with Salomé’, and there it was more complicated”remembers the producer of Tomorrow belongs to us.

“I was obviously in contact with Eric Fuhrer, the collection director of Here it all begins, to put this in place. Because we had to be in tune with what was going on in the couple’s life. And this was not easy, they had had a nice separation in Here it all begins. Their story was complete, so it’s complicated for the soap opera. There was this difficulty, but there was also a real desire on the part of of Clement”.

“So I made several proposals”continues Marc Kressman. “In the first, Maxime was waiting in front of the station and thought he saw Salomé from behind. He took her by the shoulder, she turned around, and it wasn’t her. It was something quite classic. But we had really want Aurélie Pons to be there”.

Tomorrow belongs to us: how were imagined the farewells of maxime (clément rémiens) -...

By watching the first meeting between the two characters, broadcast on the screen in Tomorrow belongs to us in September 2020, when he was not yet working on the series, Marc Kressmann then had the idea for this final sequence in the form of wink, with oranges falling to the ground.

“A week before filming, I said to myself, ‘I’m going to see if I can draw inspiration from their first meeting to have something that makes sense’. Because here again, we wanted to close the loop for Maxime and Salomé. J So I saw their first scene together and I thought, “Actually, I’m going to do the same” (laughs) I still wondered if we were going to incorporate some flashbacks, and finally we came to the conclusion that it was not useful. It’s a nice wink for the fans. It’s very simple, he thinks he sees her and it’s not her, but it’s a nice moment “.

And as Aurélie Pons was “immediately ready and available”this last very touching scene could easily materialize, to the delight of the fans. “Clément really wanted Aurélie to be there, and it gave us a beautiful scene, very poetic. It was done in two takes, very naturally. Clément was delighted”.

As for the future of the Delcourt son, Marc Kressmann, like all those involved in Tomorrow belongs to us, does not know what it will be made of. Will Clément Rémiens return one day? Or have we just witnessed his final farewell? “We leave Maxime watching Sète, it’s quite beautiful. What’s going on in his head at that moment? Will he come back one day? We’ll see”.

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