Tomorrow belongs to us: her favorite plot, her cult series … Anne Caillon (Flore) tells us everything – News Séries

Tomorrow belongs to us: her favorite plot, her cult series … Anne Caillon (Flore) tells us everything – News Séries

Despite the interruption of the filming of “Tomorrow belongs to us” due to the coronavirus, Anne Caillon agreed to answer our questions. Her confinement, her favorite plot, her desires for Flore, her advice on series, she tells us everything.

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AlloCiné: How are you living this very special period of confinement?

Anne Caillon : I live this period a little more comfortably than most people because before the announcement of the president we took the initiative to go to Contamines-Montjoie [en Haute-Savoie], where my lover was born. We all expected containment to happen in France, the schools were closed, so we had no interest in staying in Paris. It’s a very strange time out of time, however. We think about the slightest movement, and the usefulness of everything. Now is also the time to ask more fundamental questions that we touched on before. Concerning me, the climate issue for example which is so much more serious than the Covid. Make eco-responsible commitments to yourself and finally stick to them! And to enjoy my daughter 300% !!!

How do you deal with this confinement?

I have never been so close to the “studies” of my daughter, who is only in CE2! And we are fortunate to have a dog which also allows a nice hour of forest outing every day. And then after having struggled for months I ended up conceding some TikTok … I am standout but it’s still very fun!

You turn in Tomorrow belongs to us for almost three years now. What is your favorite plot from the start?

I am tempted to say the first and the last … The first because it was discovery, the madness of meeting all, the strong emotions we had to play with Maud Baecker and Hector Langevin in particular. And the last one (Bart’s downfall) because she was also very emotional for Hector and me, my adopted son whom I saw growing up during these three years (I sometimes look at photos of us three years ago and it’s still very touching) and with which I have more and more fun playing.

Would you say that Flore looks like you?

I was asked the question recently and the first answer that came to me was “Yes, physically, she looks a lot like me” !! Then for me his first characteristic is to be a mother above all else, and that’s what I feel like myself in life. An imperfect, clumsy, but above all loving mom! And finally, someone who has a little bit of humor about things in life I think too.

Is there a plot or an evolution you want for your character?

There are several. Social issues about which we speak little but which I evoke with the production, we will see. Otherwise I would really like scenes of pure comedy for Flore. It seems to me that she has cried enough!

Fabien Malot / Telsete / TF1

Maybe more scenes with Ingrid Chauvin and Juliette Tresanini? Because we know that Flore, Chloé, and Sandrine are friends, but we don’t really see them together very much…

But so much! We are childhood friends, it is a written thing, however we only find ourselves in ultra dramatic moments, or to have a little cocktail at the beach! My last exchanges with the character of Juliette were quite violent because Bart was partly responsible for the drama that his son had experienced, which explained his absence at my marriage and our distance. But I would be delighted with mutual assistance between funny ladies. The three of us love to play together.

Is there an actor, or a character, that you would like to see return in the series?

I often think of the complex character that wonderfully embodied Loris Freeman, Flore’s tortured brother-in-law. Eddy could be a pretext for a great intrigue!

Which actors from Tomorrow are you closest to outside of the film sets?

This is not a scoop, I met Samira Lachhab on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us and it is a real gift in my life! As confined as we are, we don’t let go. Although a little distant from social networks we will try to do a little live Insta together to warm the hearts of the people who follow us. As Juliette Tresanini so rightly said to me, we cannot save lives but, on our scale, being there for people who love us from afar can do a little bit of good, for us and for our spectators.

Can you tease anything about the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us already shot but not yet broadcast? Flore is going to support Bart in a new project, right?

Indeed yes, but a somewhat anecdotal project today. The confinement episode turned the whole shooting plan upside down, so we’re all in the dark. Sorry but I have few scoops to offer you at the moment, we live like everyone the suspense of confinement. And since Tomorrow belongs to us is inscribed in everyone’s present, everything will depend on when we can resume filming.

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What are your post-containment projects? Do you have other shootings to come apart from the cover of Tomorrow belongs to us?

I had to shoot a nice episode of Perfect Crimes with Isabel Otero, but we will see if this is something that can be included in the work plan of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Do you have cult films or series to recommend to Internet users during this confinement period? Or a recently discovered series that you particularly liked?

I absolutely loved The Young Pope and The New Pope on Canal +. Paolo Sorrentino is an extraordinarily crazy director! In addition the soundtrack is great! I also discovered fantastic Belgian series, La trêve and Zone blanche. And also Intimidation according to Harlan Coben. As for my cult series, these are Six Feet Under, Friends, and Engrenages of course!

And if the fans of Tomorrow Belongs to us were to catch up on a film or a series of your filmography dear to your heart, what would it be?

I loved this telefilm that I am rarely told about which is called The Manhunt, with Richard Berry and Serge Riaboukine. And UV by Gilles Paquet-Brenner too.

Interview conducted on April 16, 2020.

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