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Endearing when he arrived in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sacha has become in recent weeks a troubled and disturbing character. Renaud Roussel, his interpreter, tells us more about his character and what awaits him in the next episodes.

Allociné: It’s almost a year since you joined the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us. What attracted you to this project?

Renaud Roussel : The series itself. I think it’s a great series, well done with good partners and which touches as many people as possible with contemporary subjects. It’s a lot of work [rires]. As an actor, we are always looking for that. It turns out that Sacha’s character has evolved a lot throughout the year. The production and the chain trusted me for a very complex role. It took a lot of work and I find it fascinating. It’s always exciting to play troubled characters.

Sacha is currently at the heart of a great plot that allows us to learn more about his past. Were you aware from the start of Sacha’s double life and the fate he was going to reserve for Clémentine (Linda Hardy) and Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton)?

No. I must admit it was a bit of a surprise. We discussed it with the production and they had the idea to make the character go in that direction. After careful consideration, I said “ok, let’s go for it!”. At first it was a little hard to digest because I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare this. And then finally, I got into it body and soul and the result is pretty good I think. So that’s cool.

Precisely, when he arrived in the series, your character was presented as a gentle and endearing man, whereas today he is particularly violent. Is it difficult to take on the role of a villain?

When you start playing a complex and murky character, you really have to take a step back from the character and not judge him. If we start judging him, we start not loving him. Not to love it means not to understand it and not to understand it, also means going into something which will remain a little superficial somewhere. That is, the good old bad guy in all his glory. Whereas here we wanted something a little more subtle. Something where precisely this character is overtaken by events. He doesn’t have a bad background. He is not a bad person, nor a bad person. He is perhaps a coward, but he is above all someone who has been overwhelmed and who, unfortunately, no longer wants or can no longer face the truth. He is someone who has a lot of trouble looking at himself in the mirror because he has let himself be carried away by the lie in fact.

Me, I am precisely the opposite of this character and that is what made my job easier. I am the complete opposite of Sacha in my life. I put my attitude, my posture, my voice, my body, my way of being there, but on the other hand, I went to look for the very opposite of what I am in my personality. It was pretty funny because in the end it was quite simple. What was hard was figuring out how to approach it. In the end, it makes me better somewhere. because I do everything and I will do everything not to become a Sacha.

And what can we hope to one day understand why your character has rocked to this point?

Maybe I do not know. For the moment he is in action. I don’t know if we can really understand it. It would have taken me a little longer to get to this. I understand it. Will the viewer understand it? I think so because he has a lot of love for his children. It is a love that is certainly unhealthy, but it is still love.

We now know that Sacha killed Clementine. Did you know about Linda Hardy’s departure and how were your last scenes together?

Linda has been a very pleasant partner. I loved playing with her. We are very good friends in life. She is a very beautiful, very real actress. I was not aware of his departure and maybe it would have influenced my decisions on other points of view. At the same time, it’s something that concerns the production and the actor. I don’t necessarily have a say in this. My last scenes with Linda were sad and emotional. It was great but it wasn’t that easy. Besides, we ended up with his murder, that was a funny conclusion.

After discovering the truth about Clementine’s death, one can’t help but wonder if Sacha also killed his first wife. In your opinion, is this a possible avenue and if so, will we see any revelations on the subject?

At the moment it is not written and I do not know at all. It is a subject that has not been addressed in any case.

In the episode broadcast last Friday on TF1, we see Sacha throwing Vinciane’s body into the pond and being surprised by a passerby. We imagine that he will try to silence her too. In general, should we expect other surprises and perhaps discover a killer past in your character?

Frankly I do not know. Other surprises, yes maybe, but a killer past is not on the agenda. But it is a good idea to propose to the production [rires].

Sacha has managed to remove the suspicions of the police but Garance (Esther Valding) is convinced of her guilt. Will she end up being fooled or will she do everything to get him to stop?

Garance will do everything to get him to stop, yes that’s for sure. Will she be fooled? You will know it by watching the next episodes [rires].

Sacha’s relationship with Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) has deteriorated a lot because of your character’s lies. How will their links evolve over the next few episodes?

They are brothers no matter what. If you had a brother who killed women, how would you react? Tristan reacts that way. Sacha remains his brother even if he is a murderer but their relationship will be complicated.

After the revelations on Sacha’s double life, we also learn that your character had a mistress. Does he have real feelings for Clémentine and Juliette (Mathilde Lebrequier)?

I think he really likes them but badly. He has always been sincere with them. Perhaps it is this form of sincerity that pushes him to the extreme. It is perhaps someone too sincere, who is too emotional and instinct based. He has no part of thinking after all. This is also what makes him commit the irreparable. Now what matters most to him are his children.

In this regard, now that Sacha’s four children have met, we imagine that they will end up living together. How will this cohabitation take place and what can you tell us about it?

It’s not going to be obvious. Two families who discover a common father after eighteen years, it can only be complicated.

Juliette and Sacha’s four children will they end up having suspicion and playing a role in the outcome of this ark?

Playing a role that’s for sure. The only thing I can tell you is that it’s going to be exciting and super interesting. There will be rich and deep relationships between all these characters. We did our best to make them as sincere and credible as possible.

We know that this plot should continue at least until July. Will your character end up getting cornered by the police or is he smarter than you think and will he continue to have happy days in Sète? What can you tell us about what’s in store for your character in the next episodes of the series?

I can’t say anything but it will last a little while longer that is sure. It’s going to be a great adventure. Finally, I do not know if it is beautiful but in any case it will be surprising.

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