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François is about to meet his father in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. A reunion that promises to be necessarily rich in emotion.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

It’s time for emotion in Tomorrow belongs to us! Indeed, François (Emmanuel Moire) is about to find his father during the next episodes of the daily soap opera of TF1. A reunion that promises to be particularly rich in emotion for the French teacher.

Former soldier, Alain Lehaut (Christian Vadim) had mysteriously given no sign of life since the summer of 1995. If everyone thought he was murdered, the investigation carried out by the teams of Commander Constant (Franck Monsigny) revealed that he was alive and well.

At the time, Alain had a hidden relationship with Muriel (Valérie Kaprisky). When Patrick Faure, her husband, discovered their affair, he decided to confront Alain directly. Mad with rage, he physically attacked his wife’s lover. As they came to blows, Patrick grabbed a stone and then hit his rival with all his might. As a result, Alain fell to the ground unconscious. Patrick then placed it in the trunk of his car before taking the road to Spain where he dropped it off at a hospital. Safe and sound, however, Alain became amnesic and has since lived in Spain without the slightest memory of his past life.

With the veil now lifted on this mysterious disappearance, François will finally be able to find his father and reconnect with the one he has not seen for decades. What offer viewers a moment full of emotion.

In a new extract available on the MYTF1 platform, François and Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) took the road to Spain to meet Alain Lehaut. On the spot, the young woman would like to attend this meeting to support the man she loves, but François prefers to go alone. After placing a kiss on his forehead, the French teacher rings the doorbell of his father with apprehension.

Unfortunately, Alain, who now calls himself Juan Perez, does not answer. When François is about to leave, he comes out of the garage and asks if he can help him without knowing that he is talking to his son.

Containing his emotion, François looks at him for a long time before telling him that his name is François Lehaut. As this means nothing to him, François adds a little uncomfortably “I am your son“.

Will the shock of this revelation allow Alain to recover his memory? How will he react to this son he hasn’t seen for almost 30 years? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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