Tomorrow belongs to us: Francis Huster will play the father of one of the heroines – News Séries

Tomorrow belongs to us: Francis Huster will play the father of one of the heroines – News Séries

Before its launch this fall on TF1, the spin-off “Here everything begins” will soon be introduced in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And we finally know more about the character played by Francis Huster … who will be the father of Rose (Vanessa Demouy)!

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We know more about the character that Francis Huster will play very soon in Tomorrow belongs to us and in the upcoming spin-off, Here it all begins. And her link with one of the heroines of TF1’s successful daily soap opera should not fail to surprise fans. Introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us from September 28, Auguste Armand, the great star chef to whom the star of the Zodiac and Indigo Earth will lend his features, is indeed none other than the father of Rose Latour, embodied since 2018 by Vanessa Demouy .

After being interested in the past of Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) at the beginning of the year, the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us will therefore very soon tell us more about the family of his companion, Rose, whose life before her story of he love with Raphaël (Bruno Madinier) remains largely a mystery to this day. According to the summaries communicated by TF1, Auguste will try to get closer to his daughter (with whom relations are certainly complicated, soap obliges) and will go so far as to make her an important proposal. Could it be a position within the Auguste Armand culinary institute, which will serve as the backdrop for Here everything begins, the second daily TF1 soap opera which will be launched this fall and in which Vanessa Demouy will hold one lead roles alongside Francis Huster, Clément Rémiens, and Frédéric Diefenthal? One thing is certain, the arrival of Francis Huster in Tomorrow belongs to us will allow the production and the authors to gradually introduce the spin-off, and the reasons which will make Rose, Antoine, and Maxime leave their lives in Sète. to join the Camargue and the world of gastronomy will inevitably be one of the challenges of the episodes broadcast in the weeks to come.

Francis Huster will not be the only comedian of Here everything is starting to take a look at the side of the mother series before the launch of Here everything starts this fall since Azize Diabate (Les Bracelets rouge), Aurélie Pons, and Julie Sassoust will also make appearances in Tomorrow belongs to us from the end of the month, in the shoes of Enzo, Salomé, and Anaïs, students of the Auguste Armand institute who should do an internship at Spoon.

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