Tomorrow belongs to us: Flore and Alex as a couple in the new credits on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: flore and alex as a couple in the new credits on tv

In the coming days, “Tomorrow belongs to us” will be given a new look thanks to a new credits which will reflect in particular the departures of Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Frédéric Diefenthal for “Here everything begins”. Discover it in pictures.

And six! On the occasion of the launch on November 2 of Here everything begins, a derivative series carried in particular by Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Frédéric Diefenthal, Tomorrow belongs to us says “goodbye” to Maxime, Rose, and Antoine, and is skinned new with a new credits which should be on the air on TF1 from Monday. This is already the fifth change of credits for the daily soap opera led by Ingrid Chauvin who, over the versions, had welcomed faces such as Maud Baecker, Juliette Tresanini, Solène Hébert, Ariane Seguillon, or even Hector Langevin in the very circle. closed heroes entitled to their face in the credits.

Always punctuated by Lou’s emblematic song, this sixth version, which you can discover in the player above, keeps the same visual atmosphere but brings some new features that are sure to get fans talking. Exit Clément Rémiens therefore, and place in Alice Varela, the interpreter of Judith, very present on the screen in recent weeks thanks to the arch of the cave, which joins Ingrid Chauvin (and little Celeste) at the opening of the credits. As if to signify the start of a new era for the Delcourt family. A new chapter which will probably be marked by a real separation of the Chloé-Alex couple since Alexandre Brasseur is now accompanied by Anne Caillon in this new version of the credits of Tomorrow belongs to us, in order to reflect the recent evolution of the intrigues. Should we see this as a sign that the affair between Flore and Alex, which created the scandal at the end of the summer, will start afresh and give birth to a new emblematic couple? The future will tell.

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This new credits of Tomorrow belongs to us also marks the return of Solène Hébert (Victoire), absent from the latest versions, and welcomes Mayel Elhajaoui (Georges), Martin Mille (Gabriel), Linda Hardy (Clémentine), who has for the first time the honors of the credits, as well as Renaud Roussel (Sacha), Artemisia Toussaint (Solenne), and Antoine Cohaut (Ben), who joined the series at the start of the school year as a new family recently landed in Sète. A family, the Girards, which is also at the heart of the current disaster narrative ark and whose development we will continue to monitor in the weeks to come. As for the Daunier family, it is still present in the credits but a big surprise awaits the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us since this sixth version of the credits reveals a change of interpreter for the character of Manon, the youngest of the daughters of Aurore and William. Louvia Bachelier (Infidèle) thus replacing Maïna Grézanlé, the original interpreter of the character, alongside Emma Smet, Kamel Belghazi, and Julie Debazac. A new face in the big Tomorrow family belongs to us which should soon be introduced to the screen.

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