Tomorrow Belongs to Us – Exclusive Spoilers for November 8, 2023!

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Dorian’s days are numbered, while his comrades struggle to get by. The work atmosphere affects Alex. The truth comes out, risking breaking up siblings.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Wednesday November 8 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Teenagers are in danger of death

Gunshot wound to the abdomen after escaping the escape game, Dorian wanders in the surrounding forest. Exhausted, he stops near a tree, where his smartwatch finds a connection. The signal was immediately spotted by the police. Sara warns Karim and tells him the location. Meanwhile, Dorian gets up and resumes walking, arriving at a river. The young man tries to call for help, but exhausted, he falls into the water. His watch stops transmitting.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us

At the escape game, the girls are always stuck. Lizzie couldn’t sleep all night. Luna is worried about Dorian. Fatalist, Camille considers him dead, given the gunshot they heard. Lizzie and Luna don’t dare believe it. In the adjacent room, Nathan wakes up and describes where he is: a large corridor with several doors, but no puzzles. The girls decide to join him there. For Camille, the only solution is to solve their enigma.”The response to the captain“. She remembers the expression “Both my captain” and lowers both levers at the same time. A door opens automatically and allows the girls to join Nathan. They hug him, while the door closes behind them.

At the same time, the police go to the scene where Dorian’s watch stopped. Karim, Sara and Manon separate to comb a large area. Karim then discovers Dorian’s lifeless body in the river. He rushes to him, checks his pulse, then calls for help. In shock, Manon also rushes to her cousin. She then warns Étienne and Bénédicte.

Back home, Damien announces to Audrey, Jordan and Jack that Dorian has been found by the police. He adds that the teenager is currently undergoing surgery because he was shot in the stomach. Everyone is in shock, worried about Lizzie.

At the hospital, Étienne and Bénédicte are relieved that their son is safe. Indeed, Victoire confirms to them that the latter is out of danger. She then gives them permission to go to her bedside.

At the escape game, the teenagers are stuck. No door opens and it is impossible for them to go back through the vent duct. Nathan suggests doing nothing and waiting for help. At the same time, a new inscription appears on a door: “Your time is limited“. Camille opens the door in question, discovering a giant hourglass on the other side. The teenagers only have a few hours to live…

Gabriel tells Soraya the truth

Gabriel suggests that Soraya enjoy their romantic day off. If he suggests a walk in Montpellier, his girlfriend prefers to stay at home. However, Soraya is distracted because she is worried about her sister who is not answering her calls or messages. She plans to go see her, but Gabriel stops her, claiming that Noor probably needs to be alone and that this day should only concern them as a couple.

Gabriel then goes shopping at the caterer for his lunch with Soraya. He takes the opportunity to have a coffee at Spoon and chats with Charlie. He confides that he prepared everything carefully as if it would be his last lunch with Soraya. In fact, he still hasn’t told her about Noor’s letter, for fear that she would leave him. Charlie then encourages Gabriel to take the lead, but the latter no longer wants to talk about it.

After their lunch, Gabriel and Soraya stay alone. The young woman, however, is troubled by a very gloomy publication that her sister has just published. Increasingly worried, Soraya wants to call Noor. Seeing that Gabriel is trying once again to contact her, Soraya suspects him of hiding something from her. Her boyfriend ends up admitting to her that Noor knows about their relationship.

Soraya then blames Gabriel for lying to her. The latter asks him for forgiveness for throwing away the letter and not talking to him about it sooner. Consumed by guilt, Soraya immediately goes to her sister. They talk to each other via the intercom. Soraya begs Noor to let her in so she can explain, but she categorically refuses.

The Mas opens its doors

At the Mas, Tristan is stressed by the imminent opening. He is far from reassured by Gilles, who inadvertently spills a bucket of ice cubes during the final preparations.

Still just as stressed, Tristan then welcomes the first customers. Gilles also takes care of it. Everyone has a very different method of speaking to customers.

During the service, Tristan observes Gilles with the customers. He criticizes it for forcing them to consume when the goal is to build customer loyalty and not to scare them away when it comes time to pay the bill. A trader at heart, Gilles believes, on the contrary, that the goal is to make money.

At the end of the service, Tristan and Gilles read the first reviews posted on the Internet. These are positive and concern both the cuisine and the service. Alex congratulates his sidekicks for their good work.

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