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After several months of absence, Emma, ​​played by Luna Lou, will make her comeback in “Tomorrow belongs to us” and in the life of Camille this evening on TF1. And if you don’t really see who Emma is, don’t panic, we’ll refresh your memory.

After the plot centered on the sabotage at the mas, the viewers of tomorrow belongs to us have been passionate for a few days for a brand new suspense arc dedicated to Samuel (Axel Kiener), who sees his life turn into a nightmare because of the stud he inherited from his aunt.

At the same time, fans of the TF1 soap opera also follow the complicated budding romance between Manon and Nordine. And another plot, featuring for its part the teenagers of the series, will begin this evening with the return to Sète of a character that we had, it must be said, a little all forgotten.

Still shaken by recent events related to Stanislas, Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) will indeed see Emma return to her life, one of her best friends from high school, embodied by Luna Lou (Sat, make kids). A teenager with a far from easy life who had been at the heart of the ark “The man I love” last February. Before disappearing completely from the series. Till today.

Who is Emma exactly?

Remember: Emma had learned that she was pregnant and had established a very strong relationship of trust with Doctor Benjamin Ventura (Alexander Varga), who had cared for her in the hospital. And when the young girl had ended up mysteriously disappearing, Victoire (Solene Hebert), who was then in a relationship with Benjamin, had suspected “the man she loved” of being a little too close to the teenager and of having kidnapped her.

But in the end, Benjamin was not at all the monster one might fear. In reality, Emma was sequestered at home by her parents who had planned to leave Sète to force her to have an abortion abroad.

Fortunately, George (Mayel Elhajaoui), who knew Emma’s father well, and Victoire had managed to stop them in time. And Emma, ​​who had ended up losing the baby she was carrying, had left for a new start with her grandparents in Ardèche.

We thought then that the character camped by Luna Lou had made his last appearance in Tomorrow belongs to us at that time, but it is not so since Emma will make her big comeback in the episode broadcast this Thursday, July 28 on TF1.

Tomorrow belongs to us everything you need to know about

Camille in danger because of Emma?

At Camille’s invitation, Emma comes to spend the summer holidays in Sète. The opportunity for her to find Benjamin, to whom she will announce that her request for emancipation is in progress and that she intends to leave her parents out of her life for good. But also to turn Camille’s life upside down, on whom she will have a bad influence.

The teenager, determined to have fun, will indeed suggest that Camille organize a party at her house, by the pool, in the absence of Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), left for a few days in Paris for work. And the situation will quickly degenerate, between invitation to the evening of Camille’s far too many followers, and taking laughing gas to spice up the party. Much to Dorian’s chagrin (Rayane Huber) who will worry about his girlfriend.

However, according to the synopses of the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled by TF1, things will not work out afterwards. Another party should be prepared, always under the supervision of the two teenagers. And Emma goes “initiate Camille to a risky practice”. Before the two friends find themselves thrown into a “race against time”.

Will Emma really put Camille in danger? Answer in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto.

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