Tomorrow belongs to us: episode 1551 of Tuesday November 7, 2023

Tomorrow belongs to us what awaits you in episode 1551

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Teenagers bend the rules, to their detriment. Adèle ventures into a new style of painting. Gilles and Sylvain play the touts.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Tuesday November 7 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Dorian gets shot

After receiving an electric shock, Luna is unconscious. Nathan gives her a cardiac massage which ends up resuscitating her. Dorian thanks the young man for saving him, while Luna slowly regains consciousness, complaining of ants all over her body. For Camille and Lizzie one thing is clear: if they want to get out alive, there is no question of continuing to follow the rules of the escape game. They’re just traps.

At the same time, Karim checks in with Damien, who fell asleep at work. He had time to analyze Lizzie and Corentin’s phones. On the latter’s phone, Damien found a story that Corentin liked about a Halloween evening. Damien assumes that Corentin received the address of this evening in DM after liking the story. However, it is impossible to trace the IP address of the person who published the story in question. Given that Lizzie received nothing, Karim assumes that Corentin was particularly targeted. Even his family is too. He decides to re-interview Corentin’s father to find out more. At the same time, the extraction of Corentin’s messaging is completed. Damien discovers the address where the teenagers met: it is the Saint-Jean church. Damien and Karim go there immediately.

For their part, adolescents begin to suffer from lack of food. Lizzie worries about her ability to hold on, while Nathan is the victim of hallucinations. While looking at a cupboard, Lizzie notices that a spider web is moving. Everyone mobilizes to move the cabinet and discover the air vent that it was hiding. The teenagers hug each other, relieved to have found a way out.

At the church, Damien and Karim find nothing conclusive. However, they go so far as to search the trash, where they find a typical envelope. Although it is empty, they still take it in the hope that it will give them clues.

Meanwhile, Maud announces to her mother that she has been taken into an orchestra in Toulouse, while Sébastien offers her madeleines to comfort her. But Raphaëlle is very concerned.

After which, Sébastien goes to the police station to find out how the investigation is progressing. Damien and Karim present him with the fingerprints they found on the envelope. They also found substances that they are currently analyzing. As for Karim, he mentions the interrogation of Corentin’s father. According to him, this teenager has no record, no debt and has never had a problem in his job. The dark point in his story, however, is the death of his mother about ten years ago in a car accident for which she was at fault. Apart from her, there were no other victims. Sébastien believes that this is an avenue worth exploring. He puts pressure on his colleagues. Damien says he won’t give up because he considers Lizzie his daughter.

Meanwhile, Nathan tries to unscrew the air vent grille with Luna’s earring. But it doesn’t work. Luna then suggests trying with the tab of their can. This time it works. Nathan removes the grill. The teenagers work together to decide what to do next. Lizzie and Luna prefer to stay inside until help arrives. Dorian volunteers to go first. Nathan offers to go behind him, while Camille brings up the rear. The two boys therefore pass in front. The girls then hear the sound of falling and Nathan’s cry, who suddenly finds himself in the next room, unable to get back into the conduit. The girls can’t go there anymore since it collapsed. Dorian, on the other hand, managed to move forward.

While his mother pricks her finger while sewing the eyelet of a sail of the boat, Dorian finally goes out into the open air… where he is shot. Wounded in the abdomen, the young man bleeds profusely…

Eloïse takes up painting

Despite Bart’s support, Eloïse claims to be unable to return to painting. Bart is understanding even if he worries about her reputation if she does not respect her commitments to her clients. When Bart hypothesizes that his sister has taken away all his inspiration, Eloïse promises to fix it and takes him in her arms.

Eloïse therefore sets about the task before her: resuming the last painting started by her twin. Bart calls her to check on her, especially because she forgot their planned lunch together. Eloïse confides to him that she has finally returned to painting. Relieved, Bart hangs up and announces the good news to Roxane. She questions him about his reunion in bed with his wife. Bart admits that nothing has happened yet. Roxane then appears confident. If Adèle’s creative energy has returned, they should soon be sleeping together again.

Dissatisfied with her canvas, Eloïse launched into a very personal attempt, adding strokes of red paint to emphasize certain aspects of the painting. After which, Roxane comes to see her to return Bart’s helmet, which she took by mistake. She takes the opportunity to look at the painting she made. Eloïse explains that she embarked on a new style of painting, which allowed her to release her anxieties. Will Roxane have doubts about Adèle?

Tristan and Gilles help Alex

Tristan, who made an advertising video to promote the farmhouse restaurant on social networks, asks Charlie’s opinion. This one is honest: it’s a complete failure. But she offers her help to create impactful stories.

For his part, Gilles crisscrosses all the districts of the city with the help of Sylvain, calling on passers-by to distribute leaflets and make them taste cold meats.

At the end of the day, everyone sees that their efforts have paid off as the restaurant is fully booked for its planned launch the next day.

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