Tomorrow belongs to us: “End clap for Noa” … Tristan Jerram reacts to the shock death of …

Shock in “Tomorrow belongs to us”: Noa died electrocuted at the farmhouse at the end of the episode broadcast last night on TF1. Tristan Jerram, his interpreter, reacted on the networks and sent a nice message to his partners, including Alice Varela (Judith).

The dramatic deaths follow each other and are not alike in tomorrow belongs to us. After Louise, killed by Vanessa in May, just hours after her marriage to Bart, it’s Noa (Tristan Jerram) who had a disastrous fate at the very end of the episode broadcast last night on TF1.

After a rapprochement with Judith (Alice Varela), from whom he had been separated for a few days, and the hope of a possible reconciliation, Noa electrocuted himself while washing oysters at the farmhouse due to a fault in the industrial washer he was using .

A defect which is not accidental since the machine has actually been sabotaged by the person who has attacked the Delcourt farmhouse since the beginning of the current plot.

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us which will be broadcast this Wednesday, July 13 at 7:10 p.m. on TF1, viewers will learn that, despite attempts by the emergency services to revive him, Noah passed away. A tragedy that will obviously devastate Judith and the Delcourt family, and which logically marks the departure of Tristan Jerram from the series after a little over a year spent in the skin of his character.

In the wake of yesterday’s episode, the young comedian expressed himself in a story on Instagram and reacted to the death of Noa and the end of his adventure within the team of the hit daily soap opera.

“There you go… End clap for Noa”he wrote before reminiscing about his first day of filming in April 2021. “On my first day, April 12 of last year, lots of strangers were wishing me my birthday in the canteen of a studio that was too big for me. Today, these strangers are friends for many, and that’s me who am too tall for the studio (oh no, wrong, I’m still not very tall)”.

“A very big thank you to everyone at TF1 and Telsète for this adventure and this opportunity, and of course thank you to all the teams I met there”continues the interpreter of Noa Josse on his Instagram account.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "end clap for noa"... Tristan jerram reacts to the shock death of...

“And finally, a big thank you to all the play partners I had the chance to meet on DNA. Alexander Brewer, Sahelle De Figueiredo, Maxime Lelue, Camille Genau, Frank Monsigny, Samy Gharbi, Norbert Haberlick … to recite nobody else but them. And especially to name only some with whom I shot because there are other encounters !!”.

Among all the actors he rubbed shoulders with during this past year in Tomorrow belongs to us, Tristan Jerram obviously does not forget Alice Varela, his privileged play partner with whom he gave life on screen to the couple Judith-Noa, who will have known many adventures under the sun of Sète.

“And of course thank you to Alice for supporting me all this time (I admit, I don’t know how she does it, she is very professional). A very nice meeting”. A nice message to which the main interested party was quick to react: “My Tristan. Thank you for everything very dear partner. Ju and I will miss you”.

After thanking his followers and the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us for “all their messages and shares from the beginning”Tristan Jerram ended his story with a little message of prevention in the form of a nod to the death offered by the screenwriters to Noa: “Finally, don’t forget, you may have electrical accreditation, but you still have to put on gloves”.

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