Tomorrow belongs to us: discover the first images of Charlotte Gaccio in the series

Next Wednesday, the Roussel family will be packing their bags in Sète. Discover the first images of this colorful new family that will punctuate the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Tomorrow belongs to us: discover the first images of charlotte gaccio in the series
Screenshot / TF1

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

While Tomorrow belongs to us will celebrate its thousandth episode on August 26, a new family is about to settle down in Sète.

On June 18, TF1 announced the imminent arrival of Charlotte Gaccio to the cast of its successful daily soap opera. From next Wednesday, the actress will play Audrey Roussel, a single mother of four children born to three different fathers. After leaving Seine-Saint-Denis, she intends to start a new chapter of her life under the sun of Sète.

With the approach of its appearance on our screens, TF1 unveiled the first images of this family which already promises to be registered among the flagship characters of the series.

In an extract available on MYTF1, Audrey and her three children Jack (Dimitri Fouque), Jordan (Maxime Lélue) and Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) finally see Sète after long hours of driving. First stop: the beach. If Audrey is delighted to now live in such a sublime setting, this is not the case for her son Jordan who splits a ” it sucks “.

Far from losing her enthusiasm, Audrey replies ” Jordan, this sight is just sublime. We had to see that when we arrived. We did well to leave in the middle of the week. We avoided traffic jams. I don’t realize that this is going to be our daily life. Saint-Denis will change us so much “.

But this project comes at a price for the Roussel family who seem to have used all their savings to live their Mediterranean dream. ” I know we’re going to tighten our belts for a while until I get my first salary. But our first price pasta, we will eat it in our garden and that makes all the difference »She says happily to her children.

Tomorrow belongs to us: discover the first images of charlotte gaccio in the series

Screenshot / TF1

Right now it’s time for a picnic on the beach, but Audrey has yet to move into her new home before meeting her next boss.

While she promises her offspring that they will ” have a good life here “, The Roussels are unfortunately not at the end of their surprises and nothing will go as planned.

Indeed, the beauty salon that had recruited her went out of business and the apartment she had found does not exist. Now unemployed and looking for accommodation, Audrey will have to use all his resourcefulness to get out of this impasse.

According to the synopsis published by the channel, Audrey will happily meet a Good Samaritan in the person of Hadrian (Anthony Colette). Touched by his situation, the young man will give him a hand and install the whole family in the villa of Samuel (Axel Kiener) and Alma (Camille de Pazzis). A cohabitation which may not please Doctor Chardeau.

Enough to announce a breath of fresh air and situations as funny as they are tense in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us.

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