Tomorrow belongs to us: “Damien and Audrey are very attracted to each other” according to…

Tomorrow belongs to us: "damien and audrey are very attracted to each other" according to...

Very quickly becoming essential to the PTS, Damien is about to find love in Tomorrow belongs to us. Adrien Rob, his interpreter, tells us more about his character and what awaits him during the next episodes of the series.

Allociné: You are one of the last actors to have joined the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us. How did you come to the series?

Adrian Rob : I went to a casting in June for the role of Damien and four days later I got the answer. It’s that simple [rires].

Didn’t it scare you to join such a big machine as Tomorrow belongs to us?

No, because I only had good feedback. I have a few actor friends who have made appearances on certain arches and who said to me “you’ll see, the atmosphere is incredible. It’s really great”. I was impatient. And then it had been a long time since I had filmed so I was eager to find the sets. Upon arriving, I was indeed welcomed with open arms. I was given the impression that I had been there for a little while. It really is a big family actually.

Then it goes very quickly. We don’t have time to be bored. It’s great on and off set. And since Sète is not a very big city, we all get together from time to time afterwards. [le tournage], it’s very nice.

What attracted you to the role of Damien?

Damien is someone who loves his job, who is passionate, who loves music and who is healthy. He’s honest, straight-forward and won’t go looking for problems where there aren’t any. He tries to do his job very well. In fact, it was above all Damien’s honesty and sincerity that I liked. The common thread with him is to always remain frank, upright, sometimes clumsy but always in harmony with himself.

We can say that you made a rather remarkable entry into the series with the famous striptease scene at the Spoon. A sequence that has been recurring in the soap opera since then. How was the filming of this scene?

Everything was calibrated to the millimeter. We are lucky to have coaches present on the set who accompany us. As I don’t know how to dance, Dorothée, one of the coaches in the series who was also a dancer, helped me work on a choreography. We worked three good hours before this scene. Pierre Leix-Cote, the director, was very invested because he wanted it to be something beautiful so that we wouldn’t fall into too much caricature.

For my part, I really wanted to show that Damien is someone who does what he thinks and who has no ideas in mind. He doesn’t really think about the consequences. And then for him, it’s really for fun. There is no seduction. It’s really for pure pleasure, just to set the mood and make friends laugh.

Physically, I had also prepared myself by telling myself that we can party, that we can enjoy going out, going to bars without necessarily drinking alcohol. Through my body, I had therefore worked to show that Damien plays sports and maintains himself.

We still know very little about Damien’s life. Can we hope to learn more about him in the next episodes? Could his family arrive in the series, for example?

We’re going to learn more, that’s for sure. It will happen gradually. As of this week, we will begin to have a small idea of ​​what is going on. It’s not about the family. In any case, not that of Damien. I don’t know his family yet. But yes, his private life is going to be a little more highlighted and developed. It’ll be super.

Exactly, Damien is about to find love with Audrey. What can you tell us about this meeting?

It’s just great actually. Damien is very happy to be with Audrey but Adrien Rob is also super happy to be with Charlotte Gaccio. We get on very well. It’s a pleasure to play with her. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to have a romantic relationship. She is caring and loves to play. She also has experience as an actress that I don’t necessarily have and suddenly I learn a lot alongside her. She is force of proposal each time. It’s very healthy, really nice, dynamic and very joyful. We have a blast every time. And then as she is never stressed, it is a joy [rires]. I tend to be a little anxious so it is very soothing. It’s really nice to play with her because I’m actually reassured. She is really superb.

Damien is a rock and party character unlike Audrey who is a tidy mother. How will the meeting with his children go?

It’s going to happen in a somewhat unexpected way. Damien is going to meet some of her children without knowing how many she has. Basically, he doesn’t even know she has any. Damien goes to do a private striptease for Audrey and then runs into his kids who weren’t supposed to arrive. It’s going to be a somewhat unexpected meeting, very uncomfortable and which will embarrass everyone. But it’s very comical.

Can we expect a serious relationship between them?

Damien and Audrey are very attracted to each other. But when he learns that Audrey has children, will Damien be ready to change his pace of life? Knowing that the Roussel family is very tight-knit and has not necessarily had an easy life, are Audrey and her children on their side ready to welcome someone new into their lives? Well, we don’t know yet.

According to the synopses, Vanessa (Victoire Dauxerre) and Damien will be brought to interact during the next episodes. What can you tell us about this?

Yes, they will meet again. We are also going to learn more about Damien. Through his reactions, his answers, we will begin to understand his personality a little more. Damien doesn’t interact much with Vanessa but when he does, it’s defining. These will be moments that will really mark the personality of Damien and will be very interesting.

Apart from the heart stories of your character, can we expect to see Damien have his own plot?

For the moment, Damien intervenes on all the investigations of the police station. The relationship with Audrey is already a lot. And then you have to go gradually. The scientific pole at the police station is something new. You have to let the viewers own it all. Thereafter, maybe Damien will have a plot but for the moment I have no idea. It is not yet written and it is not on the agenda for the moment

There are already plenty of cool and light things. Love in the middle of Valentine’s Day, it will bring something fresh. Especially given the emotionally strong aspect of the plot about the Delcourt family.

How is the filming going with your colleagues from the police station?

At the police station, we each have our own personalities and we all complement each other. For example, when I shoot with Franck Monsigny, he has the charisma of a leader, of a commander. So I feel like he’s my boss. In real life, he is a really lovely person, very reassuring and soothing. All this is felt on the set. So I naturally listen to him when he talks and he throws lines. It is the others who help Damien to exist.

It’s true that we really like the dynamic that reigns at the police station and especially that between Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) and Damien. Will we get to see more scenes between them in the future?

Yes, there will be more with Georges. As in all areas where we have colleagues, we confide in each other at some point. We share our private lives and ask for advice. Damien, who is the new kid on the block and has a story that is starting, may have some concerns. He goes to see characters like Georges and Aurore (Julie Debazac) to get their opinions. It’s very interesting and pleasant because we see a friendly relationship developing through the professional.

In general, what do you hope for the future of your character?

For the moment, I confess that I am spoiled. I’m spoiled because it started out pretty slow for my character. It gave me time to familiarize myself with the rhythm of filming, to get to know my playing partners. And then there is love. Comedy wasn’t really my favorite field, so I’m learning a lot. In the future, if there is something a little more dramatic, why not. I take. In fact, I adapt to the adventures of my character.

As an actor there is so much to play especially with the investigations which provide a real contrast. On the Delcourts for example, it affects Damien and his sensitivity. These are quite heavy things for him. My parents were police officers. When they came home and told their stories of the day, it was hard, it affected them. With this beautiful contrast between the love story with Audrey and the investigations, I am well served.

Do you have other projects outside of Tomorrow belongs to us that you would like to tell us about?

For the moment, I have no other projects. Not in the cinema, nor in the television in any case. I devote myself fully to Tomorrow belongs to us and to my character. Besides, I have a music project which is developing. We are still at the beginning, but it is progressing slowly. I hope we will have the opportunity to hear something very shortly.

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