Tomorrow belongs to us: Clémentine discovers Sacha’s double life in the trailer for the next episodes

This week in “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1, while Aurore will get closer to the truth about Aurélie Doumergue, Clémentine will finally discover that Sacha has a second family. Discover the trailer for the next episodes.

Clémentine is not at the end of her surprises in Tomorrow belongs to us. And the situation could quickly turn into a nightmare for the character played by Linda Hardy in the daily soap opera of TF1.

While things seemed to have returned to order within their couple, after the suspicions of adultery on the part of Clémentine with regard to her companion, the PE teacher from the high school Paul Valéry will finally discover that Sacha drew from the pot dedicated to the Solenne operation (Artemisia Toussaint) and transferred 20,000 euros to his personal account.

Shocked, she confronts Sacha who will assure her that he just needs the money to pay Roxane (Raphaele Volkoff) and the hosting of his website. Tired of the repeated lies from the man she loves, Clémentine will continue to disentangle the true from the false and will learn that Sacha never paid Roxane and that he also borrowed money from Alex (Alexandre Brasseur ).

A discovery which will make her realize that something very serious is happening and which will obviously lead her, finally, on the path of truth.

Indeed, in the trailer for the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast since this weekend on TF1 and visible in the player above, Clémentine ends up meeting Juliette Couturier (Mathilde Lebrequier), the other woman de Sacha, with whom the latter has two children and has been living as a couple for 18 years.

How will Clémentine get back to her? The mystery is for the moment well kept. But this final piece of the puzzle will push her to confront Sacha once and for all. “From the start you didn’t care about me leading a double life with a second family!”, can we hear Clémentine throwing at her companion in these images unveiled in preview.

What will be the consequences of this final revelation for Clémentine, as well as for Ben and Solenne, who are ignorant of their father’s lies and double life? As for Sacha, will he manage to extricate himself from this situation by revealing other dark parts of his personality and by sinking a little more into manipulation?

One thing is certain, the upcoming confrontation between Sacha and Clémentine could well precipitate the end of the character played by Linda Hardy since 2018 since the actress announced at the end of last week that she was leaving Tomorrow belongs to us. And his last appearance on the screen should precisely occur this Friday, May 7.

In the meantime, the series still has many surprises in store for us in the days to come since, still according to this trailer, Aurore (Julie Debazac) should also be entitled to a major revelation about Roxane and her real identity. How will she react when she learns that Aurélie Doumergue has been in front of her for all this time? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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