Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloe and Flore soon to be reconciled?

At war since Alex’s infidelity broke their friendship, will Chloe and Flore finally leave the past behind and be reconciled? In any case, this is what seems to be a teaser for a new extract from “Tomorrow belongs to us” unveiled by TF1.

Tomorrow belongs to us: chloe and flore soon to be reconciled?
Screenshot / TF1

While their friendship was shattered a little over a year ago in Tomorrow belongs to us, are Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and Flore (Anne Caillon) about to leave the past behind and bury the hatchet? This is in any case what suggests a new extract from the soap opera unveiled in preview by TF1.

In the next episodes, like many of the characters from Tomorrow belongs to us, the two women will be upset by the fate of Victoire (Solène Hébert), who has post-viral myocarditis and must undergo an emergency heart transplant if she wants to hope to get out of it.

Chloe and Flore will therefore be present to support Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) in this ordeal, returned from Guadeloupe by the first plane in order to be at her daughter’s bedside. And it is in these difficult circumstances that the ex-wife of Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) and his new partner will visibly come closer.

In the extract from Tomorrow belongs to us in question, Flore brings coffee to Chloe and asks her for news of Céleste, who has had chickenpox for a few days. She adds that she remembers how hell it was when Bart himself had chickenpox, when he was a little older than little Celeste.

This brief exchange, which reminds us that Chloe and Flore were once best friends, is interrupted by the arrival of Sandrine, who informs the principal of the high school Agnès Varda and the director of the Saint-Clair hospital that the state of Victory remains. worrying despite the successful transplant performed by William (Kamel Belghazi).

“She’s not awake yet and they’re not sure it’s all right“, explains Sandrine to her two friends. “Apparently the operation was more complicated than expected and they don’t know if the transplant will take”. Flore then tries to reassure her by explaining that it’s like that for all transplants. “Don’t worry. They always prepare loved ones for the worst. They have to.”.

But Sandrine, who adds that the next few days will be decisive according to Doctor Daunier, can not help but be afraid. However, she thanks Chloe and Flore for being there for her at this difficult time. Especially since she knows that they have rarely spent time together since Alex cheated on Chloe with Flore a year ago, thus ending their marriage.

Tomorrow belongs to us: chloe and flore soon to be reconciled?
Screenshot / TF1

“Thank you for being there anyway, it does me a lot of good”, admits a very moved Sandrine. “I know it must not be easy for you two to be here”. “But stop, it’s okay, we’re not at war together” Chloe hastens to answer him, before Flore agrees with her and assures Sandrine that all that matters for the moment is Victoire and her.

The three friends then hug each other. But at the very end of the extract, visible on MyTF1, Flore and Chloé exchange a look that seems to mean that even if time has done its work and that they are happy to be there for Sandrine, all is not not forgotten so far. So, will they really be able to become friends again?

Not sure when you know that Chloe and Alex exchanged a kiss after the hostage-taking and they still seem to have strong feelings for each other. A backlash between the two exes, and a possible break between Flore and Alex, would obviously create new tensions between the two women.

But for now, all we know is that the complicated relationship between Chloe and Alex will be “The red wire” of the series for the coming months, as the collection director of Tomorrow belongs to us, Marc Kressmann, recently told us. “It’s Ross and Rachel. And there are going to be a lot of obstacles“.

The trailer for the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us:

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