Tomorrow belongs to us: Betty's future, a musical intrigue soon for the Moreno ... Lou confides - News Séries

Tomorrow belongs to us: Betty’s future, a musical intrigue soon for the Moreno … Lou confides – News Séries

As the baccalaureate approaches for the high school students of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Lou, the interpreter of Betty, answered our questions about her future in the series and teased us a big intrigue to come. Without forgetting to tell us about his projects.


AlloCiné: You play in Tomorrow belongs to us for four years now. What conclusions do you draw from this adventure which marked your first steps as an actress?

Lou : It’s a great adventure, which opened a lot of doors for me and which allowed people to discover me under another facet, in parallel with my career as a singer. Viewers, as well as all the teams I rub shoulders with on the show, have watched me grow up over the years, as I started playing Betty at 13, and today I’m 17. My character has It has evolved a lot and I am delighted with the turn it has taken. At first, Betty let her brother and sister crush her a lot, and today she takes it more and more.

When I watch excerpts from the first episodes, I say to myself “Fortunately I made progress” (laughs). People got to see a real evolution and really got attached to the character. I am very identified with Betty and the series. Especially since I am one of the rare young actresses to be there from the beginning. And I hope it will continue for a long time to come.

The Moreno family has gone through a lot of changes since 2017. Garance Teillet and Joaquim Fossi, the interpreters of Jessica and Dylan, have notably left. Do you hope to see them come back soon, for one episode or more?

It would be a little bit my dream (laughs). Since they left the show, I haven’t really had a chance to see them because we’re all very busy. Joaquim is training at a theater school in the North, and Garance has quite a few projects. But on the set we were all very close. There was a real, very strong bond within the Moreno family. And who is still there, today, with Ariane Seguillon and Arnaud Henriet, who sometimes continue to see me as a 13-year-old kid. Which makes me laugh a lot. With Ariane, for example, we have a hyper fusional relationship, we have created a real link outside of fiction.

But we miss Joaquim and Garance, that’s for sure. I would love to see them come back for an episode. And I think viewers would love it just as much. Because even if there have been changes in the Moreno family, it remains the basic core.

Today Charlie and Luke live with the Moreno family. Was it easy to create a link with Clémence Lassalas and Martin Daquin?

Completely. I love when new actors arrive, it’s always rewarding. With Clémence we get along very well, we tease each other a lot between takes. As for Martin, he is adorable, he is a real sugar. There is a great atmosphere between us and I think it shows on the screen. It’s a new version of the Moreno family that works well.

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What can you say about what awaits Betty in the next episodes of the series? Will she be there to support Charlie, who has been going through a pretty complicated time during the revisions, between worrying about her alleged pregnancy and breaking up with Jules?

In fact, I was not very present on the set during this plot. I only had a few scenes in the house because, at the same time, I was preparing my third album in the studio. But Betty and Charlie have a bit of a love-hate relationship. They help each other sometimes and then they crash into each other, so I don’t think Betty would be where Charlie would turn for support. But I really like this relationship, it’s very funny to shoot, we have a lot of fun with Clémence.

What I can however reveal to you is that on the occasion of the Fête de la musique, there is going to be a big family intrigue around the song for Betty and the Moreno’s.

In terms of filming, you are about two months ahead of the broadcast, which means that you are currently boxing the episodes that more or less coincide with the tests and the results of the bac. Did the authors of Tomorrow Belongs to Us talk about what’s in store for Betty after high school?

Not at all (laughs). The writers talked with some of the actors about what they had planned for them, but they didn’t tell me anything, I don’t know at all what Betty is going to do after high school. Well, already, what I can tell you is that she is not going to leave the series. It is already that, it is reassuring. But the big question is to know if Betty is going to go into music or if she will rather go to higher education since she is very intelligent. So far I have no idea. But at least I’ll be surprised by reading the scenarios, it’s pretty funny.

Being a singer yourself, do you want Betty to continue in this direction or would you prefer to explore other things?

I’d rather explore something else, that’s for sure. It was nice to draw a parallel with my singing career, but I do music outside of the series so it would definitely be more interesting for me to explore other worlds. And to evolve Betty into something a little unexpected. Especially since he is a character who has a lot of strings to his bow.

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We could also imagine in the future a love story for Betty, who is one of the few teenage girls in the series who has never had a relationship …

That is true. We often discuss it with the other young people in the series and it makes us laugh. But I tell myself that it is not worse because it is not really in the character of Betty, who is not really a great romantic. And it allows the character to stand out a bit. She has crushes, like everyone else, but she’s not very good at love, she doesn’t have it (laughs). We could see it with Maxime, or recently with Isam. She tries things out and it never works.

After four years on the show, do you still have so much fun and therefore have no desire to leave?

No, I don’t want to leave, but neither do I close my doors and say to myself “I’ll stay in Tomorrow belongs to us all my life”. I like to multiply the experiences to forge myself. But I love Tomorrow is ours, really, it’s a wonderful experience.

We saw you in April in Léo Matteï, in a very different role. What did you like about this character and the idea of ​​participating in this series?

What I liked was that she was a very different character from Betty. This character was the opposite of me, and it was a very serious, very dramatic subject. While in Tomorrow belongs to us we often tackle very light, very fresh subjects because the Moreno family is the family that makes us laugh, the somewhat cool family of the series.

So when I was offered to play in Léo Matteï I obviously jumped at the opportunity. The teams were very benevolent, I had great encounters, I learned a lot from contact with Jean-Luc Reichmann and all the other actors. And despite the rather heavy topics covered by the series, there was a great atmosphere on the set.

Do you have other projects on television? Or will you be focusing on singing in the coming months?

I shot an episode of Joséphine, guardian angel on the theme of ecology, which will be broadcast soon. Again, that will be a very different role. I play a 16 year old teenage girl who is super green and who will oppose her mother, played by Claire Borotra, who has an architectural project that is a bit against her green values. It was a great experience. I was able to tour with Mimie Mathy and it went very well. When I told my friends that I was touring with Mimie, they were super happy. It’s a bit like the legend of TF1 (laughs).

But then I’m going to be hyper focused on music for a while since my third album is going to be released in September. It had been two years since I had released an album. And this time, I’m looking at every detail of this new record. I put a lot of energy and heart into this album and I hope the audience will like it because I am very proud of it.


We feel that “Ne me pas”, the first single, is a more mature song. Can you tease the color, the atmosphere of this new album on which you have surrounded yourself with a nice team of songwriters?

It will be a bit more electro-pop overall. But I like having a lot of different styles and themes, because at my age we live a lot of things. I think my audience can relate to these new songs. And it’s important for me to offer different colors each time, so as not to repeat myself.

I had the opportunity to work with a lot of people. I don’t lock myself in saying to myself “I’m going to work with one person and we’re going to do 15 songs”. I learned from these encounters and I think it enriched these new songs. I worked with Ilan from Thérapie Taxi, with Matthieu Reynaud who was in the Videoclub group, with Patxi, with Valentin Marceau, with Florian Rossi, alias P3GASE. And I had the opportunity to really work in depth on the songs, on the lyrics, and that was great.

Was it important for you to continue to offer songs to your fans during this complicated period of pandemic and successive lockdowns, despite the fact that concerts are not possible?

Of course. We all experience the same thing. Music has always played an important role in my life, but even more so today because we can no longer go to concerts. I’m on top of things, I have my headphones on all the time. It’s kind of what sets the pace in my life now. And it took me two years to make a third album because I really focused on writing during confinement. I went back to the piano, and so strangely this period was beneficial for me. I concentrated on the music and in the end I am delighted because today I compose and write most of my songs.

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