Tomorrow belongs to us: Benjamin’s secret, the future of his relationship with Victoire…

Tomorrow belongs to us: benjamin's secret, the future of his relationship with victoire...

Benjamin is more than ever in turmoil in Tomorrow belongs to us as the investigation into Emma’s disappearance progresses. Alexandre Varga, his interpreter, answered our questions about the rest of this plot full of twists and turns.

Allociné: You are one of the latest arrivals in Tomorrow belongs to us. What attracted you to the role of Benjamin?

Alexander Varga : It’s a role that we built more or less together with the production and Marc Kressmann. It’s not a firm proposal that was made to me on this character, it was more like a mutual agreement in fact. We talked about my desires, theirs and where we could meet, what we were going to do with this character, who he was going to be. That was what was very interesting to me. Being at the birth of the character and its construction.

What seduced me above all was above all the approach of Aude Thévenin, the producer, towards me. The way she came to tell me about her project and her pleasure in having me on the show. It was done with sympathy and kindness.

What seduced me then was the fact that I had never really interpreted the role of a doctor or at least in anything related to the hospital environment. I had never really rubbed shoulders with this kind of character. The fact that he is a pediatrician and that he has to work with children is something that appealed to me.

You have great chemistry with Solène Hébert, your acting partner. How is your collaboration going on set?

Marvelously well. She’s a great actress, a great girl and a beautiful person. She is very professional and very talented. And inevitably, when there are all these ingredients together in the same person, it’s a pleasure. As we get along well, the inspiration necessarily comes more quickly, the exchange too. There is no question of ego. We’re really here to work together and try to get the most out of the scenes we have to play.

Benjamin is at the heart of an important plot surrounding the disappearance of Emma (Luna Lou). Were you surprised when reading the script?

I figured it could actually happen. One can find oneself implicated in a disappearance and perhaps even be suspected. Benjamin has his reasons and motivations. He is someone who has a lot of ethics and from the moment he gives his word, he goes all the way, even if it means taking risks and putting himself in danger. I thought it was good that this character was at the heart of a plot, that he could evolve and that I could have other things to play as well as being the nice doctor in the hospital. So no, I was not surprised. It was a challenge and it really motivated me.

We just learned that Benjamin was hiding Emma at his house. Even if he is fundamentally good, he circumvents the law and lies to the woman he loves. Why is he taking so many risks for this teenager?

Because Emma is very fragile and she is at a breaking point in her life. Benjamin is very worried about her and finds himself in a dilemma. He is afraid that by taking people into his confidence, Emma will find out and do something stupid. She is really in distress and that’s what makes Benjamin hit in the heart. He loves children, that’s why he devotes himself as a pediatrician.

On top of that, it’s her dream to have children. As he lost his wife and his son, it is a big fracture at home. I think maybe that’s why he’s willing to take so many risks. Finally, deep down, he also knows that these are measured risks since he knows the ins and outs. Even if at first it seems incredible because we think she was kidnapped, raped and maybe killed, Benjamin knows that we are far from all that. He does not risk much either because we cannot blame him for having wanted to keep his word and for having gone to the end of things.

It’s a bit like the beginning of a descent into hell for your character. By taking risks to help Emma, ​​Benjamin will be suspected by the police and accused of murder…

Absoutely. He is caught in his own trap in a way. It’s a bit of an escalation and he doesn’t quite know how to get out of it all. But basically, he confesses the truth very quickly. It’s just that we actually don’t believe him (laughs) but he’s sincere. It’s just that it seems so big that the police don’t want to believe it and imagine the worst. Afterwards, it’s their job to go to the end of things and to question Benjamin’s word. We don’t know who he is, whether he’s honest or not. And then everyone accuses him, so it’s tricky.

This whole story has an impact in Benjamin’s personal life since Victoire begins to doubt him. Certain that he has a link with Emma’s disappearance, she will even end up denouncing him to the police. How will your character react to this betrayal? ? And can they overcome this ordeal?

He will be extremely hurt. Somehow, it was a way of knowing if he could really trust her and if she really loved him. Benjamin will therefore face certain disappointments, it is obvious. Will he be able to recover? Will their relationship last? Will this solidify it or, on the contrary, destroy it? That will be the question of the rest of the plot.

This plot is also an opportunity to see Benjamin and Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) interact together. The latter is obviously doing his job as a police officer, but we also know that he has not completely turned the page on his story with Victoire. Do you think he can carry out a prosecution investigation out of jealousy?

I think he’s straight in his boots but also trapped in the feelings he still has for Victoire. He’s not totally objective, that’s for sure.

During his humanitarian mission in Madagascar, Benjamin befriended Samuel (Axel Kiener). Even if he is also in love with Victoire, the latter also defends his friend with the young woman. What role will he play in what Benjamin is going through and will he support him?

Yes absolutely. This is what strengthens their friendship. There’s going to be a lot going on with Samuel, but I’m not going to spill the beans now. In any case, there are new events that will shake up their lives both. It will be quite funny by the way.

Other than the loss of his wife to devastating cancer while she was pregnant with their child, nothing is known of Benjamin’s past. Can we expect to learn more about him in the future?

I think yes. It is also the goal to gently distill certain facets of his personality, his flaws and his past. Over the course of the new encounters he will certainly make, he will reveal himself on different levels.

In addition to Tomorrow belongs to us, you are filming in the Cassandra series and will be required to be absent regularly. How will the production be organized to justify your departures from Sète. Should we expect Benjamin to travel around the world on humanitarian missions?

It is obviously an option. I am absent twice a year over a period of a few weeks. Each time you have to find a solution to get me out. It was kind of the starting deal also because I wanted to continue Cassandre. We are therefore exploring different options to get him out and bring him back.

Do you have other projects apart from Tomorrow belongs to us and Cassandre that you would like to tell us about?

To be honest, I’m already quite busy. It’s hard to find other projects I can shoot in because it takes me a lot of time. I am writing a feature film but which could perhaps be made into a series. We are working on it.

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