Tomorrow belongs to us: “Audrey is a lioness, she will go far to protect Leo”…

Was Léo kidnapped by Stanislas in “Tomorrow belongs to us”? Charlotte Gaccio tells us more about the “Emprise” plot, which also involves Raphaëlle, and reveals that Audrey will be ready to do anything to protect her son.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "audrey is a lioness, she will go far to protect leo"...

AlloCiné: What is your assessment of this first year spent in tomorrow belongs to us ?

Charlotte Gaccio : It was a very rich year. I still feel like the new kid, I feel like I just arrived. And at the same time it’s been a year, I see the path traveled by the characters, I find it quite crazy, it happened extremely quickly. And above all, what I find quite beautiful is that I feel that the Roussel family has been adopted by viewers. It is touching to see that they are attached to us.

Especially since there is a real link between Maxime Lelue, Dimitri Fouque, Juliette Mabilat, Paco Blanco, and me. Something a little magical happened. The stars were aligned the day we met. And we don’t give up anymore. There is a real complicity, a friendship that has been created and that will never let us go again, I think. We really love each other.

Audrey has had several strong intrigues since her arrival on the screen last August, whether on the family level or the romantic level with Damien. Which arch do you remember the most? Is this the one we see on screen right now?

The one we’re seeing right now was probably the most “challenging” for me because it really took me to places as an actress that I hadn’t explored yet. Besides, when I watch the episodes, I sometimes say to myself “Hey, drama isn’t your thing yet, it shows” (laughs). Because it’s going to look for new things for me, which I hadn’t explored before in terms of acting.

And then this plot confronts me with characters who are not my children, with whom I play the most and with whom I have certain codes. There I am confronted with other actors, but with the same rhythm, so that puts a little stakes, it is very good. Because we obviously have our little Roussel family habits.

This plot mixes several themes, but at the start it was an arch on Raphaëlle and on the influence. Is it important for you that a soap opera like Tomorrow belongs to us can address such social issues head-on and that it can raise awareness?

Its very important. Raphaëlle is a woman of power, sure of herself, and she still finds herself under the influence of this narcissistic pervert, this violent guy. And that really represents what these people are. People on the set said to me “I have a hard time with this plot because it reminds me of things that I have experienced”. So we say to ourselves that the authors have quite well identified this type of character.

And that surely resonates with some viewers. Like the ark centered on Jack and Lizzie, with bullying at school. It was important to talk about it. And if it can open up dialogue within certain families, that’s great.

Did you know for a while that the authors would finally explain what happened to Leo’s mother?

No, it was a surprise. When Yannick Laurentwho plays Stanislas has arrived, Jennifer Lauret told me one day in make-up “He, you’ll see, he’s the father of your son”, and I was very surprised. She told me “I know a few things, it will happen soon”. As soon as we have information we try to spin it (laughs).

But somehow I knew that one day there would be a story about one of the dads coming back. But I didn’t think it would be the youngest who would be the first to see his father arrive. Even if it was still necessary to explain at some point the death of his mother. So that was perhaps the most “interesting” to deal with first.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "audrey is a lioness, she will go far to protect leo"...

The more episodes pass, the more we discover the true face of Stanislas: that of a monster ready to do anything to achieve his ends. In the episode broadcast this Friday on TF1, Leo disappears. How will Audrey react? She’s going to accuse Stanislas of kidnapping?

Obviously. Audrey is a mother lioness. If you touch a hair of your child, it’s over. Ella will immediately think it’s Stanislas and she will do everything to find Leo. And she will go to great lengths to protect her son. She will let herself be overtaken, once again, like at the judge.

What can you say about the rest of the plot? Will things get even worse for the Roussels? Will it be a real descent into hell for Audrey?

It’s going to be very difficult. And for Audrey, and for Raphaëlle. They will both find themselves victims of this guy. They will do what they can to get out of it. But Stanislas is not going to let them go, they will take time to get out of it.

Will Audrey be able to count on Damien in this ordeal?

Damien is quite perfect in this event. He will get even closer to the children. And forge a very beautiful bond, especially with Léo.

It immediately matched well between Adrian Rob and you on the set?

First of all it was a real surprise, because I had been told that Audrey was going to be in a relationship, but I was miles away from imagining that it was going to be with Damien, because there was no really reasons why they meet. And we were both pleasantly surprised in the end. We spent time together, having dinner together, talking.

We communicate a lot with Adrien, which means that there is a lot of respect and complicity between us. It’s important to play a couple, because kissing someone you didn’t choose to kiss isn’t always easy, for example. But there, between us, things are very natural. Everything is simple, it slips. And besides, Adrien is surely the nicest guy in the world.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "audrey is a lioness, she will go far to protect leo"...

Finally, what is beautiful in the current plot is that it shows that a family is not necessarily biological parents and children. For Audrey, Leo is her son…

Completely. Family is so many things. This is an adopted nephew. But in Tomorrow belongs to us there are also Sara and Roxane trying to have a baby, and I think that’s great. And the Roussel family is a family with lots of children who don’t have the same parents, not the same dads, I think it’s good to approach it this way. I really like this family that looks a little run down like that but actually works well.

Will we see the Roussels this summer in the series? Are there more feel good things coming?

This summer there will be a lot of things around Jordan, Maxime Lélue is touring a lot at the moment. But the rest of the family is a bit on stand-by. I don’t know what awaits us for the end of the summer and for the start of the school year. I don’t have my shooting schedule for July yet.

Recently, Alexandra Naoum, who played Louise, left the series. How did you experience his departure?

It was sad because very unexpected. I didn’t think we were going to part with this character. And then Alexandra is a great woman, it’s really a nice meeting. So it’s always sad not to tour with someone you like anymore. And it’s the same for Victory Dauxerre (Vanessa), with whom I toured a lot at the Spoon. She knew from the start that she was coming for a few months, but it was still sad to say goodbye to these girls. But it’s only goodbye. It’s a “see you soon” in truth.

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