Tomorrow belongs to us: Anne Caillon announces her departure from the series and reveals the fate of…

After five years spent in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Anne Caillon leaves the soap opera of TF1. The interpreter of Flore Vallorta explains the reasons for this departure and reveals the fate reserved by the authors for his character after his murderous madness.

After Juliette Tresanini, Audrey Looten, who recently returned to her “brutal” departure from our microphone, or Clément Rémiens, who will say goodbye to Maxime in a few days, another recurring actress of Tomorrow belongs to us will leave the daily soap opera of TF1 . And once again, it is a historical character of the series that viewers will have to do without.

In an interview with Entertainment TVAnne Caillon indeed confirms that the conclusion of the plot “Fear on the Delcourts”, which will come to an end on Monday, will mark her departure from Tomorrow belongs to us after almost five years spent in the skin of Flore Vallorta.

Flore has accumulated hardships during her life and seems to have known a thousand lives, ranging from mayor of the city to director of the Saint-Clair hospital, passing by patroness of the Infos Sète site. Recently, she had embarked on a quest for revenge to make Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) suffer after their breakup and had gradually fallen into a murderous madness. To the point of shooting his ex and taking Maxime hostage.

“She is going to a psychiatric hospital”, confides Anne Caillon to our colleagues about the outcome of this last arch. Revealing in passing that Flore will therefore not die. “We have no choice, we have to arrest this lady (She laughs). It’s already very nice not to put her in prison”.

The actress, seen recently in Meurtres à Marie-Galante, explains that this departure was not necessarily her decision (“Choosing to leave a daily is a difficult decision”) but that it was the result of a discussion with the production of Tomorrow belongs to us, and with the authors who had certainly reached the end of something with the character of Flore.

Tomorrow belongs to us: anne caillon announces her departure from the series and reveals the fate of...

“It had been a while since my character was very nourished and I didn’t have much to defend”continues Anne Caillon. “Particularly because I was also less present on the set of DNA, having had a few projects on the side. It was therefore less easy for the authors to invent pretty things for Flore. There, they wanted to offer me this beautiful plot, which also represented a possible exit for my character”.

The interpreter of Flore Vallorta says to himself “delighted” of this exit door which offered him “beautiful things to play” and then explains that this departure, after five seasons, “just in time” in his life. “DNA’s filming rhythm is difficult to maintain when you have a family life. I missed my daughter a lot. When I started Tomorrow belongs to us, she was 5 years old, she has just turned 10. She is starting her pre-adolescence, a period that can be complicated (she smiles). It’s good that I’m more present by her side in Paris”.

Flore not being dead, could she reappear one day in Tomorrow belongs to us? Anne Caillon does not close the door to a possible return.

“Everything is possible”explains the actress to Télé Loisirs. “It’s something that would be decided between the production and me in case of mutual desire. But the authors already have so many things to do with the new characters. And I think that’s very good! We’ll see. In any case, I I’m not dead (She laughs). That said, there are also dead people who come back”.

In the meantime, fans of the TF1 soap opera will be able to follow the consequences of this plot, which will see the Delcourts in particular be confronted with Alex’s amnesia, while Victoire (Solène Hébert) and Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) will find themselves at the heart of a new arc of suspense around the disappearance of a teenager.

As for Anne Caillon, she admits that she already has several projects for her day after Tomorrow belongs to us, including the shooting in the spring of a feature film in which she will play “Camille Lou’s mother”.

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