Tomorrow belongs to us: “Anna will be trapped” according to Maud Baecker

Tomorrow belongs to us: "anna will be trapped" according to maud baecker

After several months of absence, Anna is back in Sète. Maud Baecker, her interpreter, tells us more about what awaits her character in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Allociné: Tomorrow belongs to us has just celebrated its four years of existence. What conclusions do you draw from this adventure?

Maud Baecker: It’s incredible ! When you think that we left to do a summer saga and then four years later, we are still there. We are the first to be surprised, the first to be surprised and the first to be happy about it all. And for everyone, it changed our lives of course. It opened other doors for me and I was able to do a lot of other projects as well. So it’s true that it changed everything.

We are obviously very happy and we hope that it will continue like this. We can still wish good things to Tomorrow belongs to us. There are new plots, new characters coming. This is also what is great. There are lots of new actors so it’s a renaissance too. Despite the four years, we’re doing a bit of a new series.

Anna has just made her comeback in the series after several months of absence. Were you surprised that your character gave up journalism to become a psychologist at Saint-Clair hospital?

We are always pleasantly surprised by all the stories that happen to us. This is also what is great, is that you never expect what will happen [rires]. It’s for new adventures, new things. I think this is a very, very good idea. I find that this leads to other plots, to other subjects, and it opens a new dimension to the character of Anna.

Obviously, that will change a lot of things. I was afraid that we might not necessarily understand the rationale for this change, but we understand it. I really like this new profession even though a lot will happen to Anna because of it [rires].

On his return to Sète, the reunion with Karim (Samy Gharbi) did not go as planned. While he is finally ready to start a family, Anna prefers to put all his energy into his new role. A shift that creates a lot of tension in the couple …

Happy reunions are only short-lived. Unfortunately, what will happen to her after is going to be even worse for her and for Karim because it will put them both in terrible situations. They’re both going to be blamed for the worst things. It will put their relationship but also their lives to the test.

In the episode broadcast last Friday on TF1, Karim surprises Anna and Jim kissing and then hurrying to a hotel. How will Karim react to this new betrayal?

He is going to be very jealous. As Anna was already unfaithful a few years ago, Karim will not be able to forgive her.

Anna had indeed already been unfaithful after falling in love with Mathieu (Raphaël Kahn). However, it looks different with Jim (Nicolas Baisin). Even if their attraction is intense, doesn’t Anna finally allow herself to be tempted in reaction to Karim’s fits of jealousy?

It’s exactly that. I think this is what the authors have tried to demonstrate. Anna will give in a little out of spite. As Karim gave her a fit just before, she will break down but she will immediately go back. Except it’s too late because Karim saw that kiss and it’s fucked up.

After Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) and Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin), Victoire (Solène Hébert) and Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui), the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us are now attacking Anna and Karim, one of the other key couples in the series. Is this really the end?

That, only the authors know [rires]. But fortunately, in Tomorrow belongs to us, there are often happy endings so we can keep hope, I hope. We see that the couple Alex and Chloe are discreetly getting closer so we can obviously hope that there is a happy ending for Anna and Karim.

Above all, screenwriters want to please viewers. Afterwards, you have to go through many adventures because otherwise people would be bored. That’s why a lot of things always happen in relationship stories. And even more at the moment with all these iconic couples breaking up. But yes we can hope, and I hope, a happy reunion.

Anna will soon be the center of a new intrigue linked to her profession as a psychologist and to couples therapy which will “turn into a disaster”. What can you tell us about this?

Anna is going to be trapped. It is really a trap and an infernal spiral which will close on her following this affair with this young man. She is not going to have any luck with her first patients because she will find herself embroiled in stories of murder and disappearance. It will be an infernal spiral that will go through the prison box, the hospital box and the depression box. It will go very far. After a while, we will fortunately manage to untie all that but we will really leave in a terrible circle which will mix a lot of people including Karim.

Anna therefore risks being in danger. Despite their differences, will Karim help him?

Exactly. Despite the fact that they are no longer together and that Karim is angry with him about this rapprochement with Jim, they will remain united. Karim will also insist so much with the police to succeed in resolving the investigation and find the culprit that it is thanks to him that Anna will not go through.

Now that your character is back in Sète, can we expect to see Anna interacting with Bart (Hector Langevin) but also Louise (Alexandra Naoum) with whom the current had gone very well?

Yes quite. Bart is going to be a support for his mother in the face of whatever will happen to him. Bart is going to be very present for her. When she is not going well, she will confide in him and he will come to see her in difficult times.

Flore (Anne Caillon) and Anna have put their disagreements aside and seem to have recovered their friendship from before. How will their relationship evolve in the future?

Flore is really going to be Anna’s psychologist / confidante and be of great support to her. She will understand her, help her and advise her. The Flore / Anna duo will therefore be quite important.

Outside of her family, Anna ultimately interacts little with the other characters in the series. With the recent arrival of all these new characters, can we hope to see her forging more friendships?

Absolutely. With the character played by Jennifer Lauret who is a wonderful actress who has just arrived in the series for example. Since she is a lawyer, Anna is going to need her a lot. Without too much spoiler, they will obviously come closer. Subsequently, the situations will be reversed since it is the character of Raphaëlle who will need Anna. And then, we get along well in real life on top of that so it’s great. It’s really a very nice meeting. As with all the people with whom we tour but it’s true that when we have close plots, it’s always nice when things go well.

What do you wish for Anna’s future?

I trust the authors because I am always pleasantly surprised. I never had any requirements. Obviously we always hope for happy consequences, that the couple will get better and that there are happy events. Afterwards, it’s always great to play more difficult things as an actress. This whole descent into hell is great to do. All these harsher scenes, of anger, separation, breakup, it’s super interesting and we really enjoy playing them. Both suit me, I like it.

Do you have other projects outside of Tomorrow belongs to us that you can tell us about?

I was away for a few months to shoot L’Amour (almost) parfait, a series for France 2. It’s a romantic comedy directed by Pascale Pouzadoux with Antoine Duléry, Nadia Roz, Isabelle Vitari, Tom Leeb, Francois Vincentelli and many other extraordinary actors. It will pass normally next spring on France 2.

Tomorrow belongs to us opens other doors. We are fortunate to be able to take short breaks over time slots of a few months to do other things. It’s great.

Interview by telephone on October 22, 2021.

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