Tomorrow belongs to us: Anna (Maud Baecker) and Karim (Samy Gharbi) on the start?  - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: Anna (Maud Baecker) and Karim (Samy Gharbi) on the start? – News Series on TV

In an excerpt from “Tomorrow belongs to us” unveiled in preview by TF1, Anna and Karim reflect on the possibility of moving to Marseille to be near Nina and Lou. Maud Baecker and Samy Gharbi will they leave the series?

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Will we see a series of departures in Tomorrow belongs to us over the next few weeks? In any case, this is what suggests the new plot dedicated to Lou (Rani Bheemuck) and Karim (Samy Gharbi), who seem on the verge of tearing themselves apart in order to obtain, one like the other, the custody of their daughter Nina.

Less present on the screen since the arrest of Victor (Farouk Bermouga) and the end of their relationship, Lou made his return in Tomorrow belongs to us this week to announce important news to Timothée (Grégoire Champion) and his relatives: she obtained a position of partner in a renowned law firm in Marseille and is therefore preparing to leave Sète to move to the Marseille city.

A decision that did not please Karim, his ex, who refuses to be separated from Nina and who, in the next episodes, will engage in a legal battle in order to be able to keep his daughter with him in Sète. But in a new unpublished extract posted on MyTF1, Anna (Maud Baecker) tries to reason with her companion and makes him understand that it would be easier for everyone to ask for his transfer to Marseille.

“I just wonder if you would feel able to separate Nina from her mother”, Anna confides to Karim over a drink at the Spoon. “You did this only to make Lou react because it upset you that she decided to go with Nina without asking your opinion. If you want to keep seeing Nina both like you always did until ‘as of now, there are not 36 solutions “.

“I must ask for my transfer to Marseille”admits Karim, who knows deep down that this is the best option. “But how do we do it? Here is Bart, your mother, your sister. You have your whole life here”. But for Anna, following her companion to Marseille in order to be near Nina does not seem to pose any problem.

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“I will see them less but I will see them better. And then I am a freelance so I can work from where I want”, continues the journalist. “And you know very well that I love to move. (…) I care a lot for your daughter, it hurts me too to see her go”.

So, Karim and Anna are they really going to leave Sète? Or will Lou change her mind so as not to walk away from Timothy? And what about the future of Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi, and Rani Bheemuck in Tomorrow belongs to us?

Everything suggests that these departures are not final and that it will be, as for Xavier Widhoff (Jules), temporary absences. Contacted by us, TF1 indeed confirmed to us that there would be “breaks”, without saying more about the actors concerned and the duration of these breaks in the filming of the daily soap opera.

Maud Baecker is currently filming the (almost) perfect love series in Paris for France 2, it is rather logical to see her, once again, abandon the Sète sets of Tomorrow belongs to us, after a very long absence in 2020. And it does not It would not be surprising if Samy Gharbi and Rani Bheemuck also took the opportunity to devote themselves to other projects. Case to follow.

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